October 7th, 2006

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Cingular=Bad Service!

WHAT is wrong with me?!

WHY did I go with Cingular AGAIN?!?

They do this, you know? They are REALLY nice to you about 6 months away from the end of your contract and then when you stupidly sign on for another two years of their service they stab you in the BACK.

I've been hit up with about $25 of data transfer fees. I have a package (Media Basic) that took care of that, and then I upped it to Media Works (has more messages). I stay on AIM ALL THE TIME as many of my friends know, but I won't be anymore. I was told upon getting BOTH of these packages that AIM ONLY takes up data transfer when when signing on and off. Well now they are saying all KINDS of junk...

-YOU MUST have been getting on the internet with your phone!! Onlyyyy... I never get on the internet with my phone!
-Oh, then it must be charging you for updating your buddy list! Hmmm. I was told I would only be charged for signing ON and OFF. So those are bad charges and I want them REMOVED.
-Oh, well when you log onto that same screen name on your computer it counts ALL of the messages you send from there too! WRONG. I have over 10 screennames on AIM due to being indecisive... I use THIS NAME SPECIFICALLY for this PHONE.
-Well someone must have stolen your phone and used the internet... and then given it RIGHT BACK! Yes... only my phone is like an arm... it NEVER leaves my body.
-You must be downloading ringtones! Nope, no ringtones, no graphics. I make my own of BOTH and the bytes being transferred are well under my limit. I only download a ringtone about once every two months.
-Your phone may be broken and logging on all by itself! Er, I've never seen it logged on... but if so, then AGAIN, YOU'RE overcharging me (he had just said that if that happened, they take all charges off).
-Well then... YOU must be LYING.

No, asshole. Maybe CINGULAR did the LYING and overcharged me! But NOOOOOOOOO! But no THAT isn't possible!

They have NOW put me in "Fraud Investigation" which I am scared means "you're guilty and we're just doing this to shut you up." I don't KNOW what to do. I argued with the Sales Rep for about an hour at midnight last night and he wouldn't even CONSIDER the fact that CINGULAR may have screwed up. Again.

What to do?! (X-posted to my LJ)
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I'm not even trying to follow the medical theme, this is just coincidence. By the way, first-time poster, reader for a month or so now, blah blah blah ;)

I live in northeastern Connecticut, we have woods in our backyard, across the street, etc. We have three cats, all of which are allowed to go outside. Over the many years, with many cats, we've found probably hundreds of ticks, pulling possibly over a hundred off ourselves as well, both dog and deer ticks. For those who don't know, deer ticks are the ones that carry Lyme Disease. So far, we've been lucky not to catch it ourselves. Until now.

Thursday morning, I found a bulls-eye on my thigh, which is a textbook symptom of Lyme. I had my mom check it to make sure I wasn't being a hypochondriac, and she urged me to call the doctor ASAP, which I did. Made an appointment for later that day, and, sure enough, doctor said I had Lyme. Didn't even run bloodwork (yay, no needles!), just prescribed antibiotics, said I could start it that night. I caught it early, the only symptom was the bulls-eye, I'd probably be fine.

When I left the doctor's office, around 3, the receptionist said she would call in the prescription "right now". I went home to do a few things, then went to the pharmacy on the way to somewhere else to grab the meds around 5:30, only to find that they weren't called in. The doctor's office closed at 4, so I couldn't call and yell at them.

I was pissed right then. Didn't call it in when they promised, and didn't give me a paper scrip so I could get it filld myself. End it right there, I would have given them an earful. In fact, that was the plan--call them up in the morning, right after they opened at 9, and find out wtf and have them call it in now.

I called in the morning, and no one picked up.
No one picked up for two and a half hours.

I was megapissed. My mother was beyond. This was her baby we're talking about, and they were delaying her treatment!

Finally, I took Mom's advice, and I stayed on the line with the answering machine message to talk to someone at the answering service, which they ask you only do if you have an emergency. So I finally got to talk to a human being, albeit one without any medical training. She explained why no one was picking up at the doctor's office.

They were moving their offices and wouldn't be available until Tuesday


The answering service woman gave me the number for the on-call doctor, who hooked me up with my perscription. 24 hours after I was supposed to get it in the first place.

I have my meds now, started them yesterday, all is well with my treatment, but I am just beyond pissed with the doctor's office. Not even the doctor himself, as he was very nice and did everything he was supposed to do, but his office staff, who were the ones to actually drop the ball.

[o]They didn't call it in when they said
[o]They didn't tell me the day before that they were moving
[o]Their answering message says nothing about them moving, where they're moving to or that they're unavailable until Tuesday

Tuesday, I'm calling, and they're getting an earful. Grrr.

By the way, don't ever get Lyme Disease. It bites. :)
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Cillian Murphy

Sears: Cold and Flu now on sale!

Open letter to the sears girl who rang up my mother the other day:

I understand we all have little habits we do without thinking, it's just the way we quirky humans are...

But that does nto give you an excuse to stick your finger in your mouth seven times during two diffrent transactions.  Not only do I not enjoy watching you chew on your hangnail (or whatever you were doing in there) but the cold and flu season is approching and I'm a sickly human being, and slightly germaphobic.

Get your finger out of your mouth while handling my merchendise, my money and my change.

And I'm sorry if I embaressed you but you would not STOP.  I don't think telling you "Cold and flu season is approching, it might not be a good idea to stick your finger in your mouth while handling customer's things" was all that rude, espeically since germs go both ways.  I wouldn't want you to suffer any more then I want to.


Honestly, not that bad (unless I get sick of course), but it creeped me out horrifically, just imagining the germs she was spreading  by doing that.  I was itchy for half an hour afterwards.
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