September 23rd, 2006

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Two incidents

I've worked retail on a number of occasions, and posted to customers_suck, so I know it can be hard to work service jobs.  On the other hand, I know bad service when I see it.  Now, these are not much compared to what I've read here (I'm never flying United), but they really got to me.

1) I was going out on a Saturday night with a friend in Adams Morgan, which is a bar/resturant district in DC.  She saw Maggie Moo's and had a craving for ice cream and I decided I could use some water, so we went in.  After waiting five minutes for the guy behind the counter to finish "serving" (read: flirting) with the girls in front of us, we were finally next.  That wasn't too bad, because we weren't in a hurry, but this was unacceptable: he asked my friend if she wanted anything, and when she responded, he ignored her and asked me the same thing.  I tried to point out that she wanted some ice cream, but he just went in the back like I'd said nothing.  Yeah, we're there because we like to watch ice cream being scooped.  It's entertaining.  The other guy behind the counter, who'd just come out of the back, just stood there.  I put my bottle of water back in the cooler and walked out.

2) This one really really got to me for personal reasons.  I went to The Body Shop in Towson MD to get a wedding shower gift.  I've been a customer of this company since I was in elementary school, and have worked for them two summers.  You know those posts about customers talking on the cell phone the entire transaction?  Try the CASHIER talking on her pink Razr the entire transaction- heck, the entire time my mom and I were in the store.  And it was a personal call that didn't seem horribly urgent, and it wasn't like the phone line was down or something. Also, if she had to be on her cell, she could have gotten off when she rang me up.  She did manage to say "Have a nice day" to me, but that was about it.  I was going to call the corporate line about this, but life got in the way.  It's the one and only time I've ever gotten remotely bad service there.

Edited to add: In the US there are two stores that go by the name Body Shop: a clothing store and the international body care and cosmetics chain.  I'm referring to the latter in my post.
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Not the worst service, but not the best.

So, last night was my birthday. :) I had a pretty good day, and it had been planned for about two weeks now, that we were going to be heading out to Boomerangs. It's a really nice steakhouse, and a nice restraunt, so I had been of course, looking forward to it.

So, the reservations were for seven, and my friends and I met up there. We sat down, ordered a drink, and they brough it to us. Then, they came back, I got daquiri, everyone else got pop... and we ordered appetizer's, and when he came back after, we ordered our meals. Good, right?

We were happy the waiter was nice, and made us laugh. :) 8:30 comes around... all we've had is the bread they give us, ceasar salad (comes with your steak, if you chose) and appetizer's. No meal. By that point, I had two drinks. So, when the waitor came by, he apologized... it was on it's way, would be five more minutes.

It was 8:50 by the time we got our food. Whilst the place was busy, everyone around us was getting food. Even steaks.He first took of appetizer's, but by the time the food arrived, we asked to speak to a manager, 'cause two hours waiting for food, isn't right.

They came over, apologized... and we got our meal for free. I apologized for asking for one, we've all worked in customer service, it was just... we were expecting to be out by 8:30. So... yeah.

Was I a total bitch, or was I justified? We didn't make demands, we just... weren't happy.
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Ford doesn't care about Deafs

With permission from my friend:

My friend, a Deaf Woman had to take her car to a local Ford Dealership to get it check out because it's that time again. She call the place using Relay Service and was hung up on by a man named Steve. Now she dealt with Steve before and always does business with him.

So why is it now that when she called back the second time using Relay Service to make an appointment that he told his coworkers that he was talking to a "Ideal Typical Woman Deaf Dumb Blond"?

She was extremely pissed off and called back the next day to speak to the manager. Don, the manager told her that he couldn't do anything about it without proof. She has the transcript of the whole conversation; how's that for proof?

So today, we both went to the Dealership and she gave Don a copy of the transcript while she was getting her car taken care of. Don told us that he will discuss this with Steve.

He was really nice to her and gave her $100 off. Now we don't know if he's really going to do anything about this. She is thinking about sending a letter to corporate however I will be sending this story to Consumerist.

That comment was ignorant and unprofessional.
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Target sucks harder than I thought.

An update on this post:

I decided to call Target today. I've never actually been that pissed off that I wanted to call and complain, usually I'm just like "whatever" and let it go. But the whole thing was so stupid and it pissed me off so much, I called.

The entire convo reeked of "I don't care, I'm gonna try to keep ending the convo as quick as possible, then when I hang up I wont do shit"

Once I got connected to the manager, this happened:

Collapse )

I'm still pissed off and dissatisfied. I don't think the guy is gonna talk to the girl at all. And the fact that he couldn't even apologize either? What the hell. Usually even the most indifferent people will at least say they're sorry for what happened, even if they don't mean it and just do it to get you to shut up about it. I'm tempted to try to find the next higher ups and write a letter about it, but I don't know who would be the next ones to complain to. Plus is it really worth it? Was the service bad enough to warrent this or am I overreacting?
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Adventures at Wendy's.

On Thursday afternoon at about 3:45, I headed into the Wendy's near my campus to get some late lunch. I go up, exchange fun conversation with the cashier. I order a salad and a drink, pay, and head over to wait for it to bounce over to me.

As I'm waiting, there's this employee skulking (it's the only way you could truly describe it) around in the area behind the registers. She glances at the order display thingy, skulks some more, glares at me, skulks some more, and generally does absolutely nothing at all. Drive-thru is busy and there are actually several people eating in, so it's not dead. Everyone's scurrying about doing work.

But this chick. She just stands there, slowly skulking back and forth. Originally I thought she was glaring at me, but after a moment, I realized she was actually just making a glaring face. Um...Okay? Bad day, perhaps?

Cashier guy sets my tray of salad and drink on the counter, gives me a smile, and bops off.

Whoops. There's no dressing. So, I look at Skulky Girl, who is glaring/staring at me. Her expression, if possible, sours. But she's the only one not running around doing something, so I figure I might as well.

Me: Excuse me, miss? Could I get some ranch dressing, please? :D
SG: *glare* .... *walks over to the little fridge-thingy and takes one out* ... *drops it on the floor, picks it back up, walks over to me, and throws it at me*
Me: *watches package of dressing hit my arm* ...Um, thank you ^_^
SG: *looks me up and down* Like you NEED to be eating dressing.
Me: .... :/
SG: *walks back over to the display and stares at it*

The cashier guy had come back over at that point, so I asked him if I could talk to a manager. He told me one wasn't on duty, but that I could come back tomorrow and he'd be there.

Unfortunately I didn't have time Friday. But still. That just seemed really...inappropriate to me. I mean, I understand if you hate your job - I hate mine too. But still. That's just uncalled for :/