September 12th, 2006

Am I being a cow, or is this bad...?

Okay, just had to get something off my chest. Tell me if I'm being a cow here... boyfriend and I went with a large-ish party of workmates (about 8 or so people) to TGI Friday's near here some time ago. I was sat next to my boyfriend, but not directly as he was at the head of the table (I'm at the first seat next to him on the long end), and I was having a conversation with the person sat next to me, when the waitress comes over. She seemed really bubbly and friendly, and asked if we were ready to order. A couple of us wanted a few minutes more to decide, so in the mean time she SAT DOWN IN MY BOYFRIEND'S LAP. Just plonked her skinny arse down on his knee like she had every right to be there! THEN took all the table's orders from that vantage point!! WTF? Is this policy?
I didn't leave her any tip... before you start slating me, however, this is the UK where tipping isn't generally expected, and other people in my party did round their portion of the bill up to the nearest pound, so she did get something.
the man with the lisp sounds so crisp


It seems as though I always get bad service when I'm PMSing. @_@ Leaving me to wonder if I'm being too snarky or overreacting or what.

I'm really big on DDR (Dance Dance Revolution, a video game, see icon). As possibly unnecessary backstory, all of the arcades in my city have either disappeared or got rid of their DDR machines, so I've been relegated to playing at home on really crappy $20 foam pads. For my birthday this year, I asked for nothing of my family except money to help me afford the grandaddy of all DDR pads, a Cobalt Flux. Most people agree these are pretty much the best DDR pads ever, and it shows in the fact that they cost $299 each, plus $40-something in shipping. This is probably the most expensive piece of electronics I will ever own, short of my laptop.

Now, I'm not really keeping up in the gaming world -- my console of choice is an original Playstation. It suits my purposes, since I don't play much except for DDR, and in my opinion all the best home versions came out before the PS2. Before I ordered (well, before I even considered getting one), I checked to be sure that their pads would work with a PSX. According to their order page, they do. This was exciting! So I went ahead and ordered, and it got here today.

When I first got it, I flicked through the owner's manual before trying it out, since, you know, this is a $300 piece of machinery, I don't want to somehow make it explode. And I noticed that in the manual, they say that the platform may not be compatible with the PSX. Well crap, I thought, but I tried it out anyway. I got my game all set up, plugged in the pad, and played a few songs with no problems -- well, except the timing was slightly off. I went to the options menu in the game to fix that, and after I tweaked the timing and went to get back to the main menu, it told me there was no memory card inserted. Which was strange, since there was. I closed it without saving, and tried pulling out the memory card and blowing on it. Like 20 times. And it still said no memory card. I tried taking off the gameshark and switching from an imported game to an American game, no dice. It wouldn't load my unlocked songs, anything. Finally, I just assumed either the memory card or my system were just crapping out, since both are old. I went to put the whole thing up, when I remembered... when I first set up the game I was using a hand controller, and it had worked fine. I unplugged the pad and switched to a hand controller, and everything loaded fine.

So apparently the dance pad is preventing the machine from reading my memory card, somehow. This doesn't make the pad totally worthless, but it's REALLY FREAKING IRRITATING having to unplug the controller every few minutes to let it save, or to plug in a different controller when it gives me an error. Considering how much I paid for it, I would really like it if it, you know, worked flawlessly, especially when it SAYS it's supported for the PSX on their website.

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I haven't sent this yet. Is the paperweight comment out of line? Am I just being an EB? I probably will end up just dealing with it, since... I don't really get a choice :D, but this is really frustrating.
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The ticket of errors continues

Original is here:

So I recieved a call this morning at about 10:30 while on my way into work. The woman that called bac kwas very nice and I told her that the number on my ticket was wrong and that my address listed on the ticket was wrong. She said that she could change it and I gave her my new address. She said that I should have recieved a letter from the court but sicne the address was wrong they'd send another ASAP. I then asked her when the court date was.

Her: Tuesday, the 19th.
Me: Mine says the 16th. Is there court on the 16th?
Her: No, its the... is your ticket from a state trooper?
Me: Yes.
Her: Whats the ticket number?
I tell her.
Her: Yes the 19th at 6pm. I don't know if you can fight it that day but.. (she trails off)
Me: Okay. Well I plan on pleading not guilty. There are things wrong on my ticket.
Her: Okay pleading not guilty. Got it. Andything else I can help you with?
Me: No not right now. Thanks

And we hung up. My dad and I have been discussing it. We found that I'm looking at about 4 points and a surcharges not to mention the fine. We've been looking the ticket ovr and over and found that the office might possibly have gotten the offense wrong. he put down 4-98 but apparently because of my rate of speed it should be 4-99. Although there is anouther place on the ticket that lists 4-98 with blanks for the speeding offense. We don't know if thats a mistake or not.

We also noticed that while he wrote down that he was pacing me. He did not check the box for "pacing".

We plan on bringing my fathers lawyer with us on Tuesday wehn we go. He's a close family friend and we trust him. Once I told him about the ticket he insisted on coming along, "just in case" he says. Hopefully the officer will not be able to show or we can get the ticket dropped becasue ofthe errors.

Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Below is an email I sent to Bed, Bath and Beyond, regarding my store visit and futile attempt to buy myself some new curtains. My only option was the 1,500 character limit little box to email them in, so it is a bit more awkward than I would like. The shipping fee I am ranting about is a $14.95 fee for four, lightweight, smallish curtain panels. According to the associates I spoke with at the store, paying that fee is the ONLY way to get the 63" curtains, pushing the price ABOVE what I would pay for the in-stock 84" curtains.

The email:

I recently visited your store in Williston, VT and was very disappointed to learn about your Direct Order policy. I was hoping to purchase two pairs of curtains, however you did not have the shorter length I desired in stock. I was initially happy to order them, but found the shipping fees were so high that it would be cheaper to buy the longer curtains, and deal with the inconvenience of hemming them myself. I was shocked that you did not have an option to have the items shipped to the store, so I could pick them up without the astronomical shipping fee. Although I am quite fond of the style of curtains I found at your store, I am reluctant to return to purchase them due to this policy. I simply don't understand the logic behind making a smaller item more expensive. I can't justify paying more money for less fabric.
The item I would like to purchase is the Reflections 63" Tie Top Panel, in Dresden.
In the past I have been very pleased with your service, and I would appreciate a response to see if this matter can be resolved. I am hoping that I was misinformed of your Direct Order policy, and there is a way for me to purchase these curtains. They really would look lovely in my living room, it would be a shame to have to find somewhere else to shop.

These are the the curtains I want. You can't tell from the picture, but they are slightly shimmery and ooooh so pretty.
Maybe I am just being cheap, but I if I am already willing to shell out almost $40 per PANEL (two panels per window, two windows, almost $160 -- well, before my handy coupon), I find it a bit ridiculous for them to tack on such a high shipping fee. I work for a company that ships out its products, and even if those curtains weighed, say, 6lbs and were being shipped clear across the country, it would only cost about $9 for UPS ground, and a bit less for FedEx. And wouldn't it be possible for me to wait an extra couple of weeks and have it arrive in their normal store shipments, and call me when it is ready so I can pick them up? Hell, I would be happy to call THEM regularly to see if they arrived, so they don't have the added hassle of trying to contact me.
Sorry for the ranting, but I don't get the urge to decorate very often, and I apparently get damn pissy when they defy all logic. In my mind, price for small curtains < price for large curtains...

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Am I overreacting?

I know this is about the 3rd post I've entered about bad fast food service, but today was the first time my experience transcended the usual impatience and frustration to actual horror and embarrassment. I'd like you, the community, to tell me if you find the following service acceptable or just downright bad. I will state at the outset that I was a somewhat sucky customer at one point (by way of being irritable and short after a long wait), but I'd like to see if the employee's reaction was justified, or what.

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Please, I don't need to get flamed for being slightly rude/impatient/whatever. I know I was a wee bit out of line to grab the bag from her. What I want to know is if the employee's reaction is reasonble and justified, or out-of-line. I've talked to some friends who don't think my initial action was rude enough to justify the way I was treated (or "served") afterwards.
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Bad Service From The Library

Notes: Crossposted to my journal. Yes, I get bad migraines sometimes and yes, I know I wasn't actually paying anything, it's still crappy service.

Onto the complaining:

I should have ended up waiting in one of three spots at the library. I did not. Partly my fault.

My ride, the maternal unit, came in looking for me. She binged up and down the two levels twice or thrice and asked for paging help from the allegedly nice lady at the circulation desk. Said lady went 'Rrraw rraw rraw we don't page unless it's for a medical emergency'. A suggestion was made for my mother to go look in the children's section. Which frustrated my mother, as the employee assumed she was the type of person to abandon a child. (Also, my mom is the Gramma cliche). Worry ensued, because (A) she's a mother and they do that and (B) I do get nasty headaches. Maybe it -was- a medical emergency.

Back up the elevator, to talk to the folks in non-fiction. The nice employees at non-fiction were perfectly happy to page whoever the heck my mom wanted. I appeared out of the non-fiction stack seconds before I was paged. Hurray!

Back down at checkout, we were going to use the self-checkout to avoid the lady. But I had a book reserved. I might have even skipped it, but it was something my mom wanted to read to. I caught the eye of a guy working there and he checked us out. But the Fucker rumbled up and went 'Rrraw rraw I guess you didn't find him rraww rraww' and my mom replied with 'Beyotch, shut your face, he's right here' (okay, not really but the intent was in her words). Dumb Employee rumbled about the stick up her butt and walked off. I think the poor guy was shocked that his colleague was such a weirdo. At least I hope so.

P.S. Stick In The Butt lady is the same person who ignored my complaints that the library's elevator was making strange, new noises. Fortunately an email to her bosses got the situation looked into. I was promised that the elevator would be checked out and it stopped making the bad noises. I was also told that I could use the staff elevator if need be (see: headaches, stairs are sometimes impossible).