August 25th, 2006


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I go into Music World on the weekend because they were having a videogame blowout and I could get Tales of Symphonia for $20. I go in, pay for it, and am on the bus home when I open the case and go WTF? There is no disc in the case -there are supposed to be two!T_T- and I have to be home so I can't get off and walk back, but as long as I get it back within a reasonable period of time, all should be well, right?

So I go back the next day, (a Sunday so the store is almost completely empty) and stand at the counter. The two clerks who are on duty are standing near the back listening to the sample music they provide, totally ignoring me. I'm in a bit of a hurry because the buses only run once an hour on Sundays, and I don't want to miss my bus. I wait for about ten minutes (determined not to leave because I want that game) until finally one of them come up to the counter to help me. I show them the empty case, and have the receipt ready just in case. She checks it, and then mutters something along the lines of 'fuck this is annoying' under her breath and goes into the back with my game case. I'm wondering if she's going to get it for me, or just leaving because she doesn't want to deal with me. I wait for another few minutes, starting to get nervous when the other sales associate comes up towards the counter. I figure that he's going to help the people who just came in, but he steps behind the counter and looks at me expectantly. I politely explain that I've already been helped. He shoots me an insanely dirty look and tells me I should have told him before he bothered comming up to try to help me. I'm not sure if I should apologize or what, but I'm the meek type of person who hates confronting people about anything (I was seriously cowering when I had to correct a wrong sushi order) so I apologize and go back to waiting. Another ten minutes later (by now I've lost all hope in catching my bus) the woman finally comes back with a game case, pretty much throws it at me and turns away. I walk out and check the case, jsut to be sure. It's there. And now I'm stuck with just under an hour to kill with nothing to do. I've never had troubles with Music World before. They've always been incredibly helpful and friendly. Did I get them on a bad day, or is this normal?

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Hey, guys, need some advice on whether I should write a letter or not.

On Sunday, 13th August I was returning from a convention in Leicester. I am a bit of a panicker so I pre-booked my tickets on Midland Mainline's website, which they sent to me in the post. This gave me a reserved seat for the duration of the journey, which is only a few hours long or so but it's nice all the same.

When the train pulls in at Leicester, I couldn't find my number coach. I ask one of the staff members which coach to get on and she tells me, "I'm afraid our reservation system is down, but please feel free to take a seat anywhere on the train." Fair enough, they decided to go for a system where a little screen tells you if the seat is taken, rather than GNER's rather lovely ticket-in-the-back-of-the-seat which I much prefer cause it makes a handy bookmark and doesn't go wrong. ^_~

Well, I went all the way through standard, lugging my suitcase because there are *no* spaces to put my luggage. I don't mean that the spaces were taken; I mean that the train simply had no place to put luggage except in gangways, above heads, and in front of exits, which obviously isn't ideal. There were a lot of convention goers coming back on the same train as me, so there's a lot of luggage everywhere.
As I was saying, I went through Standard, and there were no seats. This was a bit of a pain because frankly, I've paid for a seat, and I don't see why I should have to stand. Well, never mind. In this sort of situation where someone's taken my seat on a GNER train that's fully reserved, GNER staff were happy to seat me in First Class. I can't see any staff member so I go up to First class, which has a total of ONE person in the entire set of carriages, sit down, and take out my book.

The ticket inspector comes around and takes a look at my ticket. "I'm sorry, this ticket is for standard only." Fair enough, expecting that.
"Yes, I know, I had expected to take a seat in standard but they've all been taken already."
"Well, you have to pay £6 extra to sit here."
"But my seat, in standard, has been taken already."
"You can either pay the extra, or you can stand. That's all."

So, I stood, all the way home. Being a tired anime convention gopher who had to spend the past three days standing for *lots* of hours straight each day, often wearing heels, you can imagine how much I liked that. -__-

Is it bad enough to write to Midland Mainline about this, or do you think I should forget about it? I'm inclined to write and just ask them to outline their policy regarding this at least, because IMO it was pretty crappy service to recieve.

nasty movie theatre employee!

I realize that rules are rules, but whatever happened to customer service??

At the beginning of the summer, I (19 y/o college student) took my 13 y/o sister and her friend to see a movie. I didn't have my student ID, but I figured I would try to go for the student price anyway, since they usually don't care..

The ticket person was the most unreasonable woman I had ever met. She wouldn't give me the student price. Ok fine, even though I'm all decked out in college gear, that doesn't necessarily mean I'm a student.. fine. I'll pay for the adult one, no problem. But what about my little sister?

"Well you all look like you could be out of school." (um WHAT?) "I need to see their IDs too." (of course they didn't have them...*my sister isn't in high school and doesn't have one yet.. the friend is from out of state and apparently had one at home) We argued for a while. I'm not the type of angry customer normally- I've worked several cashier and waitress jobs, and I know how a nasty customer can ruin your day.. and I know how to deal with them- calmly explain why you cannot honor their request, or finally just give in if it's not that big of a deal... but this lady was nasty from the beginning, before i even started to visibly become an angry movie theatre patron.

What kills me is that she contradicted herself, but I was too angry to even realize it... "Well you could just buy child's tickets for them" (whatever happened to them looking like they're out of school? now they look like they're twelve?!)

Ok, so if you're trying to get me out of my hair, why would you offer that instead of just letting me buy the student tickets?

I went ahead and paid for the tickets, but I was still fuming about the whole situation, so I decided to try to find the manager to complain to. Well guess what. It was her..

edit: man, i just wanted to vent.. but in my defense:

When I used to work in a grocery store, I'd frequently scan coupons for people who didn't have them. I didn't see how that was hurting the company, and it really made the customers very happy. Quite frankly, I don't see how it's THAT big of a deal.
But I guess not every employee has that kind of mantra-- and I respect her right to be a stickler.. just not necessarily a selective one.. and definitely not a rude one.

So in summary: what i was upset about was her attitude for absolutely no reason. I've dealt with bad customers, trust me, and I'm not one.
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Anyone know who I complain to about overzealous cold-callers in the UK? Also they're phoning my mobile, which I'm pretty sure they're not allowed to do...?

It started on Wednesday. My phone rings & I drop everything to dig it out my bag (why is it when people ring house phones they'll ring for ages, but when they ring mobiles they stop after a few rings & you never get to answer it in time?). I notice the number is unfamiliar, but I'm unemployed & about to go to university, so unknown callers could easily turn out to be university admissions or a potential employer. So I answer & the first thing I hear is "Hello, is Mr or Mrs [my surname] there?". I don't have a gender-confusing name, so I know they're selling something. I hate cold-callers (if I want to buy something, I'll come to YOU. Quit bugging me.) but didn't feel like chewing him out in the middle of WH Smiths. I mutter something along the lines of "They're not here." (which was probably unintelligible to him anyway) & hang up. Then when I'm walking home I get another call from the same number. I answer, leave it for a second, & hang up. I figure maybe they have a policy of 'if someone says they're not they're, try again later' & that they'll get the message this time. But later that evening they call again. I feel sure that must be the last time as it was evening by that point. Nope - they call again about 8ish, & later at 9.15. By this point I was getting seriously pissed off. Not only are they calling a mobile (which I'm pretty sure is not allowed), & calling REPEATEDLY, but they're calling way later than they should.

Same thing happens on Thursday - calls start in the afternoon, & I get several, the latest being 8.46. For all these calls I either press cancel, to hang up without even answering, or just leave the phone to ring itself to death. I haven't had so many today - I had one at 6.54, but according to my phone I have 2 missed calls, so I guess maybe I had another one & I didn't hear it.

It's really annoying me, as people tend to talk to me face to face or online, so when I get phone calls they tend to be important. So I either dive for the phone thinking it's urgent & it's not, or leave it & have it turn out to be from someone I actually want to talk to.

The phone number is 08004049736, & according to the mighty Google is a call centre based in India (so why is it prefaced with 44?) working on behalf of 3 Mobile. So I know who it is, but who do I make a complaint to? I should probably tell O2 for a start, but are there any regulatory bodies I should call?
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Just some mild bitching

It's been awhile since I've had really awful service, but I did have some annoying service yesterday. We went to Ruby Tuesdays, my husband got some sort of pasta, my sister and I both got the salad bar and baked potato combo, and sis's bf got just the salad bar. Well, the waitress for some reason wouldn't prebus our table. We had two huge stacks of plates, probably around 8 plates just sitting there. We still hadn't recieved our food after 40 minutes when the waitress came out and said our potatoes would be done soon. Then a couple minutes later she brings the stuff out. Everything is cold. My sister didn't get any sour cream for her potato. But it is obvious that the stuff has been sitting there for a long time, not being prepared, like I had assumed. It wasn't busy and the girl only had one other table. And when we were almost done eating I hear the woman at the other table tell her husband, "Just go up to the front and pay and tell them that she never came back! She's not getting a tip." Apparently the waitress laid their check but never returned.
Then she brings our check out and it's unusually high. We figure out that she charged us for the salad bars and baked potatoes separately instead of charging us for the combo. Well we have it fixed by the manager. The girl was very sweet, so we still left a tip because maybe she was new or something. But it gets so frustrating when you are paying a good bit of money to eat and you don't enjoy it.

Of course she is nowhere near as bad as the waitress we had at ponderosa who couldn't refill more than one drink at a time. She asked if my husband wanted a refill and he said yes, so she picked up his glass, so I asked if I could also be refilled and she held up her finger and said "hold on." Then she walked over to the fountain, refilled my husbands, then returned and picked up my glass and took it back to the fountain and refilled it. Very odd indeed. Also my husband got an all you can eat steak meal, and only ended up getting one piece of steak because she was so slow, we would have been there all night if he had waited for more than that.

Something amusing that I remember about going to McDonalds a couple years back. I ordered an Egg McMuffin. And when I got it there was no egg on it. So I went back to the counter and told the girl, "um there isn't any egg on this." And she replied, "is there supposed to be egg on it?" haha