September 16th, 2006

One good and one bad service yesterday

First the good service. Last night the hubby and I went out to dinner, on our own, for the first time in a very long time. We decided to go to Tony Romas for dinner since we had never been there despite the fact that it's been open in our town for several years. We were seated practically immediately by a hostess when our first waitress came and took our drink orders. She said she was new (her first waitressing job) but she was friendly. We gave her our drink orders and then her manager pulled her from our table and sent her to help cover a party of 60. No big deal, she was replaced by a more experienced waitress who gave us really good service.

The replacement waitress was a complete dream. She informed us when the kitchen was backed up, she removed an appetizer from the bill when it came out wrong from the kitchen, she checked up on us often enough that we felt as if she was giving us her sole attention yet it wasn't often enough that it was obnoxious. She joked with us, had a friendly and outgoing personality. She made some really excellent recommendations, since we never been there before, and she made sure that the rest of our meal came out well. The food itself was very good except for my bruschetta which wasn't even toasted. She said, don't know if it's true or not, that she argued with the kitchen staff that the plate was ice cold and the bruschetta wasn't warm and toasted. She removed it from our bill without even us having to prompt her to do so. I didn't mind it was cold and not toasted since I've had it like that once before. It seems to be a new item on their menu since their online menu for my location doesn't even list it. But her service through out our time there well made up for the minor mistake made by the kitchen with my appetizer and the switching of waitresses.

Our bill came to $52 and some odd change. We left her around a 23% tip ($12 and change). She came out to us as we were up front about to walk out the door and thanked us profusely. While the food itself was adequate, her behavior, performance and attitude more then made up for dinner.

Now for the bad service...

EARLIER that day the hubby had his final court appearance. I think I've made mention that my husband is a crappy driver. Well, he speeds. A lot. This was the final of his speeding tickets that he had to see a judge for. His court appearance was at 2 PM and we get there at 1:50 PM. Plenty of time, right? WRONG.

We sat there and watched hearing after hearing and finally he was the last person. The judge - a woman who typically does small claims - asked him what was he still doing there. He tells her that he had a court appearance at 2 PM and tells her his name. She looks for his file and couldn't find it so she asks for his court slip. He hands it to her. Friday, September 15 2 PM Courtroom 5. Right courtroom, right day, right time. So she looks among the stacks of other cases she had heard and couldn't find it. She asks her clerk to look and her clerk found it... They called it at 8 AM that morning and he was a no show so she had issued an arrest warrant on him! WTF!?

The judge then said it was HIS fault for not appearing DESPITE the fact his court form said 2 PM. I even called, that morning, to verify it was at 2 PM because I thought it was at 10:30 AM. I was told it was at 2 PM. The courthouse list on her desk even shows it as 2 PM. BUT she still insisted it was HIS fault because she called it that morning. Ok, her clerk made the mistake by misfiling it yet she blames my hubby for their mistake. How stupid! According to the stupid judge, he should have been in court first thing in the morning and waited the entire day. -_- How stupid is that!? If his court paper said 2 PM, the clerk in the office said 2 PM, the papers outside the courtroom with all the cases heard that day said 2 PM then WHY is it his fault? I swear, that woman needs to go back to hear small claims instead of being in traffic court. I hate stupid judges and she was definitely a stupid judge.

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Update to this post.

I haven't received an email back from the Bed Bath and Beyond website. I am mildly irritated because that is part of what *I* do for a living -- respond to emails sent to my company's website. After having a few days to think about the situation, and a ton of (mostly) helpful comments to my previous post, I went to Linens and Things after work yesterday. I found a WONDERFUL set of curtains, a lovely shade of blue in a slightly more practical fabric, still a little bit of shiny-ness to them, they had the 63" length in stock, AND they were cheaper than the ones I found at BBB.

I am quite pleased :)

I am planning on writing a (polite) letter to BBB explaining my experience, and that I now plan on going to Linens and Things for my various apartment decorating needs. Granted, losing one customer probably won't make them completely re-evaluate their business model, but I think it is worthwhile to keep them updated on the fact that their excessive shipping fee did cause me to re-evaluate my store loyalty.

Thank you again to everyone's suggestions and assistance!!
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Kushiel's Legacy: Rainbow Love.

Four months and three days later...

Remember this post? (Summary: bought book off eBay, book never turned up after three months, left negative feedback, got negative feedback, much capslocking of doom.)

The gorramn book turned up on September 15th -- as my subject says, four months and three days after it was postmarked.

It was indeed sent by airmail. The address was legible enough for that not to be a reason for it to have gone missing. I'm baffled. I've never had airmail from the UK take this long before!

I emailed the seller and apologised for name-calling on eBay, and he emailed me back to apologise for calling me useless. We would've withdrawn our feedback but it's over thirty days since we left it and eBay says we can't. Despite the capslocking and such, he turned out to be pretty decent. I guess that's fair enough, since it genuinely wasn't his fault the book took so long to show up (and genuinely wasn't my fault that I assumed he'd gypped me).

*sigh* Anyone want a copy of Robin Jarvis's The Final Reckoning, now I have two?
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