September 9th, 2006


Has anyone had any luck with registering a complaint via the US Postal Service's website? As in, did your issue get addressed and was the problem solved?

I've now had my mail thrown on the ground twice, rather than placed in my streetside mailbox. The first time didn't bother me so much - mistakes happen, and it was only a postcard a friend sent because she just liked the picture.

The second time, though, it was a letter wanting me to buy car insurance - and it had apparently been opened before it was thrown on the ground, as the letter and envelope were lying not too far apart, but not close enough to touch.

Naturally, this concerns me in a number of ways. What if something important is lost, stolen, or tampered with someday? GRR. I'm way out in the woods, and its a rural carrier who apparently drives his own vehicle, so I don't know if that has anything to do with it either...

All I want is my mail delivered to me properly without being left in the dirt to be rained on. Any suggestions for resolving this without alienating myself from the postal service? People tend to hold grudges around here.
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Okay, not uber-bad, but...

The Spyhouse coffeehouse is starting to piss me off. The last two times I've come here, there has been over an INCH of foam on my chai. (In a coffee mug about 5-6 inches tall). Their answer today: "Well, it's a latte, it's supposed to have that much foam." Um, no. A latte is supposed to have about half an inch of frothiness on top (I mean, if you steam milk, you are going to have some bubbly frothy goodness), but not foam as stiff as meringue. If they are just trying to save money by giving me less milk, can they just admit it, please? They only started doing this this past week, and I've never had another coffee house give me a chai that looked like a cream pie on top. And yes, I do plan on explicitly stating "non foam" from now on. The reason I didn't today is that I thought the last time was just a fluke and I didn't want to be an EB about it.

Cafe Sevilla

Last night the SO and I went downtown to have dinner and a few drinks. Dinner went perfectly and then we walked across the street to Cafe Sevilla. It was fine until the bill came.
He'd been drinking sangria, which was listed on the menu as $4.50 and I was drinking a Riesling, listed at $7.75 per glass.

The bill arrived, totally computerized, listing the sangria at $5 and the wine at $8.25. We were both pretty smashed and didn't really feel like getting into a drunken argument over $6 with a sober bartender, but it still sucks.

I've been thinking about this a little, and I cannot figure out why the prices were all increased. If they had raised the prices and not reprinted the menus, that's pretty shitty (especially considering the menus are merely laminated paper). And if the bartender was trying to get some extra for himself, isn't that pointless considering the bill was computerized? I'm more curious about that than anything...

Oh, and to top the night off, our cabbie on the way home kept yelling at us that there was no kissing allowed in his cab!

Georgetown University Hospital

I was visiting my mom in the hospital today when a nurse came into take take her blood. My mom is very thin (from chemo) and she has had her blood taken a lot, so it is hard to find a vein they can use. The nurse is having trouble, so she yells down the hall to another nurse. The second nurse comes in and they both fumble around with the equipment, laughing and barely looking at my mom, much less her arm. They are talking about their friend's party, rent, how they are off in 45 mins but it's really only 10 mins because they haven't gone on break yet, and god knows what else- I was trying to ignore what they were saying so that I could focus on what they were doing with my mom's arm.

They must be talented at what they do, or else they're lucky, but they did manage to draw the blood without hurting my mom at all. That is the reason I didn't complain. My mom is too drugged to care what is going on around her... but if I had said anything about it, she would have been distraught over it for days. I can handle that type of behavior at Burger King, but not when your poking my mom with a needle and definitely not when you're already having trouble getting it done. It also makes me wonder what is going on when I'm not in the room.

I plan on writing a letter to a supervisor, if I can get atleast that information out of my mom without tipping her off. I won't demand that these people be fired or anything, but just that they re-evaluate their policies that allow that type of unattentiveness and unprofesionalism.

Parking Attendant
This really only got to me because I was just leaving the hospital and still heated about the nurses. I pulled up behind a man standing outside his Jaguar. The man was parked in the only exit lane, chatting up the attendant. They chat for atleast 4 mins. with my car very visibly waiting. After I pull up, the woman doesn't say a word to me. No "hi," no "sorry about that," not even "your total is." I hand her my ticket and a $20 and then she speaks. She asks me if I have a dollar. I tell her "No" Honestly, I DON'T have a dollar. But even so, it's not my responsibility to make change for her. If she doesn't have the $4 change that I'm owed, then that is her loss and she'll have to give me a $5. She doesn't take no for an answer and asks repeatedly. "Not even a dollar?" No, no dollar. I took this 20 out of the ATM because you .only. take cash! (I didn't say that outloud.) She gets the picture, and hands me my change. A ten and four ones. She had the correct change all along. So, she made me wait and only wants to speak to me to ask a favor- a favor she doesn't need, but doesn't want to take no for an answer.

I would have let it go a minute after I drove away if I hadn't just dealt with those nurses.