October 13th, 2006

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I have two times been in an Old Navy that had weird sign issues. These incidents occured in two different Old Navy locations.

On one occassion, a sign was displayed over two or three types of tank tops and said "Tank Tops: $9.99." It did not mention a type of tank top anywhere on the sign. A second time it was a sign that advertised cargo pants for $20. It was on a rack that only had one item on it, and those were pants. Each time I brought the item up and had it rung up only to discover that they weren't on sale. I would mention the sign, the cashier would say that a similar item was on sale, but not the one I had picked up. I asked why the sign was on the wrong pants rack, or over several items that could be described by the sign. The cashier said it wasn't, then sent someone back to look. The person came back after several minutes claiming that there was no sign at all. Both times I then went back myself, and sure enough, no sign ANYWHERE. Not moved, not altered. Completely gone. I know I wasn't imagining the signs and besides, I had other people with me each time who also saw them.

So, is it just Old Navy policy to pretend that mistaken sale signs don't exist, or have I randomly stumbled into the two locations that do that? Has this happened to anyone else? Is there some less conspiracy-oriented explanation that I'm missing?
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Went to get a burger today at a place that advertised 17 different types of burgers. When I ordered, I tried to tell the waitress exactly what I wanted, which was a Texas Burger and fries, with cheddar instead of monetary jack, and please make sure it is well done. Since she kept interrupting me, it was quite difficult.

Food comes out, and I notice two things: A) There is a hell of a lot of cheese. A slice of cheddar, a slice of monetary jack, and another slice of cheddar. B) The burger is quite pink when you cut it open. Waitress comes by, and I tell her that I'm sorry, but it's *really* important to me that the burger be well done, and also, I only wanted the cheddar cheese, not both.

Burger comes out again. Only one kind of cheese this time, but the burger is even *less* well done. Like they totally remade it, and rushed it out to the table. But, it really doesn't make sense to rush a well done burger, so I have no idea what was going on.

Third time's the charm, right? Not so much. This time they just re-cooked the same burger, and gave me a new bun. And a second slice of cheese on top of the first, but at least it was cheddar. And? The burger was *still* a little pink. But I ate it, because I was hungry and the people I was with already finished their food.

For a place that advertises 17 different types of burgers, they kinda need to learn how to cook them.


I am officially never using FedEx again. I've had issues with them before for the same thing, but this does it.

The first story involves me having to overnight medication to my dad from California to Arizona. One state over, four hours away. It took 3 days and arrived on the fourth day. I could have driven it over myself, and he wouldn't have had me overnight it if it weren't important (heart medication..he was under a lot of stress and thought he packed it but he forgot).

The main story I'm going to talk about happened a couple days ago. I ordered something online from the US that I needed needed needed ASAP the next week in Germany where I was staying before I returned back to the states. I paid for "next day air". I got a notice in my mailbox in Germany that they attempted to deliver it to me sometime in the afternoon 4 days from when I ordered it. It couldnt be delivered the day before because it was a holiday in Germany (reunification day), but still..4 days for next day air? The day before the holiday was a weekday, they could have delivered it then!

So I called that day and asked if they could come by the next day and deliver it. They said they would show up between 10-12. They didn't, so at 3 PM I called and asked where they were, they said they were going to be running late. They never showed up.

The next day I asked if they could please drop it by, they said they would. Again, no show. The next day they finally showed up, A FULL WEEK AFTER I ORDERED THE ITEM. I paid for "Next day". If I wanted it to be delivered a week later I would have ordered slow boat to China shipping and saved myself 20 bucks. The whole shipping charge was 37 bucks and some change for next day and I didn't even get it next day.

So I call from Germany and tell them the story about what happened. They said "ok lemme take down your information and well call you back to give you your money back". They never contacted me.

So I get back to the states and I call them up and the guy looks up my info and he says that its "not their problem that it was a holiday in Germany and that Im not eligible for the money back guarantee because they didnt break their promise". He said that it was technically in Germany on the date promised, even though it was not at my doorstep, and it was my fault for not being there in the early afternoon to receive it on a weekday (what? people work!). I explained to him that this does not excuse the fact that I specifically stayed home all day the next day because they promised me theyd be there. I stayed home the next day after that because they said theyd be there, both times they didnt show up.

I finally asked to speak with his manager and after much arguing she said she'll give me a credit. But jeeze, I am never ever EVER using FedEx again.
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