October 14th, 2006


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Well, I'll be darned...

Almost a year ago I posted here about our experience with a certain Gold's Gym. (I say certain because I've had experiences with other Gold's Gyms that were perfectly pleasant. *grin*)

Basically, my husband got a membership for himself and I in July or so of last year. A membership I never actually used, but that doesn't really pertain much to this story. For those unfamiliar with the wiles of the gym, most gym's know that you are probably not going to use their services with any sort of regularity. Which means you'll probably stop paying. So, you are required to sign a contract and give them either a credit card number or your checking account number so they can draft money out of your account every month. Actually, it's kind of a racket when you think about it. *grin*

Anyway, about two months after we got the membership, I went to check our bank balance and noticed that we were in the negative. A quick look revealed that our gym fees had come out, which I had budgeted for. What I had not budgeted for was the fact that they took them out twice. A call was placed to politely ask them what in the hell they were doing. The person on the phone was short, aggressive and seemed to imply that we were incredibly rude for having the audacity to request that they put the extra money back. That should have been my first warning. Three guesses as to whether or not we were compensated for the overdraft fees.

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Banking question

Not bad service but a question.

I have a debit card with my bank and is there anyway I can have more protection against unauthorized charges?

The reason why I am asking is after a payment has been taken out, there is no way for me dispute the charges like you would do with a credit card. I've tried to dispute a telephone charge but it was too late for me to get that money back; long story.