September 7th, 2006


Subway Bad Service

Dear Miss Who Made My Sub:

I understand that, as a teenager, your social life is important to you. I also know that having a friend visit you at work can make a long day go by faster. However, I find it very unprofessional of you to try and carry on a conversation over me trying to tell you what I want on my sub. I'm sorry I asked you to repeat yourself so many times, but I honestly couldn't hear you over your friend talking to you.

I would have appreciated it if you would have asked her to hold on just one minute while you finished my order, as I was the only customer in the restaurant. Instead, you made me wait until you had a pause in your conversation to ask, "what kind of vegetables did you want again?", three different times. It also took you several minutes longer than it should have to give me back thirty cents in change, because your friend was finally leaving, but couldn't stop talking on the way out the door.

In short, Miss, I love Subway's food, but I really didn't appreciate the service I got from you. I hope the next time I come, your friend decides to stay home.