August 18th, 2006


Fire Mountain Grill

The husband and I, along with the three sprogs stopped at a Fire Mountain Grill for dinner. A Fire Mountain Grill is like a slightly nicer Golden Corral. And a Golden Corral is basically a big buffet place. There are servers, but they don't bring you food. Mostly they just refill your drinks, take your dirty plates and bring you clean ones. They make a regular wage but do rely on tips to make something resembling a decent salary. Obviously they don't make as much in tips as regular servers, but they do make something.

And due to the fact that the husband and I have spent most of our lives in customer service, we're pretty heavy tippers. We're also really forgiving.

Until the other night. Honestly, we have never ever left somewhere without a tip. I mean, the one time we didn't have enough for a tip, we went to a store next door, bought something and got change back and ran it over to the waitress.

We're serious tippers.

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