August 19th, 2006


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Ok, this has got to be the worst I've ever experienced...

My friend, her husband and baby, and I all went out to lunch (my hubby was working). Note: My friend is mixed African American/Caucasian and her husband is Pakastani. They are both muslims. My friend wears Hijab. I was wearing the nice Pakastani outfit they gave me as a gift.

We decided to go into this little cafe in our city. We walk in, and a guy behind the counter gives us a once over but doesn't say anything. We ask the waitress for a table, and the guy behind the counter (who is apparently the manager), calls out, "Only booths are available." (I'm staring at an empty table)--but we're hungry, so we squeeze into a booth. The waitress comes over and smiles apologetically and asks us what we want to drink. She goes and gets them, and when she gets back, we ask for a high chair for the baby. (I note that there are other babies with chairs.) The waitress opens her mouth and is on the first syllable of "sure." when manager guy yells out again, "No chairs!" The waitress stammers apologetically that they have no chairs. (Ok, that is fine. maybe they had no more after the other babies were using them. but manager dude could have been polite about it)--and at this point he barrels over to her and makes her go in the back. We never see her again. A different waitress approaches the table and says boredly that she'll be taking our order. We see people eating nice food around us, which appeals to us. We order nice entrees. The new waitress glances at the manager--who shakes his head. The waitress turns to us and says, "We only have sandwiches right now." Note that a nice entree just came out of the kitchen for the all-white couple next to us. Again, we're hungry, so we order sandwiches.
Once they're brought out, that's the last we see of the waitress. No refills. No nothing. except maybe the manager dude glowering at us from behind the counter.
We gobbled our food, paid up, and left. no tip.

NEVVVVVVVER again. We should have left when the first waitress was dismissed.

I don't give a flying fuck WHAT that manager thought we were, or what he thought of my friends. Or my outfit. NOBODY deserves to be treated like that. My guess is, he was being racist. But even if that is not the case, the service STILL sucked hardcore. UNbelievable.


I was at Target today and I wasn't looking all that great (laundry day i.e wearing my colleges warm up pants and a tank top) and apparently the woman ringing me up thought the same thing. When she finished ringing up my stuff she asked how I wanted my change and I asked if it was ok to get a 5, three ones, and two dollars in quarters (again laundry day) and she snapped that Target never gives change and I should know that. Ok I've never asked for change before but I guess I should be psychic or something so I said a 5 and five ones would be fine. So she finished my transaction in a rather curt manner and as I'm leaving I hear her tell the woman who was behind me "I hate when the poor white trash come in here grubbing for change". What? I was not grubbing for change and I'm a grad student holding down a job on top of that. I hate when people make assumption like that.

Edit: I went back to Target (after I finished laundry) and spoke with a manager and showed him my receipt so he would know who I was talking about. He apologized and said she was be "taken care of" and offered me a $10 gift card. I said that I didn't really want the card I just wanted him to know how she was behaving and in front of other customers.

Should I bother...?

Last night, we went to Coldstone Creamery with a bunch of friends.

I paid by creditdebit card, having no cash on me, and I remember writing in a dollar tip and the final amount being $9-something. Today, I looked at my bank account, and there was the Coldstone charge, but it was a $10-something charge.

Now, my math isn't the best, but it appears to me that someone gave themselves a better tip.

Here's the thing: the amount doesn't bother me. Should I bother bringing this up to the manager of that Coldstone? I am far enough away that I won't be going there in person anytime soon, if ever again. I certainly wouldn't be getting a refund in person.

Bad Waitstaff...again

I posted a few weeks ago about how I can't seem to get 1/2 decent service at restaurants anymore. It happened again.

We were off work and wanted to go to a little specialty grocery store to pick up a few things. Problem? It's across town and through rush hour traffice. Solution? Eat dinner nearby and avoid the mess and fill our tummies. So we walk into a local burrito place. It's the kind of place where you can walk up to the counter, have them make you a burrito and pay and go -OR- sit down, get menus and bar drinks. The whole first floor is totally empty. We pick a great table. And wait. I checked my timepiece when we sat down because we plugged a meter and I had to keep an eye on the time to avoid a ticket. So no exaggerations here.

After five minutes we begin to wonder if they have table service on the first floor (we'd only ever been upstairs in the bar area before). So my lovely man walks up to the counter to ask...I mean there's no sense sitting there looking dumb if nobody is ever going to stop by. The folks behind the counter gesture to a corner with a woman and say "she'll be right over." Now this woman is furiously digging through her purse. At first I think the problem is that she can't find her card for the POS (a very resonable reason to delay getting to a table: if she can't enter our order into the system, there isn't much sense coming to take it), but then I see it hanging from her belt. She keeps digging and digging and we keep waiting. Keep in mind, the only people that have acknowledged our existance are the people behind the counter. No hi, no water, no menus. Also keep in mind that we are the only people there, in full view. There is no way that we could have been missed.

A full ten minutes after we sat down and she finally finds what she's looking for. And she walks away out of our sight. At that point we decide we're too hungry to deal with this and decide to walk down the street to a small Thai place. As we walk by, we pass the patio and we see that she disappeared to the outside staging area. And what was more important than saying hi and giving us waters and menus and service? I kid you not, she was standing outside painting her nails.

Sadly a letter to the establishment regarding the incident was also completely unacknowledged.
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Are you called dayofthedeaddog because your service stinks?

Further to this post, I wound up leaving dayofthedeaddog negative feedback, and naturally, s/h/it left me negative feedback in return.

So I've lost my money. I never got the book. I got negative feedback. I had to pay for another copy of the book just so I'd get one (from an entirely different seller, of course).

Seriously. If I'd received the first copy of the book, then why in hell would I go and buy this other copy?

Since dayofthedeaddog only replied to one of about six emails I sent regarding the non-arrival of the book in the first place, I doubt emailing s/h/it with this bit of logic will make any impact whatsoever. But I am still fucking pissed off.

I emailed eBay Customer Support to report it, and should get a reply soon-ish. I doubt there's anything they can do at this stage -- and I know there's nothing PayPal can do, since I left it so long -- but it's worth trying. Gods. I only left it for twelve weeks to give the seller the benefit of the doubt, since the book was coming from the UK to Australia, but now I wish I hadn't bothered.
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Snotty librarian

I went to a local branch of the city library to return some overdue books. There is a woman there with a really snotty attitude. When I was in there before I thought maybe she was having a bad day but yesterday, she was even worse. It's worse too because the other women working there are really, like over-the-top pleasant on any given day. So anyway, I go up to the counter, and she doesn't say "hello," or "can I help you?", there's just kind of a grunt from her lips. I told her the books are overdue. She checked 'em in and said, nastily (I was like wtf?) "the total's over there." Where? Oh, the printer! So I grabbed the receipt from the printer and she said, "5.60..." I handed her a twenty and she said, "We don't have change." Ok. But then she leaned over onto the desk, actually got into my face and said, "I can't change that. Next time, you need to bring in something smaller. Please (def. an afterthought on her part)." You would have thought I had eaten her only baby for lunch and belched in satisfaction afterwards. I didn't give her a fifty or a hundred. The total was five bucks and change, not twenty-five cents. And she really, really didn't have to get in my face like that in any case. She's huge and scary-looking, as a matter of fact, and I'm barely five feet. I hate personal space violators. I told her that I brought what I had, which was true. Not only that but I admittedly forget to return books a lot and have never, evah had problems giving the librarian a twenty before for fines. EVAH. The only thing I can think of is that I'm gender-non-conforming and this bothers her for some reason.

Was it the end of the world? Of course not. But I'd rather not have to deal with this woman once a week, which I'm doing since the branch is closest to where I work and I have to check out a lot of books.
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