September 24th, 2006



ALMOST.. bad service? I dunno.

so I picked up a few things at my local Target. this also happens to be a Target that I worked at for about 6 months. the majority of the people there know me, whatever. I go to stand in line. right as I walk up, the cashier (whom I knew from when I was an employee) glared up at me with the nastiest look. "I'M CLOSED NOW." now, I can empathize. I HATED when I worked as a cashier and people would come to my line when the light was off. but was it so hard to say it a bit.. I dunno.. kinder? I apologized & said that I honestly didn't see that the light was off, and I was heading to another lane. it's one of those "had to be there" moments. the look she gave me was deadly.

Annoying Service

Went to my school dining hall to get an omelette for breakfast. I tell the guy making omelettes what I want (bacon, cheese, and tomato) and leave for a minute to get toast.

Let me say here that this is not an odd thing to do. In fact, three of the four people in line in front of me had also left to get toast/fruit/etc. It only takes two or three minutes while the omelettes are cooking.

I come back for my omelette. When I get it, it looks a little odd; then I realize that he gave me someone else's with similar contents (mushroom, cheese, and tomato) which could easily be mistaken for mine. I go back to let him know that I have the wrong omelette.

His response is to scowl at me and say, rather rudely, "Well, if you'd stay in line you'd get the right thing."

I'm sorry, but I've worked in customer service, and the correct response, even if you think the customer is in the wrong, is a polite, "I'm sorry, let me make you a new one." I am always polite when ordering food, and I don't appreciate being treated rudely in return.

My Adventures with Dell

Hello, first post-and 90% will be under a cut because it will be long....

Last year I purchased a Dell Inspiron Laptop. After a year the power jack started to go bad, and after taking it to a local place for investigation, they told me to contact Dell, as they couldnt fix it but that it should be a relatively simple fix. So on August 17th I first go online, and try to talk to someone via their Chat program. Not an option, it seems, because my laptop is no longer under warranty.

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And I am serious, I will never ever buy from Dell again. Thats just too much BS to have to go through, and I cannot believe they charged my card and act all "oops". As if I wouldnt notice an almost 400 dollar charge to my credit card >:|. And if its not taken off, you all will get to hear from me again! 

I bet you're looking forward to that ;P.
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Wow, Telemarketers are getting ballsy!! My mom got a solicited call from Verizon phone service. We have Time Warner for cable and internet, but we have Verizon for the phone service because once upon a time it was was good deal. Anyway, a telemarketer called saying that they had this new deal yadda yadda and said "hey i'm going to put you on hold for just a minute so you can check out this great deal". She places my mother on hold and my mother promptly hung up, not interested in the deal, and she also really hates telemarketers. The women CALLS BACK and leaves a message on our machine that my mom is saving "Oh well then, i guess you dont WANT the deal or THE SERVICE, never EVER do that to a telemarketer that STILL has your NUMBER!" (the caps are for the inflection in her voice) and then just as shes hanging up she mumbled out bitch. Which i guess she didnt mean to do but STILL. So my mom is saving the message and sending a letter to verizon to cancel all offiliation we have with their service and that we are switching.
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Not too terribly long ago, mom mom recieved a phone call from bellsouth. She already has bellsouth for me, and for her. This is where it gets amusing. The conversation went something like this:


M: Hello?
T: Hello, Mrs. -----. I"m calling you to offer a great deal on your long distance plan! The plan would be $26, which is four dollars less than you are paying now!
M: No it wouldn't. I'm paying $22 now.
T. Well, ma'am, I'm looking at the screen right now and it says you're paying $30!
M: No it doesn't. You better look again. *goes to get her bill*
T: *starts to say something, then hangs up*

Why the hell would you do that?! What a SCAM! Telling you that you're paying more than you actually are to actually get you TO PAY MORE?!?! I'd have left bellsouth if I were her...