September 22nd, 2006


I ordered from last night. The order came to:

SUBTOTAL: $17.46
TAX: $0.87
TOTAL: $18.33
TIP: $4.00

The delivery guy came and I looked at the bill. It was for $21.00. I asked him if that included the tip and he said no. I gave him a $3 tip even though I was all confused as to how the total was $21 (it was neither the food total nor the total with the tip I had typed in). Today I checked our debit card and we got charged $25.33. This pisses me off because the guy got two tips totalling $7. They should have gone with either one or the other. I don't understand how they just took the tips from both.
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Super sucky server

I had originally posted this in mock_the_stupid, but was told that it should be in bad_serviceas well.

I went out to dinner with some friends the other night. Here was the stupidity that ensued with the server.

Me: does this chicken cajun pasta have dairy in it? I can't have dairy, I'm allergic.
server: No, no dairy.
Me: ok, so no cheese or milk is in it, correct?
server: correct
Me: I'll have the chicken cajun pasta then.

The food comes. My chicken cajun pasta dish comes, looking great, except it clearly has parmesan or some other type of cheese sprinkled liberally all over it.

Me: wait, is that cheese on my dish?
server: yes, all our pasta dishes come with cheese on top!
Me: I'm allergic, could you please take it back and could I have the dish without any cheese?
Server: well, what's pasta without cheese then?
Me: Please. Take. It. Back.

After a stare off she begrudgingly took away my dish, and the manager comes up a few minutes later.

Manager: Is there a problem with your dish?
Me: Yes, I'm allergic to dairy, and the dish came with cheese on top.
Manager: Oh.

At this point and time the other women at my table chimed in that I had clearly stated I was allergic to dairy and had been told the dish would be dairy free. The good part was the manager was very apologetic and gave me a free dessert. The bad part was the free dessert was chocolate mousse with whip cream on top.

I was willing to give the server some slack, UNTIL my new cheese free dish came back.

Server: Sorry for the wait. Next time you should tell your server ahead of time if you have any food problems.

Needless to say, she got a small tip from me.
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Update on the effing airplane

Update on the whole United Airlines thing (I guess I'm not the only one with problems from them-- but remember, I'm the 6'4" girl who was not allowed to put my legs anywhere):

I sent them an email yesterday, and they sent me this response:

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They also gave me $100 toward a domestic flight. Yay. You know, because I'm so going to be in the USA in the next year (I'm studying abroad in Ireland, hence the original trip to London). I'm not pleased. $100 is better than nothing, but...goddammit.
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Greetings, I'm alive

Literally the worst service I have ever recieved.

This is pretty long, but a quick summary is the horrible treatement I recieved while flying United Airlines to Sendai Japan.

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I finally made it into Sendai on September 16th around 8p.m, despite United's horrible customer service. I'm going to attempt to change my return flight so that I can avoid United at all costs. Never again will I pay good money to be treated as if my trip is not a priority. Never again will I fly United.

Here's a small photo album documenting some of the goings on

Not the worst service, but bad enough.

My boyfriend works the evening/night shift at a pizza place, so we rarely get to eat dinner together. Tonight, he got off early at 9:30 and we decided to go to Frisch's, which is open all night, and get some food.

It started out alright, we were seated immediately. Our waitress came out a minute later and took our drink orders. She seemed to be rushing us a little, asking us twice if we were ready to order before we'd been there even five minutes, but it wasn't a big deal. Everything was promptly brought out and the food was good. I had a few minor complaints, (I felt rushed and she never cleared away the salad plates) but again, nothing too bad. After she brought out the food and the check, she checked on us once and then she disappeared.

I finished my pasta and still had a lot left so I wanted a box. Couldn't catch her to get one. She never offered us desert. No refills. She just disappeared. We sat next to the kitchen, watching waitresses walk by, for probably half an hour. Finally my boyfriend went up to the kitchen and asked for a box so we could go. We left the tip on the table and walked up to the register to pay. There was no one there. We stood there and waited for someone to come ring us up and no one did. An employee walked past us, looked directly at us, and went back to cleaning. Finally we just left the bill and a $20 on the table.

It wasn't the worst service ever, but it was annoying and it really hurt her tip. I don't care if we are your last table of the night or something. We're still here! Check on us!
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"You're stepping on my stuff...."

I went to Target tonight with my mom and everything was great until we went up to pay. Instead of bagging the stuff and putting the bags on the counter space like every other cashier would do, the girl dumps them on the floor in her area behind the register. What's the logic in this? The space behind the register looked like it was even smaller than the counter anyways (this gets important later). Besides, we didn't buy that much.

So after she did it with a few bags, my mom told her that she could just give them to her and she'd put them in the cart right away. We were trying to get out of there as fast as possible, so that made what she was doing even more irritating. I don't want my food, clothes and breakable items being thrown on the floor and spilling out, plus it's an inconvenience and a waste of time to wait for her to put the stuff back in and pick the bags up and give them to us when she could've just done that in the first place. I was standing right there too, usually I'll wait for them to put the bag on the counter, then pick it up and put it in the cart. That way there's still space, everything gets put in the cart right away, and everything goes smoothly. I couldn't go behind the register to get them.

What does she do when my mom asks her to hand the bags to her? She looks at her, turns around and dumps the bag on top of all the others.
Then on top of that, since there's no space anymore behind the register, she steps on some things that had spilled out of the bag and were covering the mat. At that point my mom told her to give her the bags and pointed out that she was stepping on her things. Did she apologize? No. She didn't say one word throughout the rest of the transaction. She didn't say "thank you" at the end or "have a good night" like the other cashiers usually do.

THAT is what pissed me off. Above everything else, if she had simply said "I'm sorry" or even had been polite at the end, it wouldn't have been so bad. I know some customers can be total assholes, even when the cashier hasn't done anything wrong. But this chick was horrible and my mom remained civil and she still had to be rude. This is just about the worst service I have ever gotten at a store, especially at this particular Target.