August 31st, 2006




A couple of weeks ago (August 18th, to be exact), I ordered two pairs of pants from The Fashion Bug online. I try to avoid crappy customer service as much as is humanly possible, so online shopping is revolutionary to me.

This is the path of my pants, so far:

August 29, 2006
10:56 AM
August 29, 2006
8:59 AM
August 28, 2006
9:30 PM
Electronic Shipping Info Received
August, 29, 2006
8:59 AM
August, 28, 2006
7:02 PM
Sortation Center Departure
August, 24, 2006
2:51 PM
Sortation Center Arrival
August, 24, 2006
6:46 AM
Sortation Center Departure
August, 21, 2006
4:30 PM
Sortation Center Arrival
August, 21, 2006
1:00 PM

Ok. So, I live in Mississippi. My pants started out in Indiana, went to Ohio, then to Missourri and now Washington. My pants are like a retired couple, foraging out in their Winnebago.

The following conversation just took place:Collapse )

These are other crappy experiences.
Asshole Sales Person

Crappy Cellular Service

Rant about outsourced customer service
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(no subject)

So, it's hardly the worst bad_service story in the history of the universe, but it was irritating. My friends and I went into a particular pub in town last night because it's usually fairly quiet and we wanted to play in their pool room.

There were only two other customers in the whole place, and when the six of us went up to the bar to get served I imagined they might be cheered by the increased custom.

Instead we got from the bar maid;

"What do you want? Oh, and thanks a lot. They were going to let me go at half nine if no one else came in." *Insert glare with enough furiosity to evaporate alcohol or similar*

She then proceeded to stock check the storage room next to the pool room, shooting similarly furious glares at us every time she glanced up.

She also had no idea what Snakebite was, and added so little blackcurrent that we might as well have not ordered it with a tail at all. As I say, it's a quieter pub so I really didn't mind that, I guess she'd just never had it ordered before. But the Menacing Death Glares of Doom just because we'd dared to patronise her establishment? Could have done without them xD
death of rats

Bad Service from Glass Doctor

So the windows in the building at work need to be resealed because water has started seeping in at the bottoms. The VP told me to call Glass Doctor to get an estimate (since they advertise free estimates).

My parameters for an appointment are: Has to be on a weekday, and has to be between 8am-5pm. Otherwise, it's completely open.

So two weeks ago on Wednesday, I give them a call, and scheduled an appointment for Friday. They're happy about it, agree, get my information, and say they'll call me on Friday morning to give me a better idea about what time our tech will be there.

Friday morning, they call and the tech that was scheduled for our area has a family emergency. I'm understanding, so I reschedule for the following Wednesday. I get called on Wednesday afternoon, and they say they're running late, but he'll be there by 3. He showed up at 4:55. Not enough time to measure. He says they'll call us on Thursday to reschedule.

On Friday, I call them to reschedule. They can't find our information, but agree to call me back as soon as they find the ticket. Monday I call them back to reschedule again. They were due to come out yesterday, between 2:00-4:00. Guess what... they didn't show up again because 'the guy was sick'.

So now we've booked an appointment with a different glass company.
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Noodle, Peace


To one *lovely* Pandora's Cube employee,

Dude, look...I'm sure it's to find someone decent looking who shares your fandom and hey, isn't an asshole or a fangirl/fanboy or delusional or something along those lines.

But, hey...if I'm standing at the counter waiting to be rung up, stop the Romeo act for one second and please do your job. If she's interested in you as well, she'll wait. If she leaves, you're better off without her. Trust me on this one.

Thank you,
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my first "bad service"

when I was a senior in high school 3 friends (2 girls and a guy) and I went shopping in a rite aid before we went to a concert in the area. my friends and I at the time chose to wear baggy cargo pants, sweatshirts, spiked bracelets, and collars. while we were in the rite aid we were wondering around the isles some of us testing perfume, and reading the backs of movies and making fun of adult diapers (we were brats I'll admit that). when we headed over to the camera dept. to pick up a couple disposable ones for the show we heard "code 3 in aisle 6" come over the speaker. since we were the only people in the store I looked up to affirm that we were in aisle 6 and that we were the "code 3". when a rather cranky looking guy came over to us he asked if we were "planning to do a little shoplifting tonight?"
I replied that we were not and said we were just there to get a couple cameras. he said we couldn't look at them until we paid for the items he we knew we had stuffed in out pants. ok so maybe baggy cargo pants weren't a great option to wear to a store but that doesn't make us thieves. I said that was fine we'll just go.
He told us we were free to go ahead and look at the cameras though because he could "not let us leave until the police showed up". since when is it a crime to look at stuff and make fun of bladder issues. I said that there was no need and that it was time for us to go. I was so pissed as we headed for the door (my friend m practically frothing at the mouth) and was thinking of what I could do and that's when the police pulled up. I was in panic at first until my R.O.P. criminal justice teacher got out of the car and asked if the call was about me. I told him that it was about us and he said that we should be on our way and he would take care of it. the store clerk started yelling that deputy B. should be fired and he would have his badge for letting criminals go. He never told me what happened but I never had a problem in that store again.

WTF? service

I ordered from Pizza Hut tonight, which I haven't done since I moved to this house (I usually get Domino's or something local). I called in and gave my order and everything just fine, but then the girl taking the order couldn't seem to find my address in their system. She double-checked my street name (Ninth) several times; I even spelled it out.

Finally she said, "Well, you're not in our system, so we don't deliver there." Um. I'd say that's unlikely. Yes, their location is technically in the next town over, but it's about 2 miles away, and the other two big pizza chains are in the same area, and I've never had a problem with either of those.

I expressed by disbelief (politely), so the girl offered to let me speak to the manager. When the manager came on, I told her the problem, and she asked for my address again, so I gave it. She found it in about two seconds. It turns out the first girl had been looking up OAK Avenue. Not Ninth Avenue, which she and I had repeated about eight or ten times during the original part of the call (including me spelling it out and saying "ninth, like the number 9," as I usually do). I have NO idea where she got Oak from. I had mentioned my neighborhood (Grove), which could sound somewhat similar to Oak, but she repeated that clearly, too, so she didn't seem to misunderstand it. I don't even know if there's an Oak Avenue in my town.

Of course, then I had to repeat all my information, including my order (which I'd nearly forgotten by that time!). Sigh. But at least I did get my pizza in a timely manner after all that.
Moa: The King of Destruction

What were we drinking again?

Exactly how bad this service was probably depends on your perspective... we were at BW3 on 50 cent boneless wing night, and the nearby parking lot was full, so we were prepared for them to be pretty busy. Ordering went pretty well, and we got our food quickly enough, but my brother had some wings on the hot side, so he drained his Diet Coke a few times. The first refill came quickly, and he finished that, so the waitress filled it again from a pitcher as she passed, without asking. He took a sip and recognized it as regular Coke. He can't drink that (because of the fructose), but the waitress was already gone. Cue a giant party entering and bumping him a few times as they move tables together. Don't cue the waitress returning to check on us or even glancing in our direction. Not that she seemed particularly occupied with the giant table, either. My brother's wings got cold, because he didn't want to eat hot wings without a drink available, and I didn't want to try finishing my Blazing wings without an extra order of celery. He finally went to the bathroom with the prophetic words "Watch her show up while I'm gone." Indeed, she came by just before he got back, and I related his request - the soda he ordered, and the wings reheated so he could eat them. She got that taken care of and brought us the checks, then disappeared for a while longer. She offered me a refill, but I'd had about enough (I don't like to drink too much right before leaving), and my brother never got another refill after that. I left 20% or so only because I was taking advantage of a special that made the check much cheaper than it would normally have been, and he left change to the nearest dollar. We both wrote notes on the receipt explaining why the tips were so small. Does no one stop by a table where somebody's not eating, and is looking around for a server, to ask how the meal is going? Does no one ask if a customer wants a refill, and if so, what he's drinking? And why was the only apology offered with the checks, rather than when she picked up and dropped off the food in response to the complaint? My brother's suspicion that it was delivering the checks that reminded her she needed to make a good impression to get a good tip may not have been far off.

At least, this time, the police were eating a few booths back from us rather than blocking my car when I needed to leave. My brother says that's the only thing that stopped him from making a scene, like throwing the glass or turning it upside down. I've had that feeling too. (Which makes me doubly glad he got soda instead of beer. ^_^)