October 2nd, 2006

doctor: donna wish i could be

jealousy is a green-eyed monster lol

dear student employee of my school's dining service:

i realize that last year, you dated one of my best friends. and that i had an immense crush on him because let's face it: british, huge sad brown puppy eyes, gorgeous hair, and ripped. oh and not gay (at art school, this is a big deal), too. and that you were jealous. and that you sank your claws into him and the breakup was drawn out over several months. i realize that you're bitter that he has a girlfriend now; i'm not, since i have and have had for the past three years a wonderful boyfriend.

like i said, you and he were last. year. so when i come to the dining hall on a sunday morning wishing only for french toast and scrambled eggs, i don't expect to receive the nastiest, meanest, most horrible look you can put on your face. please in the future, just swipe my card and let me be. i won't even ask you for a smile or a greeting. it's really okay. honestly: when i'm half asleep, in my pj's, your death glare doesn't do much to me. so... just can it plz kthx.

your fellow, happily un-single, student
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Bad service that turned good

On Friday my roommate went to visit her boyfriend. I don't have a car and was concerned about what I was going to eat. I'm a broke college student and am completely tired of pizza and Chinese.

Recently, the Atlanta Bread Company in town started delivering to my school. This is great, because a filling and tasty sandwhich is cheap and a welcome, healthy change from greasy pizza. Delightedly, I called them up to order a sandwhich...

And I had the most horrible exchange with the people who worked there. It went like this:

Lady 1: Hello, Atlanta Bread Company
Me: Hiya! I wanna order a sandwh-
Lady 1: Pick up or delivery?
Me: Um. Delivery please.
Lady 1: Address.
Me: Big College
Lady 1: WHERE?!
Me: Um, Big College. Dorm building Park Ave?
Lady 1: WHERE?! Where on Park Ave?!
Me: No... Park Ave is the dorm. On Big College.
Lady 1: ADDRESS?!
Me: O.o Uh, Big College?
Lady 1: Ugh, hold on! ::clicks me on hold::

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In reference to my recent Time Warner post we now have phone service.

The tech came Sunday. Did he come between 8 and 12? No, he was actually an hour and a half late, which was a first. (And terribly ironic as I had given up on him coming and went to go take a nap. 15 minutes later he arrived, the bastard. *grin*)

He hooked up the phone and fixed the cable. The funny thing? How long he had to sit on hold in order to fix things.

What went wrong? He said miscommunication all over the place. And he said the reason we lost our digital cable was because when we called to ask them why we didn't have a phone yet back in the beginning, they decided not to charge us for the service until we did. Good plan, except they canceled our digital cable service as well.

My frustration with this is that when I called twice to tell them the digital cable service was out, no one seemed to notice that the service was turned off completely. They kept trying to "refresh" it? /boggle

Husband is going to call and raise hell so we get some sort of a credit. Tech didn't seem to think there would be any problem getting one.

The good thing is that this tech, along with every other one that we've ever had come out to the house, was friendly and knowledgable and moved quickly.

But at least I have a phone and can actually call people now.


Dear Ms Angry Takeaway Boss-Lady,

I really don't care that some employee called Angela called you at 4:30 this morning to explain she wouldn't be in to work today because 'Daniel bashed her.' I don't care that your co-workers apparently hate her too, and I don't care about how you're going to make her next shift shitty because "the bitch" left you in the lurch.

Shut up, and give me my sandwich. Eye contact and a brief break from your bitching session to say "enjoy" or "have a nice day" would've really been appreciated.

I'm so fucking glad I don't work for you!
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Honda Financial :(

Honda Financial Services...oh my god. I pay my car payment every month through Honda.com's financial website. I will no longer be doing this! I don't have it set up for automatic payments every month, so my info is not stored. My car payment was paid last Thursday.

This morning I logged into my back account to check my balance. I had some bills to mail out and also wanted to see how much I could spend on groceries. I'm anal about my checking account and never get below a certain amount.

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I just wanted to edit the entry and say that we will be contacting a lawyer tomorrow if the account isn't cleared up in the morning. We'll also be contacting the media/Clark Howard if the problem continues. Thanks for all the advice!! I greatly appreciate it.


And what was the point?

On my way to work I had to stop for gas. I was a little rushed so I figured I would pay at the pump. Normally I go inside and pay the cashier....anyway, I put my credit card in the slot...remove it and pump the gas. I return the nozzle and push NO for the car-wash. The display screen shows "receipt printing"....I wait and nothing comes out. Then the display screen shows "pick up receipt inside"...WTF? So I go inside...stand in line and wait to get my receipt.