August 23rd, 2006


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Dear Petland.

When I hand you my debit card, and you have to type in the machine the amount number, for future reference, 1 and 7 are two different numbers. And being how the numbers are in a "telephone" formation, how the hell you screwed that one up, I dont know. I do know though that instead of 11.92, you charged me 77.92. And even worse, your the manager. I'm SO SORRY i interrupted you from reading your guys health magazine. But seriously? You either need to call more people or repeat kindergarten.

And to the girl who I spoke to when I went in today to try to clear this up, I was nice as pie to you even though I wanted to bite your companys head off. I work in retail also and people make mistakes. But that attitude? Yeah, didn't help the situation. Also telling me it will be refunded to my card that night and well, it WASN'T? Im not a happy camper. If I go in tomorrow and I'm told "oh, we forgot!", your DSM is getting a call. Also getting a call about how horrible the store is now and that you keep on display emaciated ferrets*. I used to work at that store myself. We took pride in it. I feel terrible for the animals that after we left, a bunch of druggie teens took it over who hate the smell of animals and hate their jobs. Go back to flipping burgers or whatever.

Absolutly no love,

a very, very annoyed customer.

**as a reference! Ive made many many many complaints about the conditions of the store how it is now. People keep getting fired and they sadly hire anyone now -_-
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Go Where?

I had a baby 4 weeks ago. I'm not about a size 14 - used to be a 10 / 12. I realized that I had no pants to fit me, so I went out to the mall - with the baby. I went into Reitmans and had great service, but didn't find anything I liked. I went into Smart Set next. Upon looking around, I couldn't find any pants in a size larger than 10. I asked the salesperson if they came in a bigger size and she told me that they don't carry plus sizes and that I should head down to the plus size store. She wasn't even nice. I had the baby with me - obviously I was still carrying some pregnancy weight, but she didn't know what size I was. All she knew what that I wanted something larger than a 10. Since when is anything larger than 10 a plus size? Since when do salespeople get to look down on their customers and make them feel like crap. I cried after I left that store. Went down the mall to the Gap, and got the best service I've ever had. The jeans I got cost a little more than I wanted to spend, but the service was well worth it. I wasn't a "plus size" there.

edit: I don't think I was clear enough in the original post. The salesperson was incredibly rude and spoke to me in a "what the hell are you shopping here for" tone of voice. Normally, here, the plus sizes start at a size 16. Its hard enough having your body change after pregnancy without having salespeople be rude to you. I went to the plus size store she directed me to, before going to the Gap, and they told me that I was too small for there stuff - which was a good thing because it was all old lady-ish.

**edit, part 2** Can we just kill this post? I was complaining about the bad service, not trying to start an argument over where to find the best clothing or why people are anorexic. This is getting stupid. Most of your comments have nothing to do with the original post.
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i'm gonna kill the post office again

i was expecting a birthday package from an LJ friend. she posted to her LJ saying it had been shipped on Saturday August 5th. she's in Edmonton, i'm in southern California. normally between Canada Post and the craptastic USPS, it normally gets here within 7-10 business days. so i usually approximate two weeks, counting weekends when they don't move anything.

i started wondering at the end of last week why it hadn't arrived yet. i always keep an eye on the mailbox in case it's small enough to fit in there and also on the porch, since i do NOT want stuff left on the porch due to the thieving brats around here. also it's apparently illegal--they are supposed to place it in your hands or leave a notice.

i was prepared to call them yesterday but then a note appeared in my box. stamped "second notice" and the box marked "final notice" checked.

i never GOT a first notice!

i called before going to pick up the box to complain and the postmaster claims he will talk to the carrier, but we'll see. this is the same asshole that persisted in leaving expensive items on the porch after i told him PERSONALLY not to. and the same system that keeps losing half my bills so i keep having to pay late fees every other month because they can't be bothered to deliver my mail properly.

is there anything i can do to get a new carrier put on my route? the current one is a pain in my ass and has been ever since i moved to this neighborhood four and a half years ago. the postmaster here doesn't seem to be able to do much, because the behavior stops for a few months, then starts up again. i don't want the current carrier possibly taking revenge on my mail because he can't do his job correctly.
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For serious?, HOUSE


Yesterday I had a really busy day. Running around getting stuff that my daughter needs for kindergarten,paying bills, shopping for inlaws wedding anniversary ect.
So It's almost 6pm and I just realized how late it was. On the way home I decided to go through the Wendys Drive through to order something for myself and my daughter.
I order, go to the 1st window, pay and drive up to the 2nd window (where you pick up food). As soon as I get to the window a teenager is practically hanging out the window and barks rudely "Pull up next to that car over there and we will bring you your food when it's ready!" She points to the car who's still waiting and slams the window shut.
(I noticed this situation was weird because when someone asks you to pull up, it's usually because it's busy and they always at least gave me my drinks first.. but neither of those is the case this time)
I pull up, and notice the car next to me has turned OFF their car. NOT a good sign. But less than 30 seconds later their food comes out.
So I'm waiting, getting frustrated, no other cars go through the drive through and no customers have walked in. It's now been 6 minutes
I turn off my car, and keep debating in my head as to weather or not I'm gonna park the car, go in and demand my money back and get food somewhere else.
Now a caravan with 4 people pull up and a car is now behind it. they both pay, get their food/drinks and go.

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