October 12th, 2006


The reason I joined

I moved into my apartment in June of '05. The apartment they showed me was very nice (as show apartments should be) with perfect paint and ceiling fans in both bedrooms and the living room. When I moved into my not as nice apartment (stains on carpet, torn linoleum) there were only 2 ceiling fans, one in my bedroom and on in the living room. Since I was living alone it wouldn't be as big of a problem, except that I put my computer(s) in the other bedroom and as a result it got hot. So, after having to call and convince them that 1) there was no ceiling fan in that room and 2) that they said my apartment would be the same as the other (stains aside), They finally got one installed.
Yay! go them! then...
This ceiling fan, about 6 months later, became the ceiling fan of doom. It had a wobble that was frightening - one would think that it could come unhinged and go flying around the room at any moment. There was no sleeping with the fan on (because who wants to die in their sleep - you need to see that coming!). So I called and told them that it wobbled. So, they sent out the repair guy who flat out tells me the source of my problem.
"The blades need to be replaced."
Note that the blades were all perfectly even, none of them had weights stacked upon it, and they were all the same length. So - he replaces my blades. I humor him and let him do it. Then the next day I call with the same problem - the ceiling fan wobbles. The manager tells me that "Mr. Bill changed your blades" (TWO people bought this?!?) and that "some fans just wobble." I'm a little irate, because remember, this is the ceiling fan of doom.
I had to tell her that ceiling fans that were properly installed and fixed "do not wobble" and that I wanted him to come tighten it up or whatever needed to be done. (I even called my dad who does home building/maintenance stuff to make sure that "some ceiling fans don't wobble")
Finally, they ended up calling a real electrician or someone to come install a whole new ceiling fan instead of just tightening the old one over a month after the initial call.

Moreover, I've currently called, over the course of 2 months, 8 times about my dishwasher that makes my dishes dirtier than when I put them in. Mr. Bill has come out 3 times and turned my dishwasher on. But... Their latest words of wisdom, "use jet dry". (note that they are getting crusty and moldy during one run of the dishwasher)

Not cool

I had a question about my credit card bill yesterday so I called the company to see if they could help me out.
I call (ring ring goes the phone) and I hear that the phone has been picked up and I hear a woman on the other end talking to someone next to her and say something like "I'm so sick of talking to dumb shits today. It would be so funny If I just pretended not to hear them". So finally speaking to me she says "credit card company may I get your account number please". So I rattle off my numbers and when I finish she again says "credit card company may I get your account number please" I rattle off numbers again and again she asks for them Figuring that she really did pretend not to hear me I asked for a manager and she said "please hold" and hung up.
I'm at work right now but plan on calling back and asking for a manager again when I get off.
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backstory: i was fired 8/14/06 from my full-time job, wrongly fired at that. but that's another community and a long rant that you guys don't want to hear anyway. :P so i filed that week for unemployment benefits.

here's where the bad service starts:

first story -- you have a waiting week, and then with the next claim, you start receiving your benefits. well, the next claim came and went, as did the next. they finally tell me that they need to ask me a few questions about how i was fired, and that my employer didn't have the correct ss#/name on file for me, i needed to fax them proof as well for that. that was bad service on the part of my employer, because we basically had to use our name and social to sign into all the systems, and in the eight months i'd been there, it had been right. whatever. so i get a copy of the letter that the social security office submitted to me from my personnel file at my former employer, as well as answered their questions. i fax it over on a thursday, and by monday, i'd heard nothing. so i call the lady who'd originally phoned me about it, and she tried telling me that she didn't receive anything. but she said she'd look anyway, just in case, and sure enough, my fax was right on top in her mailbox. she said that she was expecting me to mail it or something. so i figured i could expect to be receiving benefits soon.

nope. another week went by, so i called the office i'd been told to call about my processing, who said that since i'd worked out of state (i live on the ohio/west virginia panhandle border, and pennsylvania is only about 20 minutes away, so most people work out of state around here) that i had to call another processing center. the lady basically told me that i'd have to wait three weeks. but i explained that i'd waited for almost four, and she said she didn't know, and hung up. oooookay.

so finally, that thursday, i noticed it had gone through for the three weeks that i was owed. i didn't have incident with them until this week.

second story -- i file on sunday, they post it on monday, and it reaches my account by tuesday. lather, rinse, repeat. i always check monday for the email they sent, and then my notice inbox on their site. checked it on monday before going out of town, said i was okay, so i didn't think anything of it until i got a call tuesday from my processing lady, who said i answered one of the questions yes instead of no, and she had a feeling that it was a mistake, and wanted to clear it up so she could take the hold off of my payment.

first off, i called her on the direct number that she gave me, and she had NO IDEA who i was. so i gave her my social and she said to give her a minute to pull me up, which took nearly five. she still had no idea who i was or why she called me even after my account was pulled up. i explained that she left me a message, so she responded by saying "what did i say in the message?" i told her and she goes "oh, oh, right." and then we figure out where the issue was, she said she'd take care of it, it would go through first thing this morning and hung up on me.

so i paid my cell phone bill, thinking it was okay, and safe. since i knew it wouldn't post 'til today, and the money was supposed to be there.


i get a notice from the bank saying nextel tried to pull $70 out of my account, and i only have $35. i instantly freak out because my cell phone isn't in my name, and i'm really weird about paying my bills on time or early, usually with more than i'm supposed to, because my credit is bad and i want to improve it. so i run down to the bank and make them show me the screen. nope. no deposit. lovely.

so i call the processing center and speak to another rep, who said that the lady i spoke to yesterday had left notes on the account, BUT DIDN'T REMOVE THE HOLD. so the rep supposedly took care of it, and she said it would go through first thing in the morning. so i'll have to call nextel before work, repay my cell bill and get my bank account straightened out, because the bank debited another nsf fee from the $35 i had left in there (if you remember my last post with all the illegal loan transferring. the bank and i had a talk about that one), and that check hasn't gone through yet, for whatever reason.
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Feedback from FOP call

In responce to this complaint...

Later that day I faxed a complaint to the FOP, basically restating what I had posted here. I spoke with the Director of Fundraising for the Connecticut Chapter of FOP today, and just an hour ago I received this email...

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So it appears that
1. The telemarketer was in fact a FOP employee, not employed by an outsourcing agency.
2. He was rude and violated their policies.
3. He is now terminated.
4. 100% of funds they solicit over the phone go to the organization, not to a for profit company.

I am very impressed by the feedback, and will now consider donating to the FOP, as I hope many of you will consider doing based on this email.
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David's Bridal

I recently bought a wedding dress from David's Bridal and at the time they asked for my contact information. I asked if they were going to sell my information, and I was reassured it was for their own records so they could contact me when my dress arrived. Today I got a call from some scam company informing me I had won their 21st Century Today's Bride contest. All I had to do was sit through a 90 minute presentation and take a survey and I'd win a two night stay at a hotel and $500 in "gift certificates". Ends up it's some company called Royal Prestige that sells overpriced cookware that David Bridal sells their info to. I'm definitely going to complain. It's a shame I'm on such a tight budget and already bought the dress because otherwise I would take my business elsewhere. This is why I usually give a fake phone number to any random businesses claiming they need this information.

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i over heard this story in class today. the girls tellnig the story were once my coworker, as was the girl in the story.

So la-di-da its another rush at a movie theatre. In our theatre its not really ever formally trained to anyone that you MUST look at ID's when the person pays with a credit or debit. I would ask when they didnt have a signature or it said See ID...but other than that I didnt make that big of an effort, and as far as i know, neither did anyone else. We had never gotten in trouble for it before, and management hadnt said anything.  However, that is just behind the concession stand, in the box office people do it naturally. I dont know why there is such a difference 20 feet away, but whatever. Anyway, this one gril at the concession stand we all dislike had been not checking ID's and there was a man in line that decided to TEST her. He is not a secret shopper, just a normal man...as far as we know at this point. So he gets up, orders and he goes to pay with his card. She doesnt ask for ID, even though its not signed, and it says SEE ID on the back.
So she slides it through and gets it all ready for him to sign...and he goes "arent you going to ask for ID?" and she goes... "uhh, no i dont do that i dont really care about that." (making it seem like SHE was the only one not doing it) so...what does the guy do? oh....he WHIPS OUT HIS POLICE BADGE and goes..."yeah...now you care a little bit more, right?" and of course, being the awesome person that she is goes "no. beisdes its your ass not mine if something happens to your card"

hahah. not when you're fired bitch. (except managment hasnt done anything about her yet, even after this and after the guy complained)
yep. thats a great theatre there. yupp.