September 30th, 2006

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a follow-up to the bad jewelry salesman lol

our story so far

so i went in today to pick up my ring. herr chattyson was not working (thank god), so i dealt with an older gentleman who, while still a salesman, was more experienced and was more pleasant to deal with.

he got the ring out (i didn't have my receipt but i had my driver's license, which he was okay with), and i attempted to explain the resizing debacle of last weekend (pay for it later because the salesguy couldn't remember what the register code was for resizing, but a different salesperson had said they could do it this past week so the ring would be ready to take home when i came to pick it up [today]). about halfway through, the guy kind of interrupted me, saying "well, it doesn't look like it's been resized."

god damn it.

and i looked at the receipt (where last week's salesguy had said he would write the special instructions, and the size i wanted), and there's nothing written on there. zilch. so i asked this week's salesman about how long resizing took; the mall is local to me when i'm at home, but i'm in school and the drive is just far enough that it's a hassle unless there's something important at home. at this point, i just want the ring. i've paid for it, hand it over. i remain polite and smiley, though, if a touch impatient and/or staring meaningfully at the ring. he says the resizing will take something like three or four days; to me, this is not unreasonable. but i won't be able to drop it off until the 13th, so he said "does the ring fit a smaller finger, so you could take it home today?"

"yes; that would be great."

"okay. just sign here please." so i did (there were no new charges), and bid him farewell. as i walked through the mall, i was a little uneasy because the ring felt a little loose on my little finger. so i tried it on my ring finger and it fit just a little teeny bit snugly - tough enough to get over the knuckle that it can't fall off, but loose enough that it's no real struggle to remove it if i want to.

so i'm not going to have it resized. while the $15 resizing fee is reasonable (albeit half the cost of the ring, heh), and the timeframe is also reasonable (if inconvenient for me), why bother if i don't really need it?

incidentally, for those of you wondering, it is stamped as 10K THL. the jewelers said it was white gold. the sapphires seem very sparkly to my untrained eye. :)

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while i still more than a little unhappy regarding the first salesman, this guy was more reassuring and far less creepy. he reminded me a little bit of dustin hoffman, actually, haha. i probably won't go back to that jewelry store, but i got a $35 ring out of it, and it's a ring with no sentimental value, so if i lose it, i won't be too terribly sad or distraught.
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2 things actually.

First one happened at Jack Astor’s. My roommate and I went out after our late bio class (5-7pm) for some dinner. Neither of us wanted to cook, and Jack Astor’s was right across from our bus stop and not too expensive. So we go in and everything’s going fine. Our waiter keeps disappearing, but we get our drinks and food quickly.

So, it comes time for us to pay. We have to ask another server to get our waiter to bring separate bills, since he was nowhere to be seen. We get them and are all ready to pay with debit when another server walks up and says that they’re removed their debit machine, but there’s an ATM outside if we want. Okay, a little odd, but whatever. I can pay with my Visa and my roommate goes to get cash. She comes storming back saying that the ATM charges $2 per withdrawal.

Now, I know that ATMs charge you to take out money, but $2 is ridiculous. My roommate had enough money in the bank to cover her meal, but not enough to take out $22, so I ended up paying for her. It was just lucky that I was with her. What would they have done if I wasn’t and she couldn’t pay? I just don’t understand why they would take out the debit option. They had it before and now, suddenly, they don’t. There was no sign anywhere saying that we couldn’t pay with debit, so we assumed it was fine. My roommate filled out the comment card, but so far there’s been no response.

The second thing that happened wasn’t really so bad in the end, but it had the potential to be.

My friend and I went out to Wendy’s for lunch in our 4 hour break between classes (I really hate my schedule). She ordered combo #7, some chicken sandwich, with just mayo. She got combo #4, a burger, with just mayo. She said she didn’t mind, since she likes both, but that she orders her burgers differently than chicken. They only charged her for the burger, so she didn’t complain or anything, but it made filling out the comment card fun. The worst part about this? It was the manager who took her order.

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So after this experience : I was very hesitant about going back to Bevilles but they had a fantastic sale going on, apparently they are remodelling the place so there is heaps of stuff on sale.

I decided to go ahead and layby something for myself for Christmas. It's a little tennis bracelet, WG with 1ct of diamonds set around in it as well as in the clasp, and when I went into the store to try it on [I saw it on the website] it fit perfectly! It is small and delicate so I needed something that I can wear everywhere, wear it to work, school, going out, it should match everything because its not bulky, plus its not particularly 'trendy' so it won't go out of fashion. So it was a definate thing, I asked if I could layby it they scanned it through and it came off at HALF PRICE because of the sale. Even though it wasn't tagged like that, it was in the computer, but because it was a $650 difference I suggested that the lady go and check it so she didn't get into trouble.

The manager came over and she remembered me from the whole debacle about my earrings, so she checked the code and it was fine, and to give me $100 off the bracelet again as a 'thank you for still shopping with us' pressie, and signed me up with their jewellery rewards card as a level higher than i should be, so I get even more rewards each time I shop there.

A++ Heeeee, I was fucking walking on AIR when I got back to work after my lunchbreak, $550 for someting worth $1299. I LOVE bargains, haha and I can't wait to get my paws on this sparkly-bit-of-goodness in Mid-December! [I have promised my mother I will not pay the layby out until then so its definitely the only bloody thing I buy for myself for Christmas otherwise I'll pay it out, then go back for more cause I'm a sucker for sparkly stuff].
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Chip shop.

Even little bits of bad service can be annoying at times.

I went down to my local chip shop to buy a lovely junk-food dinner tonight. A plain burger is the meat, lettuce, sauce and bun; I ordered a burger with cheese and onion (which then gets you everything else as well), and three potato cakes (also known as potato scallops, I believe).

I got given a burger with cheese, and five potato cakes. It took fifteen minutes to cook, which is more than usual, and it wasn't until I got outside that I noticed the lack of onion. I went back in to ask about the onion.

'You didn't order onion,' said the guy who'd taken my order, whom I'd watched write 'cheese + onion' on the order slip.

The guy standing beside the one who served me went through the list of order slips, found mine, and lo and behold -- cheese and onion. They offered to either cook some onions or make me a whole new burger, but I declined on account of not wanting to wait another fifteen minutes.

What really bugged me was being told I didn't order onion. I order the exact same burger at half a dozen different chip shops, and I never change my order, and he was wrong, and he didn't apologise.

Plus it's a waste of food to give me five potato cakes when I only ordered three; they're tiny, which is why I got three, but still, five is too many and they're only going to get thrown out.
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We've had our Cable and Broadband from Time Warner for a little over 5 years now. Ever since Broadband became available in our area. And for 5 years we have had literally zero problems. It rarely goes down and when it does, it's very brief. Heck, they gave everyone a free week of service when the power went out for a week due to a terrible ice storm. Any technical issues we've had that required us to talk to a tech on the phone have been handled professionally and in the most friendly manner as we joke back and forth with the techs. When we reached a bad spot a few years ago and couldn't afford to pay our bill for several months, a simple phone call to customer service to explain the situation and tell them that we were having problems paying was enough to keep the service going for three months without any issues. They have worked with us on any and all billing issues and always done it in the most pleasant way imaginable.

All around, it's been an incredibly delightful Business/Customer relationship. Until recently.

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Very short.

So my husband, three kids and I went to a local mexican restaurant that had recommended to us by a friend. When we got there, it was apparent that the staff was running hither and yon, although there weren't very many people there. Thr hostess asks us how many, and mutters that she only has one menu right now. She leads us out to the patio (without asking us if we wnt to be seated inside or out), throws the one menu, napkins, and silverware on a dirty table, and says she'll be right back to wipe down the table. There are other clean tables around us. We wait a few moments, and I notice her bussing another table. The guy who was apparently going to be our waiter zoomed by and called back over his shoulder that he'd be with us in a moment. We waited 6 minutes - no one cleaned our table, or even acknowledged us after that. So we left. If we don't even rate being seated at a clean table in a timely manner, they must not want our business very much.
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Before I start, let me just say that I am aware that many stores have a policy of carding anyone who buys alcohol, just to be on the safe side, and I have no problem with this whatsoever. Also, my husband and I were already in a slightly bad mood from something that had happened earlier, so it might have colored our perception of the situation slightly. That said, here's the story.

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