August 26th, 2006


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Ok, so me and my boyfriend and another couple went out to eat at Applebees tonight. We all hadn't been there in a while, and thigns started off pretty smooth, we got seated immediatly, our drinks were brought promptly, and before me and my boyfriend had even gotten to the bottom of our glasses the waiter had brought us another one. Well, everythings cool, we get our food, and I happened to be sitting on the end of the table next to the aisle. Directly across from me was my friends boyfriend. Now, it's getting towards the end of our meal, so I'm getting close to done, but I have a good amount of mashed potatoes and french fries (yeah a lot of starch I know) left and I'm still eating. Theres even chicken left on my plate. Roberto (my friends boyfriend) has barely eatne half his chicken. The waiter is coming with more drinks, sets My boyfriends and Kiri (Robertos g/f) drinks down without effort, but as he is settin gmine down, something just goes wrong. It spills ALL over the table, especially in my plate. My poor little french fries are now swimming in a sea of iced tea. Sweet no less, so its especially sticky. The drink splashed all over me and Roberto both, and my jeans were soaked in several places. No big deal right? It's happened to me before, except worse. But this time, the waiter didn't even apologize. First off, he completley ignored the fact that Roberto and I were both soaked. He didn't even apologize. He just turned really red and walked off to get napkins. He didn't say another word for a while, until he brought back napkins, again, ignoring me and telling Roberto that he would bring him another plate while he took my plate (swimming in tea, and I'm still not finished). Now I'm sitting there speechless. First off, you spilled sweet tea all over me. I'm sticky, my feet are wet, my jeans are wet, and you took my food. Second, you ignored me again, you didn't offer to bring ME another plate, even though I wasn't done. Roberto had to flag the guy down and tell him I wanted another one. They guy acted like he was doing us a favor by comping our second meals. Um, hello! You dumped tea all over us, not to mention our food! At least be nice about it and give us SOME kind of compensation. I wasn't even finished and you took it from me! If I had known you weren't intending on bringing me any more back, I would have stopped you and insisted I eat my sopping wet fries and potatoes. I wasn't even being pushy. At most places, management would freak out if you dumped a drink all over a customer. Now tell me, would you be pissed?
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Random snippets

I went on vacation last weekend. Here are a few snips of random bad service. Nothing awful. Most were just amusing.

First off, bad service by the car dealership, telling me that the car was okay. Being stranded at a gas station 12 hrs from home? Not happy. This was a problem that they swore was fixed. Bah.

While on vacation, we treated ourselves rather nicely to several upscale restaurants. As a server, I get annoyed when I have incompetent bad service. Bad day I can understand, but this one girl didn't know her deserts! If I'm at a cloth-napkin scale restaurant, the server had better know that the creme brule is supposed to be cold in the center, not creamy liquidy goodness like the other places I've had it.

Also, I understand when two 20-somethings come into a nice restaurant dressed-down, (idiot boyfriend didn't think to pack anything but shorts and t-shirts), you're going to assume that we're going to be cheap. However, when we order the two most expensive entrees ($30 and $28) I'd expect the service to pick up. I still can't figure out the random $3 charge. I get the scam of padding a bill, but our bill was already $75. Adding $3 doesn't make sense. He ended up taking it off the bill, and we subtracted it from the tip.

The funniest was when I tried to order drinks from a poolside bar. I know I look very young, so I always bring my ID when I order alcohol. I ordered 3 drinks(strawberry coladas) and didn't get carded. I tried my drink and discovered it was very sweet. No alcohol taste at all. I was lazy, so I sent my mother up to complain. She returned with 3 alcoholic drinks, and the story that the guy thought I was 12! He didn't bother carding me - just made the drinks virgin. On the plus side, when he remade them, he didn't charge us for the alcohol.

Side note, of all the fancy restaurants we went to, the best service I got was from a chain breakfast place. Also, Nationwide insurance is fantastic. When my car broke down, someone suggested I call them for help. The poor guy did everything he could for me - not much - and told me jokes to cheer me up. It was lovely.
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Not flying Jet Blue anytime soon!

Apparently there's a new dress code for flying:

I'm seriously appalled that they think they can do that to their customers. I refuse to fly an airline like that.
I won't say anything more here because I will just break down and rant about the country going to hell in a WWJD Hand basket.

You can tell them what you think at:

the shirt in question (but not the guy):

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My mother and I went to a jewellers because there was a big sale, and I've been wanting all-matching earring studs for awhile. Now, I have 11 piercings between my two ears, so thats 6 pairs of earrings, and I wanted them in white gold because it reacts to my body less so theres less chance if them being infected- my body tarnishes Sterling Silver and turns my skin greeny black.

Anyway, I went in there and the girl was very nice and told us that we could pay for all 6 here and now, and then they'd get the other two from a new store because they didn't have enough stock, and they'd post it out on registered post.

They were little, but they were also 14ct white gold, and that added up quickly. So I paid and wrote my address and name CLEARLY on the envelope and she put the envelope in the pile marked 'In Store Transfers' with all the details written on it. Now that was...mid July.

I hear nothing from the company, and because my mother kept the receipt I can't go and pick them up, plus its a 45 minute drive plus parking fees, and only my boyfriend can drive and i didn't really want to spend that much on fuel for a few earrings, considering how much I'd already paid. So I got my mum to ring them up on August 1st to see where the fuck the earrings had gone. "Oh, our records said you were picking them up so they were returned to the floor and sold". WHAT. We've PAID for them. So she cracked it at them and the woman admitted the earrings were on a layby for another customer, and rather than ruin the custoemrs layby my mother demanded they order a new two sets from another store and send them to me by registered post. This is the third time all up she's mentioned it being sent by registered post, because I didn't want them thrown in the mailbox and left there all day when I was at school- its JEWELLERY and the kids that go to the school across the road steal our mail half the time. She said its fine, we offered to pay extra, she said no, it was fine.

Well on the 11th of August I rang them up personally and they dumped the phone down to go look for it, at which point a child picked it up, yammered on in its own fucking language, shrieked several times and hung it up. So I gave up, wrote it off as a loss, although I'm a bit OCD so I was going to have to sell the other four pairs of earrings because otherwise my earrings wouldn't match. My mum read my LJ and realised I hadn't got them yet and rang them up, completely blasted the manager for being incompetant [at which point I cringed when she told me because I tend to just grin and bear it, whereas she's just flatout honest] and he promised he would send the earrings on the 13th.

I hadn't heard anything more and on the 23rd I finally got my earrings, and they were dumped in a thin orange envelope, no padding, with a bit of paper around them to protect them...and it wasn't unregistered. So they delivered it late on Friday and it was in the mailbox until Monday morning, and it fucking rained the whole weekend.

Oh, and I opened them up and one of the earrings posts is completely bent over. I've given up getting any sort of response from Bevilles [the chain jewellery place] and just made sure that was the 'spare' one that won't fit in my ear.


I don't really want to do anything but avoid shopping there in future. I can't believe they let it drag out for that long...the other day I put something on raincheck at work and it shouldn't have been raincheckable, so the customer would never had gotten it and we weren't getting anymore in, either. So I fucking rang 23 other stores when I got home, on my own phone bill, on my own time, and found one in fucking ALBURY [I'm in Melbourne, opposite ends of the state, gah] and they're sending it to our store for the customer. Because it was my mistake, so I fucking fixed it up.

Oh god, and I was snarky at dipshits at work today. I'm just fed up with people yelling at me in their own language and expecting me to respond, I mean, Australia is a primarily-English-speaking country, Target has everything in English, and I'm sure as hell not learning a thousand languages to accomodate their laziness. We have a lot of clearance stuff at our store at the moment and our Clearance Bugs [which are those fat, ugly, eldery women who go to Clearance, dig for the fat, ugly, elderly-type stuff which is damaged and demand an even cheaper price] are just mental, I mean, they go apeshit that a pair of trackpants is only $10.86...bitch, it was $39.99 before it was on clearance. I hate it when people leave all their unwanted shit on my register, "oh you put it back". But I think that is for another community. I just think that, hell, I give people such GOOD SERVICE, I pride myself on how much I know about my store and how well I do my job and still people are wonder people don't even get motivated enough to care about customers.