September 11th, 2006


an amusing tale from the past

This one is a couple of years old, but deserves posting.

I work at MassiveBig Shopping Center (obviously not the real name) which is a huge strip mall that has developed into a bit of a maze.

One day, a customer asked me if I knew where the Secret Cell Phone Services (also an obviously fictional name) office was located. I didn't, but it was a slow day and I had absolutely no problem calling the phone number to get directions. My customer liked the idea, so I looked the number up in the yellow pages and made the call.

The phone rang a few times, paused, then transfered me to the regional call center. I asked the nice lady where the office in Midsizetown was located, and she cheerfully told me she would look that up. Then there was a noticable pause in the conversation. "Um, it seems I don't have the full address," she told me. "All I have is MassiveBig Shopping Center on the right."

I blinked a couple of times and tried to figure out what that was supposed to mean. Right from where? "That's it?" I asked her.

She laughed a bit nervously. "Yeah, I'm afraid so. I really wish I could help you more."

I laughed too, because that was the most appropriate response. "Can you transfer me to the local office?"

She paughed again. "I am really sorry, but I can't transfer you to the store once the call comes to us. I really wish you could help you more. Was there anything else I could attempt to help you with?"

"No, I'm afraid that was it. *laugh* Thanks for trying."

"Not a problem at all. I hope you find the office and I really wish I could help you more."

I told the customer what I had learned, and he laughed and told me he would do some more exploring. As I was driving home that night, I noticed the store in the other wing of MassiveBig Shopping Center. I hope the guy found it.

So, whoever entered the "directions" into that computer system and whoever decided that the store could not be contacted when the phone rang off the hook: you are guilty of bad service.

To the cs representative and the customer: thank you for keeping a sense of humor.
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Not sure if this is bad service or not, so I figured I'd ask first before making an ass of myself. (there's plenty of time for that later!)

We shop at Lowe's Food for our groceries. Everybody there is generally friendly, and we enjoy shopping there, but at one location, the meat always seems to go bad on the "sell-by" date. Case in point, I pulled out steaks this morning that were "Sell by: Sept. 11", and they were very brown and quite foul smelling. I'd think it was a fluke, except I've had it happen 3 times in 3 months, so I think this must be standard practice. It makes me a little paranoid to eat their meat, since the steaks obviously didn't hit "full rot" at 12:01 this morning.

I haven't had this problem with the other Lowe's Foods in the area, but we don't shop at them often enough to make a comparison of whether this happens all over, or just this one store.

So I guess I was wondering if that's just the way it's done in the chain, and I should adjust my buying accordingly, or if I should file a complaint with the store because it's definitely wrong.
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Policemen and the speeding ticket of errors

I recieved a speeding ticket on the 3rd of sept. Yes yes I know speeding is bad. I acually didn't pay attention and was kindof matching the speed ofhte only car on the road. Well he noticed the cop car and slowed down and I went to go around him and well.. yeah. So the ticket and speed are my fault, but I have some .... problems with the actual ticket.

First: Wrong address. I have a change of date sticker on the license. Could be easy to miss so this is a minor aggrivation.

Second: The phone number for the court is wrong. Like way wrong. the number he put is 234-0243 and its actually 212-8010. This is a bigger deal because I needed to call the court house to fight the ticket and had to find the correct number. (I looked it up online but for shits and iggles I looked it up in the oldest phonebook I have .. 2 years old... and it still had the correct number.)

Third: The Court date is wrong. When I called the voice answering stated clearly that court is held on Tuesday nights ar 6pm. My ticket clearly states: 09/16/06 6pm.

My court appearance req'd is checked so I have to show up where I play to fight it or not. What if I didn't plan to fight it and I should up just to pay it? Or what if my real court date is tomorrow night and I don't show up? That's an automatic warrant for my arrest. As I'm sure you can imagine its frustrating. And While I understand that the officer of the law is doing his job in pulling me over and I was breaking the law by speeding.... the information on the ticket could at least be right. (btw no lectures on speeding. once he told me how fast I was going it scared me. I've been using cruise control to regulate my speed since then and haven't gone more then 2mph over the speed limit since.)

(PS. The number's are not the actual numbers and the area codes have been left out for a reason. I just wanted to make that point very obvious.)

Update: Called the court again today. 9/11 Still no answer calling different extensions and they didn't answer. Left a message on the administrator's voicemail and again on the regular voicemail. They close in a two minutes. I'll keep you guys informed so you all can know what happens
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Kind of a general suck I keep running into, but if you are working and need a few minutes to finish up cleaning or organizing around your counter, could you at least say, "Hi, I'll be with you in a minute?" I don't know what you are doing or how long it's going to take, but I'm perfectly happy to wait for you if you just take a second to acknowledge my existance. Especially after I say "Hi" or "Excuse me" several times. It's just good manners.

I used to do this all the time when working retail or on phones. It helped ease a lot of customer suckatude.

ARG! a professional cleaning name and trade...came to shampoo the carpets at my house. My father in law and one of the workers went to move my 52 inch TV and they didn't bother to check to make sure the cable was unhooked from the back of the television......

To make a long story short they moved the tv with such force, they ripped the cable and the jack off the back of my tv. I mean, completely off. I'm stuck with a $1500 tv that I can't use right now. I'm so completely pissed it isn't even funny. My father in law didn't say anything at the time, which how could he? He was partly at fault. My cousin's husband owns the company so I thought about calling to see if there was anything he could do. But that's when the thought occured to me that its partly my FIL's fault, so there goes all liability. If it would have been 2 of the cleaners that did it, then booyah, new tv.

I have no idea what I should do. Should I call my cousin and explain the situation? Maybe he could give me some sort of compensation. Should I make my FIL take care of the entire situation? I'm just so aggrivated.


Dont go off on me-this is just a question and I have seen it discussed here before.
A family member owes some money and they sent it to a collections agency. For some reason, they are calling my parents house. We are not entirely sure why as that number has never been said family member's number-we are guessing he gave it out somewhere though. So now the agency calls us 3-4 times a day sometimes very early (7) and sometimes late (10)
(Okay, 10 isnt that late, but for my parents it is)
We have repeatedly told them to stop calling us and given them his real number. Which they call also-3-5 times a day. So they are calling both numbers at least 3 times a day if not more.
I know this is more family suck than bad service, but is there anything we can do to get them to stop calling our home line? And should they be calling that frequently and sometimes after 10? I know this is probably normal (harass the money out of the deadbeat) but its really, really stressing my mom out and they have no reason to be calling our house-all we tell them over and over again is that said family member does not use this number and has never used this number please call him at his number and stop calling us multiple times a day.