September 29th, 2006



This might not be classified as bad_service as much as a sheer What the fuck? moment from my server...but yeah...this just left me scratching my head in wonder.

On Tuesday evening I ventured over to the local McDonalds for a quick soft serve because I had no desire to wait 30 minutes in line at Cold Stone (but God it was a hard decision). The following coversation took place..

McLady: What'll ya have?
Me: Yeah, can I just get a small ice cream in a cup.
McLady: You want your cone in a cup?
Me: No no. I want a small ice cream just in a cup. No cone need be bothered.
McLady: I don't know if I know how to do that...
Me: ........
McLady: *goes over to the soft serve machine, dispenses ice cream into a cone, takes said cone and dumps it into a cup, removes the cone and throws it away*
Me: *blink...ok*
McLady: Is that what you wanted?
Me: Close enough.
McLady: For here or to go?
Me: To go.
McLady: Here ya go.


I realize there is a stigma that comes with going to McDonalds and 'expecting' such things but...I

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HP's Computer Techs

In May I took my laptop to Fry's because the USB ports were loose and I kept losing connection to anything that was in them. I also wanted to know if the Hinges could be fixed because they were cracked, and the power supply because the cord was cracked sort of.

I have the extended warrenty offered by Fry's. Hinges are not covered because it is "cosmetic" damage, and the power supply wouldn't be covered. They sent my laptop off to HP to get fixed...they soldered the USB ports back onto the motherboard and sent it back.

That was fine. I was happy that I could use my USB ports again and didn't much care about the other stuff not being fixed.

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