September 27th, 2006


Ultimate in bad service from Bank of America

I was listening to the Clark Howard show today and heard that a man was given a check for some bicycles drawn on a Bank America Check for over the price of the bikes. He thought something was up so he took the check to a Bank America branch to verify the account was real.

He asked if the account was real and if there were sufficent funds to cover the check. The teller told him yes, so he signed the back of the check and asked to cash it. He didn't know there had been an altert to look for fraudulent checks. The teller contacted the business the check was supposed to come from and was told no check was issued to buy these bicycles.

The cops were called and this guy was hauled in to jail for taking a check he was given by a fraudster. He spent 12 hours in jail before getting bailed out. The next day all charges were dropped.

This guy has had to spend $14,000 to get his name cleared of the arrest record and feels that Bank of America should reimburse him, which they of course are refusing to do.

A lot of people are up in arms about it and are withdrawing their money from Bank of America, according to Clark Howard who is having people email him with the amounts they are removing, they have withdrawn $12 million so far.

Clark Howard hosts a nationally syndicated consumers radio show based in Atlanta. If you are interested in this story, you can see the details on his website. You can also listen to the response from a Senior VP from BoA as well.