August 28th, 2006

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WHOA, Wait, What?

I tried calling for a pizza this evening at Pizza Hut and I got this:

Me: Cheesier than any pizza.
SPL: Speedy Pizza Lady

SPL: *Speaking incredibly fast* "ThnkyoufrcallinPizaHutthisifssernrfflewouldyouordnzzrfzsspicuprrrdlvry?"

Me: "What?"

SPL: *BIG SIGH* "picuprrrdlvry?"

I paused and eventually translated this as "Pick Up or Delivery."

Me: "Uh, Delivery."

SPL: "Willthatffrnnszthncrstpanpzza?"

Me: "What?"

SPL: *another big sigh and a little louder and more irritated* "Willthatffrnnszthncrstpanpzza?!"

Me: I can't understand what you're asking. Can you slow down?

SPL: *almost yells* "WillThatBeThinCrustOrPanPizza???!!!" (at least I think I got that translated correctly)

Me: *nicely* "Whoa, honey, Ok...I'm guessing you're really busy and you've been saying this so much you can recite it in your sleep. I'm not trying to be difficult but I don't order pizza very often and you're going so fast I honestly can't understand you. Can you please repeat that more slowly for me?"

SPL: *long pause* *sigh* *click*

Honestly, I'm really nice to servers and retail people and cut them a lot of slack. I've been there, I know how much those jobs suck on so many levels. I can understand being busy, dealing with stupid customers, and saying stupid slogans constantly for 8 hours on end to the point where I want to stab a plastic fork through my brain to make it stop. That, however, crossed the line into totally uncalled for. Looks like I'm driving down to Pizza Hut to order my pizza in person and talking to somebody's manager tonight.
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Somebody's watchin' me.

So my parents went to go buy a water fountain at a place nextdoor to where I wanted to go, Sally's Beauty Supply. Of course, my parents have the moolah, as they were the ones intending to shop and not me.

I walked in with my younger sister and started browsing the small, narrow shop, looking for this skin care tool I'd wanted to try out for a while. I like when I'm asked if I need help, but I don't like it when an employee follows me around and watches me. One particular employee continued to ask my sister and I if we needed help, but most of the time she would stare at us. I didn't have my purse with me and I was wearing a simple shirt and tight jeans--you would have been able to see the tool I wanted to purchase as it was larger than my pocket and would not fit. I haven't stolen anything before. I felt pretty uncomfortable being watched like that...but maybe I just misinterpreted it. More and more people were walking in, too, but I continued to feel really uncomfortable. Has anyone had a similar experience?

Happy Birthday... NOT!!!

Today is my middle daughter's birthday. She's allergic to chocolate and so we decided to order her a lemon cake from the local Safeway. We never had any real problems with their bakery except one previous times but they make delicious chocolate strawberry cakes so we always go back every few months. At any rate, last week the hubby ordered a "Luscious Lemon Cake" that we saw in their display case. The cake looked absolutely gorgeous - 10 inches, three layers, lemon slices on the top. $12.99 for the cake which isn't bad since it's a triple layer and it's lemon which is something she and her sisters love.

This morning I called the hubby at work to verify the pickup time to get the cake. He calls Safeway and finds out they LOST THE ORDER!!! -_- He told them he called LAST week and placed the order so they do a rush job on the replacement cake. That's fine we thought because it's a popular cake so they have extras in the fridge. Time to pick up between 5 & 6 PM.

We get there before 5 PM and do some other shopping. At 5:06 PM we get to the bakery and there is another woman in front of us waiting for service, a few seconds after us was another woman who was waiting to pick up a cake. Basically all three of us were there to pick up cakes. So we waited and the first woman told us she already had someone paged TWICE to help her and she had been waiting 10 minutes already. I go to the deli, other side of bakery, and ask them to page someone to help us. Time on their clock 5:08 PM. I return to bakery and we wait... and wait... and wait. Two more pages go overhead from deli and still no help. So off to the service desk I go and the girl pages someone for us. Time on her clock 5:15 PM. I return to bakery and the woman in front of us basically said "forget it" and stomps off really PISSED off. I don't blame her at all.

The third customer and myself continue to wait and we end up chatting. It was her son's first birthday and she was there to pick up his cake. We continued to chat some more and STILL no one came to help us. Several OTHER employees walked by near us but as soon as they saw us standing there quickly turned around and went back the way they came. 5:19 PM, I go back to customer service and demand a manager and tell the girl we're just there to pick up a cake as is the woman waiting behind us. She pages a manger... twice. STILL no manager. I go back to bakery and we continue to wait. 5:28 PM FINALLY a manager appears to give us our cakes... which were sitting on the fracking counter RIGHT behind the glass wall. We could SEE our cakes but we couldn't GET them!!

The woman behind us ended up with the correct cake... for free. We ended up with the WRONG cake for $10.99!!! Uh excuse me? No apology from the manager despite that the woman and myself BOTH tell him that we waited nearly 30 minutes for help. We had no choice BUT to wait because it was AFTER 5 PM and no other bakeries would be able to make birthday cakes on the spot. The woman also told the manager we were there BEFORE her but it didn't matter to the manager. -_- She got her cake for free and we had to pay $10.99! That ticked me off. I told the manager it was the wrong cake (we had him open the box up since they LOST the original order we placed last week) and the one we ordered was the one like in the display case. The manager's solution was to offer us the cake in the display cake (without "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" on it) at full cost. Nope, we didn't take it because we wanted "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" written on it. No real apology about the delay, nothing like offering $3 off or anything like that. Just a "I'll sell you the one in the display case for $12.99 if you want." Gee, such a great deal... NOT especially since it's a DISPLAY CASE CAKE! YUK!

That is the LAST time I order a birthday cake with them. I'll return to Yoke's since they made really great cookies (I had a special order of 5 dozen sugar cookies made once for under $3 - shocked at the price they sold them to me especially since the baker had to get a special cookie cutter for my order) and we bought a chocolate Pirate Ship cake from them that was so moist and soft... unfortunately the one whose birthday is today is allergic to chocolate and couldn't partake in that cake for her brothers. Yup, I'll stick to Yoke's from now on since they make really good baked goods (and I could go on about their specialty baked goods).

{edit to add}

I forgot to add that night.... We indeed bought the cake despite that it was the wrong cake. It was dry, overly sweet (unlike the Luscious Lemon which isn't as sweet) and on the outside had some kind of "crunchy" topping. The only thing I could think of was the topping they added was something like the crust for a cheesecake - which that cake most certainly was not. It was the worst birthday cake I've every had a bite of. No one could finish their slice of cake because it was that bad. I called the bakery yesterday and was told there was nothing I could do because we served the cake. I was told that we shouldn't have served it and brought it back that day (Tuesday). Uh yeah, right... Not serve birthday cake on a kid's birthday. Yeah, right.
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Okay. I'm an easygoing kind of person when it comes to taxis. I appreciate not having to walk home after a long day carrying various groceries and hot prepared food, and I'm polite. I do the conversation thing if a cab driver starts talking to me, or I quietly listen to my iPod if they've got the radio on or otherwise are antisocial. Whichever, both are fine.

That said, according to New York State Law, it is illegal to drive a car while you're talking on a cell phone unless you're using a hands-free device.

Therefore, please do not break the law while you're working. I know it must be boring to drive a cab, but at least get a cheap hands-free device. Honestly, I don't care if you're talking on the phone, but there's a legal way to do it and you're not following it.

Also, and I'm not a prude, but the professional way to handle yourself is not to say, into your cell phone, "(as I'm getting in) gee, college students get uglier every year. Shit, so I tried that new sub down at Quizno's? It was the best goddamn sub I've had all year. Shit, but they rape you for the prices. Ten bucks for a sub? Shit."

I'm no prude, and a swear now and then definitely does not bother me, but when I even start to think it's excessive, there's a problem. Also, I seriously hope that "college students get uglier every year" remark wasn't about me, dude. Seriously. Because, considering you took up most of the front two seats of the car, you have absolutely no room to talk.

Just saying.

So, the bad service is breaking the law, behaving unprofessionally, and possibly insulting a paying customer.