October 6th, 2006

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I am so frustrated...

We just got back from the ER, we went because my boyfriend has an extremely bad toothache. He has a dentist's appointment tomorrow, but he was screaming and crying and hyperventilating so I took him to the ER. The doctor (when she finally came in) didn't even look at him-once she found out he has a dentist's appointment tomorrow, she just told him to keep the appointment and walked out. When the nurse came to check him out all the doctor had done was written him a script for Tramadol, which is a decent painkiller but ANY pill takes 15-45 minutes to work and he was in screaming pain NOW. I asked if he could get some novicaine (he couldn't speak because it hurt so bad) and the doctor said that it wasn't necessary at this point. :[ There aren't any emergency dental clinics within a 2 hour drive or I would have taken him to one, it just pisses me off that she didn't even look at him or notice how bad the pain was and she refused to actually help him. Am I wrong in thinking this is a sad excuse for treatment, or is her refusal of a novicaine shot when he was in obvious pain justified?
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Who? Me?

Hospitals again - this took 2 hours to type due to pills kicking in

Seeing as we're on a hospital trend atm I have a new story for you. (Sorry if it doesn't make much sense, my meds kicked in while I was typing this and I started halucinating a hell of a lot!)

The Backstory:
I had surgery in Sept '97 to get a birthmark removed from my leg. It went fine except that I now have chronic nerve damage and I'm in pain most of the time.
I'm on some serious meds that makes me hallucinate at night and I have a surgery date of 16 November '04 and again on the 23rd November '04. All goes well and after getting out of hospital I move house and get all the grocery shopping done before collapsing on my bed and staying in so I can recover

I find out in Feb '05 that I'm gonna die and they bring me in for surgery immediately! then they send me home for 7 weeks to recover from the last surgery.

In May '05 I get the problem fixed and soon afterwards I go on a pain management program for 3 weeks.

I inform them that I'm moving to Dublin seeing as they can't do anything to help me and I must live near my hospital in case I need another operation.

As it turns out, the box they put in, in May'05 is broken (A thug hit me in the belly where its currently living) and it needs fixing "URGENTLY!!!!!!"

I'm scheduled for surgery in November '05, then december '05, jan '06 feb '06, twice! and on it goes. Its now October '06 (11 months on)
I've been promosed that they'll slice and dice me before the end of Vovember this year. I'm not confident about this at all. My surgery has been pushed back 20 times in the past 11 months.

So would anyone like to join me in taking bets on when I'll finally get the surgery? The winner get a photo of me in hospital

The hallucinations are getting very strong and its 9.33am (and There's a vampire on my bed, I'm not kidding and I know its not real but I have to deal with it anyway) All I've done is take my meds, nothing illegal but its gonna take me a few weeks before it stops and I get used to them. And the chances of getting some pot to use instead is pretty slim (does the same thing as my pain meds only without the nasty side effects but being a stoner has to be better than this!)

I think I'm going to go to bed
Its almost 10am now *sigh*
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big banks aren't the only ones who can suck.

backstory: my mom has worked in this small town since she was out of high school, as has my father. they both bank with the local credit union. i also bank with them, since i had a job up here for two years, and now i live here. i have a checking, a savings and my car payment. they're very small, and the tellers do everything themselves.

here's where the bad comes in:

i get a notice today stating that i had a check that bounced. i immediately know something isn't right, because i wrote two checks for 9.31 and 35.00, left 44.66 in the bank to cover, and took out the remaining 50.00 for cash in hand until payday.

so i call. the girl told me that one of the other tellers saw that my car payment was due (i wasn't late) and took it upon herself to apply the 44.66 to my loan payment. i'm assuming it's the same teller who when she pulled up my account asked me if i knew it was due the next day. i told her yes, i would be in to pay it today (friday), since they supposedly have a ten day grace period, and it was only due yesterday (thursday).

so in turn, my two checks that i wrote on tuesday are going to bounce sky high. the girl said that they covered the 9.31, but now i have to again pay the $35.00 and the $15.00 nsf fee. i told her that they needed to waive that, and she said they couldn't.

ugh. this isn't the first time they've done this either. they've been known to take it out of my mom's account when i wasn't late, because we have a joint account in case something happens to her. and they never call you. they just take it out and then send you a notice saying you have bounced checks. not to mention they've shared info on my account to my mom and my SO, neither of which is authorized on my account.
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night porter

Keeping with the hospital theme

Enter myself to the ER

"Alright Samantha, is there any chance that you might be pregnant?"
"No I'm a virgin."
"Ok, well here, go pee in this."

An hour or so later

"Well Samantha we got your test results back."
"AM I PREGNANT!?!?!?!"
"PHEW!" *big sigh and forehead wipe*

Not really bad service, just WTF?
Bingo the clowno

Ha! You win!

Ok, I finally have received bad service. Here is the letter I just sent to JC Penny:

"After I made my credit card purchase and was stepping away from the counter, I noticed a survey on the credit card machine. Before I could react, your employee leaned forward and filled it out for herself--the highest level of satisfaction, of course.
I was too shocked to confront her and I continued to walk away but this has been bothering me all afternoon. I have had stellar customer service from JC Penny employees in the past and today was a slap in the face to those who have actually earned that survey report on their behavior. The woman I dealt with today would have earned an average to less than average rating, had I been able to rate her level of customer service. After her dishonesty, she deserves far less.
Store: 0321
Date: 10/06/06
Term: 260
Time: 01:55
Tran: 4363
Assoc: 0312"

Lesson of the day: Don't walk away from that credit card machine until the screen totally clears, even after you have your bags and receipt.
I do think that JC Penny should probably NOT have the rating right there were the employee can lean over and look. Most people aren't interested in a big confrontation from a disgruntled employee or being intimidated by the employee being right there and watching. People just want to shop and be on their way.
Second lesson of the day: I should have written a glowing report on the lady who rang me up last week. She was fabulous! I need to make it a habit to write those kind of letters from now on.