September 28th, 2006

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Last week, my hubby and i were hanging out at my grandma's house, while my dad was really busy and needed someone to be there for her to get her lunch during the afternoons for the whole week.

well, it was like wednesday, and we get a call at about 5 in the afternoon, and it was an automated telemarketer from (oh and this is what the thing really said) "A Sattelite Company"... i waited til it told me what to do to talk to a real live person (at my grandmothers house everyone just hangs upon telemarketers)... so i pressed "1" like it said to do if you were interested or had questions, not "5" like it said to be removed... cause i figured that wouldnt get us removed, it would make them call more... So.. it rang a little then a real person answers the phone and this is the conversation we had:

Me: Well... Obviously...
DT: Dumb Telemarketer
DT: Uh... Hello? A Sattelite Company?
Me: Hi there, I would like for you to remove this number from your call list.
Me: Uh... I would like for you to Remove this number from your call list, Please.
Me: *speaking clearly, though it sounded like the guy on the other end of the line had a firm grasp on the english language* PLEASE. TAKE. THIS. NUMBER. OFF. OF. YOUR. CALLING. LIST. THANK. YOU.

i hung up after that, i was so appaled by his yelling at me. i couldnt believe it. i didnt raise my voice once.

They didnt call back, atleast while my hubby and i were there... but in that house, since everyone else just hears "oh have we got an offer for you!" and hangs the phone up... im not sure.
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I was going to write up a "bijou rantette", but decided to go wildly OT and write up something that some people may find useful... sorry!

Expectations govern our lives. When we go into a shop or other service place, we expect to be treated in a certain manner. If we go to a shop where we have received great service before, we go in with a bounce in our step and a song in our heart (well... maybe not!), with an EXPECTATION of good service. Because we are expecting good service, we receive it, because we are bouncy and smiley.

If we go somewhere we have received bad service, we expect to receive it again - we walk in all frowny, surly, bad tempered. The staff pick up on the mood, and act accordingly.

Our expectations govern our lives. I used to be the kind of person who, when asked "how goes?", I would always have a tale of woe, how rubbish life was, how such-and-such sucked, how bad so-and-so was, etc. When I had a change of heart (thanks to my darling wife :-)), and started answering "life is GREAT!", life *became* much better - because I expected it to.

As the saying goes, "no generalisation is true" - there are some places which just *suck* *cough*BankOfAmerica*cough*, wait staff / shop staff / whatever have bad days, etc.

But just think... if everyone had an expectation that life was good, that they would receive good service, that everything would work out OK... how much better would life be?

This still doesn't explain why there was no hot mustard on my Subway sandwitch yesterday despite me asking three times (token bad_service to reduce the OT-ness of this post ;)), but I won't let that get me down ;)
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[someone told me to post this here]

A little story for the locals. Ever seen the commercials for "Empire", the next-day carpet people? Well my fellow seceretary's friend was getting her carpet replaced as well as having plumbing work done in the house. The plumber was done for the day and left a new toilet fixture on the carpet in her bedroom...


Yeah, they definetly replaced her carpet... Free of charge... But WTF.