October 10th, 2006


I recieved this email from my boss this morning ... you all have now been warned! The lower part of the messege is FAKE If you recieve and email from amazon do NOT open attachments or click links. the attachment contains a virus that will get your amazon and other account information. Please be warry! And I'm sorry for posting this here and im many places, but I don't want people to get caught up in it.

Please disregard this message from Amazon. DO NOT OPEN THE ATTACHMENT. Their systems have been compromised. Looks like Amazon is mass emailing this Phishing scam to its entire customer list.



Dear Customer,

Thank you for ordering from our internet shop. If you paid with a credit card, the charge on your statement will be from name of our shop.

This email is to confirm the receipt of your order. Please do not reply as this email was sent from our automated confirmation system.

Date : 08 Oct 2006 - 12:40

Order ID : 37679041

Payment by Credit card

Product : Quantity : Price

WJM-PSP - Sony VAIO SZ370 C2D T7200 : 1 : 2,449.99

Subtotal : 2,449.99

Shipping : 32.88

TOTAL : 2,482.87

Your Order Summary located in the attachment file ( self-extracting archive with "37679041.pdf" file ).

PDF (Portable Document Format) files are created by Adobe Acrobat software and can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

If you do not already have this viewer configured on a local drive, you may download it for free from Adobe's Web site.

We will ship your order from the warehouse nearest to you that has your items in stock (NY, TN, UT & CA). We strive to ship all orders the same day, but please allow 24hrs for processing.

You will receive another email with tracking information soon.

We hope you enjoy your order! Thank you for shopping with us!

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Didn't even know there was a medical 'theme' going on here, this'll fit right in.

A little back story:

I have TMJ, have since I was a kid. The reason for this TMJ is the fact that my jaw joints are not symmetrical, I know this too. I went and saw specialists when I was around 12, they told me the only way they could fix it is if I got surgery. Since at the time, the only problems were that it'd lock a lot if I wasn't careful, the thought of major jaw surgery to fix something minor wasn't that great, so I decided against it and they agreed, because it wasn't that bad. I've lived my life being careful, I don't eat apples, I don't chew gum, etc.

Beginning of August, my 3 year old son and I were playing around and I got a swift headbutt (accidentally, he's a sweetheart) to the side of my jaw.

It dislocated.

And thus starts a solid 2.5 months of bad service.

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I recently got my own place. Unfortunately, it's in low-income housing(I'm an American, and our subsidized housing is like something out of A Clockwork Orange. Recently I found myself in a situation in which I was asking myself "What would Alex do?"["What's it going to be then, eh?"]

Management tends to shut off the air conditioning. This wouldn't be so bad if it weren't an unseasonably warm October--it was in the high seventies today. The heat wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that one of my neighbors died.

And began to decompose. In his apartment.

Long story short, by the time management got to it, he'd been dead for about three days and the odor of death, which smells strongly of piss, had permeated my entire floor. Management didn't give us any formal notice--just said that a tenant had moved out due to death--and didn't turn on the AC so we could ventilate our apartments. I went out to CVS, burned the largest scented candle I could find, opened my windows and prayed for the best. It took about half an hour for me to get the smell out.

Wouldn't it be ironic if he died due to the heat?

Oh, and the AC's still off.
bad experiences, the french fry incident, bad service

drat and double drat. damn you capital one!!

in a follow up to this post about capital one...

the good news: i've FINALLY received my new (and boring and plain) new rewards card.

the bad news: i can't call to activate it.


i tried both the "activate your card now" and the "customer service" 800 numbers. both of them give me one ring, ~30 seconds of dead air, and then a fast busy tone.

HTH do i have two capital one cards that don't work?

i hate you capital one. i really do. i hope someone sends the maruaders for you.
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