August 17th, 2006

This is me.

Store Credit Card

... the worst thing being, the same store I work for.

*rips hair out*

Okay, let's see how it all happened.

Around April 2006 (or Feb, don't remember) I decided to sign up for a credit card at my store. Because I'm an employee, I had to go to the payroll desk to sign my application (validation of my salary) so that the Store Card employees could determine the amount of credit they could grant me.

The amount was 1500 euros. Silly as I was, it was spent quickly, but this is not the real part of the problem. 

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Mom is going to sell some land she got through her father, thanks to her brother who's buying it to help Mom and to have the land stay in the family. Mom said she'd like me to close the card with the money she'd give me.

... since that process will be completed, at the latest, by mid-September, you can't imagine how happy I will be to go over, pay them back all I owe, and cut the damn card in two.

INconvenience store

I have an hour commute to work every morning (I'm on my way out after typing this...)--so I know how it is to be awake and having to work at this ungodly hour. Anyway, a few days ago, I stopped at a convenience store to grab a cold soda for my commute. The person ahead of me pays with a large bill. I understand that may be a little frazzling first thing in the morning--when she got to me, she was brusque and SNATCHED my money and practically THREW my change back in my face.
I wasn't thrilled, but ..she was disgruntled, and it was early...(I didn't swear at the girl, or anything. I was nice.)

so anyway, I decided to give THIS one another I go back in yesterday.
I went to pay, but there was someone ahead of me, so I stood patiently waiting. The cashier (a different one from the other day)waves me up--I smile and say Hi, but she ignores me. apparently, she and this guy were just chatting. Witout even speaking to me, she grabs my soda, and rings it up--while continuing to chat with the guy--and then just puts her hand out to take my money--without even telling me the total--still yakking away to this guy. Because I am thirsty and don't really want to have to go to another store, I just pay and leave. She finally throws a half-hearted "have a nice day" at my back and then continues to chat with the guy.
I'm sorry, but I thought customer service was about making sure each customer is taken care of. Would it have been too much to stop yakking to her friend long enough to actually offer good service? It would have only taken all of about 1 minute to say hi, ask me if I found everything, tell me my total, and wish me a GENUINE good day. Honestly, I get calls that last 30 minutes. Although I am silently blowing my head off with my finger-gun at this point, I am STILL polite and try to make sure everything is taken care of, and that the customer hangs up somewhat happier than when they called. All I wanted was a single MINUTE of good customer service.

so...that was it. Never going in there again. maybe I'm the sucky customer, but i still want good service. I give it to my customers the best I can, so I expect the same.
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an old bad service story I'd forgotten...

Back in february, the rack and pinion in my car broke. Basically, the steering went out while I was going around a curve on the hill one morning, sending my car veering wildly in whichever direction it felt like. Luckily the rack and pinion wasn't completely busted, because whatever was loose popped back into place and I was able to regain control before anything really bad happened.

So after the rack and pinion was replaced, my car needed a front end alignment. My boyfriend called around until he found a local place that could do it for a bit less than some of the big name auto repair shops. I couldn't take my car in as I had to work, so he dropped it off and left the spare key with them. It was done by Friday, as promised.

Now, as I work from 8:00 - 5:00, have a 45 minute drive from work to home, and they closed at 4:30, they told us it would be no problem picking my car up. They'd put it in the back lot and leave the spare key in the glove box and lock the car up, and I could just come get it whenever, no problem, they do it all the time.

So my boyfriend and I go back at about 6:30 that night to get my car. It's not on the back lot. It's on the front lot, in full view of the road. Every window is rolled down, and the spare key is in the cupholder. Now, remember, it's february. The interior of my car was freezing, and there was a fine layer of frost on the inside of the windshield. Oh, and it stank of cigarette smoke. I don't smoke. People aren't allowed to smoke in my car. I'm guessing someone was inside the car, smoking, and that's why the windows were rolled air it out.

I was beyond pissed. Now, the actual front end alignment they did was good. But I will not ever take my car back there. Since my boyfriend had been the one they'd been dealing with the whole time, he called and complained, and they basically said "so what??". As it's a locally owned shop, there's no corporate office or district manager to complain to, and yes, he did speak to the owner.

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I don't know if this is the right community to post this in...

I work in real estate doing appraisals for residential property. I got a call from a loan officer who wanted me to look at 8 refinances. These properties were just sold August 2nd and he was refinancing. I have no idea why. Anyway, he wanted me to hit some preposterously high values on these things, so I called him back and let him know that there is no way homes that sold 3 weeks ago are going to sell for much higher than they just sold for. He was very angry, and told me if I couldn't get at least a 10% increase he wouldn't keep the job. He told me he was going to cancel this after I had already put a lot of preliminary work into these appraisals. He wouldn't listen to any reason, when I refused to hit his predetermined value, he told me nastily that he'd find someone else who would push value. 

Anyway, anyone who knows anything about the appraisal business knows that we cannot accept orders for predetermined values. Pushing value is illegal with the penalty of losing our license. We get asked all the time, but it's unethical to accept these. If we appraise for predetermined values, the public won't trust us...

However, I've never, NEVER come across someone insisting in a 10% increase in less than 3 weeks. This guy is c.r.a.z.y! The market in California was hot, but never THAT hot...

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Hi, I'm new to this community and I have a bad service story from my apartment complex that I just remembered.

I moved in here the first of April and it was a cold spring outside. Inside, however was a different story. I'd set the thermostat to 75, it would be 92 degrees. I'd set the thermostat to 60, the apartment stayed 92. I turned the thermostat as low as it would go, it stayed 92. My neighbors came over and remarked on how hot it was compared to their apartment. Nothing short of opening all the doors and windows made it bearable. So about a week after I moved in, I called the maintenance crew and told them that something was wrong with my heat and asked them to come fix it.

The guy came over that day and walked in, walked out, walked in, handed me a receipt and said it was taken care of, and walked off before I could even ask him what he'd done. It took less than five minutes total. I looked at the receipt and it said "Turned off boiler". (We have hot water heating that's piped through the floors and up the baseboards). He didn't fix the thermostat, just turned off the heat all together and said that fixed the problem.

Two weeks later and it was insanely hot in the apartment again. I called the maintenance crew again and the same guy came back. He told me he was turning off the boiler again but it was supposed to get down below freezing again later in the week and he was going to have to turn it back on. I told him that there had to be a way to keep the apartment at a comfortable temperature without turning off the boiler and his response was "Well why don't you just turn on your air conditioner? You can do that you know." It was April! Maybe he doesn't have to pay his electric bills, but I do.

I have a feeling in a month or two, we're going to have to go through the whole thing again. All I know is I'm not turning my AC on in December.

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Not entirely sure if this was bad_service...more than shitty way of handling something. But I wanted opinions :)

A couple weeks ago it was RIDICULOUSLY hot out. 51 degrees celcius with the humidity factored in. It was HORRIBLE.

A friend and I went downtown to a gelato/candy shop. She happened to be wearing her bathing suit top, because it was SO HOT, and carrying her shirt in her hands. We checked the doors before going in to make sure there was so 'No Shirt, No Service' type sign, and there wasn't, so we happily went in.

Walked past 3 employees on our way to the back of the store (mmm, bulk candy) and shopped for at least 15 minutes before cashing out.

This is the exchange at the register:

Employee: Did you find everything?
Friend: Yup :)
Employee: By the way, you can't wear that top in here.
Friend: Uhm...okay?
Employee: I was waiting until you finished shopping to tell you. It's really rude to just walk around with no shirt on, okay?
Friend: Uh...sorry? I didn't know, you don't have a sign.
Employee: Well obviously you don't go into stores without a shirt. ESPECIALLY since you had your shirt right in your hand. You could have just put it on, you know?
Friend: Well, I wasn't aware I needed to wear one. It's hot out.
Employee: Well next time wear a shirt, okay? You had it RIGHT IN YOUR HAND!!!11 You could have just put it on!
Friend: Okay. Sorry.
Employee: It's just ridiculous.

This was NOT a skimpy bathing suit top and it's not like she was busting out. It covered EVERYTHING.

I mean, yes it's a reasonable request, but she could have at least said SOMETHING when we first walked in. My friend had NO problem with putting it back on, but the girl gave her SUCH attitude about the whole thing.

I just think that there could have been a more polite way to handle it? Maybe?
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I guess he just hates flip-flops

As long as we're on the subject of bad service caused by employees commenting on clothing, I have a recent story to share:

Our local Barnes & Noble is pretty much the hang-out spot for... everyone. The cafe area is always full of tweens, mothers with young children, old men with thick books, younger adults studying, people working on computers, you get the picture. It's also summertime, which means people will be wearing flip-flops. That's pretty much a given.

My husband and I went in a few nights ago to get some work done. We're sitting there, minding our own business when this old guy walks by and says, really meanly, "Sir, can you put your shoes back on?"

I looked down at my husband's feet. He was wearing flip flops, but one had accidentally slid off and his foot was dangling an inch or two above it. Flip-flops do that. At this point, I was super-confused, and I even asked my husband if the guy was even an employee (I thought he might have been a random crazy). He was like, whatever, and he didn't put his flip-flop back on.

In the next 5 minutes, the guy walked by no less than 3 times (his employee tag was clearly visible), staring at my husband's feet and scowling. He then grabbed his walkie-talkie and REPORTED my husband for not wearing shoes.

This infuriated me. I went straight to the manager and told him the story. He looked kind of upset, apologized, and said he'd speak to him. I didn't even have to describe the employee to him, he knew exactly who I was talking about. I went back to the cafe, where my husband told me he had gone around to more people and bothered them, too. I looked around and noticed that almost everyone was wearing flip-flops, slides, mules, or sandals with open backs. And almost everyone had their foot at least partially out of their shoe.

I saw the manager talk to the employee, and then he was replaced with a much more pleasant employee. This was nice: we could concentrate on our work now without getting stared at by the creepy guy. But then he came back! And he would walk by us and just stare at my husband's feet. So I did the same thing with my flip-flops, just to spite him.

I called my mom and asked her if I was crazy for thinking that flip-flops naturally slide off sometimes. She wanted to know why I asked that, and I told her about the guy, and then she said that the same employee had repeatedly bothered my dad rudely for the same reason, in addition to telling him that he shouldn't be browsing through books (in a bookstore) if he wasn't going to buy all of them.

Question: why hasn't this guy been fired yet?

Edit: I love that I'm being called an evil bitch because this guy rudely and without any sort of explanation told my husband that he wasn't wearing shoes when, in fact, one flip-flop had accidentally slid off without his knowledge. And I mentioned above that we didn't think he was even an employee, hence how my husband reacted. If I started letting my flip-flop dangle too, it's because the manager took my complaint seriously and told me that what the employee said to my husband wasn't in line and he even apologized. The employee was not supposed to comment on my husband's feet. That's not his job.

To all the haters: stop staring at people's feet if it bothers you so much. Or seek therapy.
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