August 24th, 2006

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My husband and I drove halfway across the country from where we were staying for summer internships back to the university. Because it was so far, we spent two nights in hotels. Our first night we received some questionable service from the desk worker at the first hotel we stayed at.

It was pretty late (between 11 and 12, I think) and we were really tired so we took an exit off the interstate that had three hotels on the lodging sign. I only recognized one of the hotels as being a chain, so I suggested that we try that first since it might be nicer. We walked in and inquired what rooms that had available. The middle-aged lady working the desk informed us that they only had a smoking room with a double bed. A smoking room is not an option for my husband because being around smoke or a smoke smelling room makes him feel really bad. We politely informed the lady of this, thanked her for her time, and said that we'd try our luck at the other two hotels. She then told us, in a very nasty tone of voice, that we would not be staying at the other hotels. At first I thought she meant that we wouldn't find another vacancy, but I understood that she meant otherwise when she added that we would take a look at those places and realize that we certainly wouldn't stay there and that the next hotel was 60 miles from here so this one room they had was really our only option. Well, my husband would rather drive another 60 miles than spend the night in a room that will make him feel like crap; this room really was not an option. She wasn't just trying to offer us helpful advice, she was trash talking the competition with plenty of venom. We thanked her again for her time and left.

We then checked out one of the other 2 hotels in town. It was old, but it was clean. The rooms smelled fine and it was more than an alright place to stay at. Most importantly, they had nonsmoking rooms. It was also very cheap! We're college student types, so we're pretty easy to please. I guess that lady at the first hotel was wrong.

The kicker was when we drove out the next morning and found tons of hotels at the next few exits. There were 10-20 hotels within the next 20 miles! There certainly were more (MANY more) hotels before the next 60 miles. She didn't just trash talk the other hotels in the area, she flat out lied about the nearest exit with hotels. That's just sucky.

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Why, why, why

EDIT-thanks for the responses-I will continue documenting, complaining, and trying to figure out the source of the problem.

Do I have any ammunition to do anything here?
I pay a lot for my high speed internet...and its down every day. At least a few hours.
They told me that "Thats what the internet is like, it goes down a lot"
I have been in at least three different cities with three different internet providers that were 90% reliable (I mean, yes I know the internet goes down...but its the constant every day problems that get to me)
I just find it ridiculous that I repeatedly have to go to the library to do work because my internet that I pay for is down...Sometimes I would just like to be in my pajamas and do some work on the internet I pay for. Not have to drive to the library and hope no one kicks me off for being on too long. Is that a crazy statement or desire??
(Btw, Im not just casual surfing-I do many things over the net that are work/school related)

I have been keeping a daily log of the times it is either completely down or might as well be down...(exact times and such)
Is this normal for internet service??
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Oh, yay, I have an update to my previous post.

Today I received an email from that reads:

Dear Customer,
We have check our inventory in regards to your situation and have not found any discrepancies on your items. For this reason, we will not be able to reship the parts out to you. Please feel free to contact us if you need anything else.

ZipZoomFly Customer Service

Excuse me? That's it? I bought items, the items didn't arrive, and you just don't care because your inventory all matches up?

I think I'll be calling my credit card company this evening.

Edited to add: I called FedEx about a claim - they said that the shipper usually initiates the claim process, and were kind of surprised that I was the one calling them. However, they've scheduled someone to come out tomorrow to inspect the shipping cartons (and hopefully they'll make it in the window I gave them, when I won't be at work) and they'll investigate the claim. At least someone's willing to help me out.
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Remembered suck

I was reminded of this after hearing about a problem with blood donation and pushy spokespeople from one of my coworkers.

This was last spring. I go to college, so I was on my way to class from my dorm. I had to walk past the library and saw a sign strung between two trees that proclaimed that it was blood drive day. That's all nice and good, I'm glad people are donating. I don't donate my blood because I'm anemic and I don't think they can use my blood, and I really hate fainting and needles. So I kept walking, thinking nothing of it.

I wear headphones while I walk around campus, so when I heard someone shouting above my music, I stopped, took them off and looked around. Someone with a Red Cross shirt and badge was waving me over. I sighed and thought "here we go, time for anemia explanations".

The girl told me I should donate blood and I said I could't because I was going to class. She said it was a good cause and my professor would understand why I missed class. I said I have anemia and that my blood iron levels are low. She said it didn't matter. I politely said I didn't want to donate blood, even though it's for a very good cause. Then she said THIS gem:

"Don't be SELFISH! There are people dying out there who need YOUR blood! It's because you're some fucking goth aren't you? You're going to WASTE your blood by CUTTING yourself instead of DONATING it to a worthy cause! You're so SELFISH!!!".

I was stunned into speechlessness. Yes, I am goth but that in no way means I cut myself. I was absolutely shocked that someone would say something like that to another person, especially when that person was working for a charity like the Red Cross. I politely told her to have a nice day, shoved my headphones on and went to class.

What a rabid bitch! Even years later, it still makes me annoyed to think back upon. Did she honestly expect me to give blood after that?

I avoid blood donations like the plague now.
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