September 20th, 2006

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Bad service is going to a nice sit down chain restaurant, paying $2 for a glass of coke, and never getting a refill the entire time.

I was drinking water and I got one refill (when my class was only 1/3 empty) before we got our entries. That's fine since I drink slowly and I didn't go thirsty. My husband, on the other hand, never got a refill. His glass sat in plain view, empty, while the waitress walked by and glanced at our table many times. Finally, when she came over to ask if we needed anything, he asked for a refill of coke. She came by more times, and got us other things (like desert, which we at a little bit of and then boxed up to take home), but never a refill even though we asked some more. Finally the bill was paid and food was put up (we kind of got rushed there at the end even though we hadn't been there a very long time) so we just gave up on asking again for the refill or finding someone else to get it for us.

Our bill ended up being large for two people, since deserts are expensive, and I've been tipping pretty well lately so this girl could have made a pretty good tip. Instead, it was very small. Her service in general (aside from the refill) was just a little lacking, but we're easy to please. All we want is to get a stinking refill on the coke sometime during the meal, especially when we ask and ask for it!

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This one is kind of strange - but along the lines of the police service in the recent posts. This all happened about two years ago when I was living in Boston.

My husband and I are asleep in our apartment when, around 3 a.m., we are jolted awake by the soothing tone of what sounds like a jet plane. It takes us a few seconds to orient ourselves to realize that someone is *leaning* on our apartment buzzer. I get out of bed and peer though the peephole in our door. Our building was set up so it had a front door that was unlocked, and then a locked interior alcove entrance door where the apartment buzzers were located. Our personal apartment door was directly across from, and in full view of the front door.

Through the peephole, I could see that there was a really big guy behind the interior door, and he was systematically going down the line, leaning on the buzzer for each apartment. We could hear other people calling down on their intercoms yelling for him to cut it out. Needless to say, he didn't cut it out, and every few minutes, he would get back to our buzzer and press it for about 10 seconds before moving on, making going back to sleep impossible. I would have gone out and asked him who the hell he was, but our door was the only door that was visible from the entrance, and #1 - I didn't feel safe having this crazy stranger know exactly which apartment I lived in, #2 - I worried if I let him in, he might be dangerous and our apartment door would be wide open, and #3 - I thought that if I came out, realized that he was crazy, he would just buzz my door endlessly because he knew we were home.

So after a good long time of no one leaving their apartments, and him not letting up on the buzzing, I called the non-emergency police number and told them the story. I gave them my info, and they said they would send someone out. After a little bit, the buzzing stopped and we managed to get back to sleep. About 2 minutes after that, our phone rings (it's now like, 4:30 a.m. on a weeknight) and it's the FUCKING police. There is an officer at the front door who calls me, because I stupidly gave them my number, and he says "Hey, ummm, I asked this guy what he's doing and he says he lives here. Come let him in".

Are you fucking serious? This guy had no ID, no proof that he lives here, we've never seen him before in our lives, he just spent a fucking hour waking up everyone in the building, and now you want me to get BACK out of bed to let him in because he told you he lives here? Finally my husband got up and opened the door for the asshole, who, by the way, did not apologize or even say thanks. He just walked right by.

Good god! I'm sorry that you forgot your keys or whatever, but that doesn't give you the right to disturb an entire building full of people who have to get up in the morning. It would never occur to me that it was OK to do that. Go to the fucking HOTEL right down the street.
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Bloomington, IN Police

The post about the attempted robbery sparked a memory. I honestly don't remember if I posted it or not, but I don't THINK I did..If I did, it was a few years ago. Or just last year. Or.. But I don't think I did.

Before I start, it is to be understood that I have the utmost respect for the police force of any town, city, state... However, I do not LIKE a lot of the way BPD treated us on a regular basis. We got a bunch of crap from them, for no apparent reason. They had to deal with annoying college kids all of the time, I know, and at the time, Indiana University had just gotten that infamous #1 party town ranking, and they were trying to reverse that... The downside was that if you were of college age, you were treated like a horribly naughty college student, whether or not you were one.

Anyway. Onward. This is from... 2001 or 2002. We lived in a normally VERY quiet apartment complex full of older college students and small families, so it was very weird one night to come home to SUPER loud music. Like we could hear the words and the bass was shaking our stuff from the floor above loud. It was about 10pm, so we were like "eh, whatever. They can party hardy. It's not that late."

Roommate and I eat dinner, and it's still going on, so we go to Wal-Mart. We decided that if it was STILL going on by the time we got back, we'd curse the rest of our neighbors and go knock on the door. Went to Wal-Mart, came back, it was still going. We' go upstairs and we both just stand there in front of the door, like "Uhhhh.... You knock." "No, you knock!" "You do it!" Because we're like that. Finally, we knock. And knock. ANd knock. And nobody answers. Got a little bolder and pounded. Apparently music was so loud they couldn't hear that, either. So we go back down to our apartment, still a little displeased that apparently nobody else in the complex has an issue with this.

About 12:30am, I snap and dial the nonemergency number for the police.. THe phone just rings. And rings. AND RINGS. Like twenty times. So I hang up, try again. It still doesn't get answered. So I call AGAIN. I figure, "hey, it's a crazy college town, maybe something crazy is happening."

Nearing 1:00 am, I'm considering calling 911instead of the nonemergency number, since I know they're in the same building, but it was drilled into me as a kid to never ever use 911 for something like that, so I keep calling nonemergency, hoping someone would pick it up. However, at 1:15, I give up. I call 911.

Dispatcher: 911, what is your emergency?
Me: Uhm, I've been trying to call the nonemergency number for the last 45 minutes- *cut off before I can say why I'm calling!*
Dispatcher: Oh REALLY? Why did you call 911, then?
Me: Because nobody has answered me for the last 45 minutes.
Dispatcher: I find that doubtful. The phone is in the same room as me.
Me: .... be that as it may, sir, I've been calling for 45 minutes. It's been ringing. Nobody has answered. I have a situation, but it is not an emergency. The people above me-
Dispatcher: Then you shouldn't be calling 911. THat's what the nonemergency number is for.
Me: I TRIED to call that, sir. If someoene would care to call me back from another number, I could stop tying up the emergency line.
Dispatcher: *something along the lines of if you'd called it first..* *hangs up*
Phone: Ring ring ring!
Me: Hello?
Dispatcher: Okay, what is your PROBLEM?
Me: .... *oh god, same guy.* Our neighbors upstairs have been playing very VERY loud music since 10pm.. It's shaking the stuff in our apartment and we can't sleep.
Dispatcher: You called 911 for that?
Me: *snap* NO. I called the NONEMERGENCY NUMBER for that. When it didn't get ANSWERED for 45 minutes, I called 911. SIR. I was raised to not ABUSE emergency lines, and I was TRYING to AVOID that, SIR.
Dispatcher: .... *finally tells me what they can do about it, and says they'll do something.*

The good news is that the music finally stopped around 2:00, whether it was because of the cops or because the people simply went to bed... After hanging up and climbing into bed, it occurred to me that I should have gotten the dispatcher's name, but I didn't. I filed that away as "do that next time something like that happens so you can complain properly," and then actually REMEMBERED the next we had an issue. Which is not appearing in this post. Because this is the end.

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My parents had a coupon for Ruby Tuesday that expired after yesterday, so last night, we decided to take advantage of it on its last day. All day long I was looking forward to it. Even though their salad bar is crap now that they've shrunk it, I enjoy those little mini-burgers. Before we went to the restaurant, I had to drop off a new prescription at the pharmacy, intending to pick it up after we ate.

Ruby Tuesday was busy, but not insanely busy. Tables were full, but there was no waiting for a table. I guess I knew the dinner wasn't going to be a pleasant experience when it took 15 minutes for someone to come get our drink orders. We ordered at the same time, too, since we'd had so long to look at the menu.

Then it was off to the salad bar as I had ordered the two-minis and a salad dinner. (I did notice there was no spinach on it. Heh.) Since it was moderately crowded, the line moved slow. Whatever. However, when we returned to the table, our drinks hadn't arrived. Nor did they until we asked the waiter about them. *shakes head*

Then our burgers finally arrived. As I can't stand mustard, I had asked to leave it off. I bite into it only to get a mouthful of mustard. Yick. I really, really can't tolerate mustard. Never have. So I send it back because dammit, I don't want to pay for something I'm not going to enjoy.

So I wait for my new burgers. And wait. And wait. Get antsy. Strike up a conversation with the people at the table next to us who were seated before us and still hadn't gotten THEIR food yet. Waiter finally brings out new burgers... and they STILL have mustard on them. How hard is it to leave something off??

By that time, we were all fed up. Told the waiter that it was still wrong, but I'd lost my appetite by then and we had to leave, since the pharmacy closed in half an hour. He said he wouldn't charge us for the mini-burgers, which was good because I wasn't going to eat them.

In all we spent about an hour at Ruby Tuesday. And by the time we were leaving, so were the people at the next table because their food never arrived at all.

The moral: Find some place new to eat. Which is sad as Ruby Tuesday is really the only "nice" sit-down place in our little town.
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soo, i'm a college student in the middle of nowhere pennslyvania.  for the first time in the 2.5 years i've been here, i got sick.

to be exact, i got a staph infection, a pretty nasty staph infection. so i went to our health services and they gave me a prescription for some antibiotic that was supposed to fix me and make everything all better.

i made the mistake of getting that prescription filled at WalMart.

that was 3 days ago, and i've been taking said medicine for 3 days now, and i havent been getting any better, so i went back to health services and i find out... walmart gave me a prescription that was completely not what i needed.  thankfully, it didnt do any damage, but it definetly didnt make my staph infection any better and i've now developed a lovely case of Impetigo since the staph wasnt taken care of

I am pissed

the dr at health services called the walmart pharmacy and yelled at them for the mistake and i went to pick up the correct prescription.  they refunded my $3 copay (oh goody gee wiz), and gave me the correct medication

i cant decide whether or not i should call and complain to the manager/someone higher up.  i understand that everyone makes mistakes, but this is kinda a BIG one...

at this point i'm just happy they didnt accidently give me some sort of medication that could have made me seriously sick
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