September 5th, 2006


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For the most part I like my university. I was planning on going into graphic design, but after this I'm not sure I really want to.

Classes started today. Yesterday I was checking my school email (which I will admit, I don't check it as often as I should), and I noticed a message about the art class I was taking.

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I'm not pissed off because I can't take the class. Policy is policy, even if it is stupid (but my rant on the idiocy of limiting all art classes to those students with an art major is for another day). Besides, throwing a hissy fit about it would be childish and hypocritical.

I registered for classes in mid-to-late April. Move-in day for sophomores, juniors, and seniors was Sept. 1 (the same date as her initial email), and classes started today, the fifth. There are three things with this picture that seem rather unprofessional to me:

1. A woman in her position is fully capable of looking up my records and seeing that I am a sophomore, though she probably had no reason to do so. Even if she didn't know what year I'm in, wouldn't it make sense not to send an email to me on a day when I'm likely to be busy moving things into my dorm room and collapsing in exhaustion afterwards?

2. It was Labor Day Weekend. She sent an email the day before a holiday weekend, knowing full well that she wouldn't be in the office until today and that classes STARTED today. It's my fault for not checking my email earlier, but wouldn't it have made sense to email me a couple days earlier so I'd have my answer before the weekend, and I wouldn't have to spend the weekend worrying about it?

3. The time between when I registered for classes and when classes started was approximately four months, give or take a couple weeks. The time when I registered for classes is also the time when students register for summer classes as well, so she probably had access to the list of students taking art classes. She had four months to contact me, and yet she waited until the last possible moment to tell me I couldn't take this class. Four months! If she had given me a month's notice, even a week's notice, I wouldn't be complaining, but now I have to scramble to drop the class, get my money back, and register for another class so that I have enough credits to count as a full-time student. Without those credits, I lose the student loan that I desperately need. At the worst, I'll have to take another PE class (which won't be horrible, I'll admit) for half a semester, which will count for one credit and barely nudge me into full-time status, and probably screw up the otherwise perfect schedule I had.

I'm not sure I want to go into art if the art advisor is like this with all the other students.
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mta complaint - the final chapter

An update to this post and this one.

Just quickly, I sometimes use my parents address as a mailing address even though I havent lived with them in years because I don't trust my mailman to get my mail to me. He sucks. Different bad service story though.

I just picked up my mail and found that I had gotten a letter from the MTA dated Aug. 14. The letter, which is signed by the person I spoke to on the phone, states that they identified the conductor and she was reminded that she needed to conduct (no pun intended on their part I am sure) herself professionally at all times. The letter-writer also apologized and it seems the matter is now considered closed.

That was actually more than I expected and I am happy to not have to make a visual identification or anything along those lines.

bad service or just a sucky day?

I'm not sure if this is bad service or not...

Tonight, my mom and I were at the Super Walmart doing monthly grocery shopping. It was packed and there was only about 4 or 5 lines open. we got in a line that seemed fairly short and would go fast. Wrong. We waited 20 minutes inline because the cashier was a bit slow. This lady had glass stuff and the cashier didn't know how to ring it up and then she just disappared.

When lines are getting backed up to the point of going into the clothing sections, shouldn't more lines open or something? I hate being nit-picky or complainy. I'm not a complainy person. is good service though, the lady who took over the other lady went fast and we got out of the line about 15 minutes after the cashier started ringing us up.
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Bad service is...

You get a cashier who decides to pack pretty much everything into one bag - glass, fragile and heavy items. You get home, thinking she packed your fragile in with fragile items, only to discover that a $5 bottle of BLUE mouthwash has a HUGE crack in the bottle and has leaked all over your box of crackers and bread. The bread is squished, the bottle is broken and the cracker box is soaked - thankfully crackers are fine, just not the box. What's even better is the receipt for the items (along with items in other bags) is in the SAME bag!!!

So I take the items back to the store and the guy gives me a hassle saying that they can't refund or exchange items from the pharmacy area! WTF? How was it my fault that the bottle broke? The woman mis-packed the bags and ruined not just the mouthwash but the bread. Thankfully the bread can be used in a bread pudding but still. What a pain to return only to be told that I'm SOL in returning it because anything from the pharmacy area isn't allowed to be returned or exchanged.
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Birth Control Blues

First post in here, and I'd like a little input...

I recently started the birth control pill (Yasmin21) and have been on it for about three months. I'll be moving from place to place over the next few months, and because of this, I have very little spending cash. I went to my doctor to ask if he had any sample packs of Yasmin to get me by until I can land a solid job; he obliged and gave me three sample packs, which will be enough to last until I can remain in one place for longer than a month.

However... I noticed that the expiry date on all three packs is "06SE", which I am assuming is September of '06.


Now I realize these were given free, but shouldn't prescription medications, be they samples or not, be checked and discarded...? If I hadn't noticed this, I could have ended up, you know...pregnant. This is a bigger pain now, because even though I have condoms to use (I'll be using both those and the pill, incase my current 06SE pack is already expired), I now have to find a way to finance the pill since I take it for reasons other than birth control. This is a serious pain in the butt for me at this point.

What do you guys think? I'm 36 hours from home, jobless for the time being, and I can't think of any way to rectify this situation. Should I call my doctor and complain? I mean, birth control is not something that should be taken lightly, but at the same time, it is my body and my responsibility.

Thanks for your input.

EDIT: Thank you very much for your opinions and ideas. I'll call and ask whether or not I should take these after the expiration date, though I won't get angry with my doctor. That was never my intention.
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