August 15th, 2006

tiger on your couch

I just can't win at DnD

I live in Boston, the part of America that does indeed, as the commercials say, "run on Dunkin'." I also run on Dunkin'. I've lived here quite a while and been to a plethora of different DnD's, and yet I can't seem to order coffee in a way that everyone understands. Extra cream, but No sugar.

Sometimes it comes back extra cream, no sugar. Sometimes it comes back extra cream, extra sugar (a more common request, I'm told). If I just take what I'm given it's wrong about 30% of the time. If I confirm "this has NO sugar, right?" with the employee after being handed the cup the employees look disgruntled and offended that I would question their intelligence by repeating the simple order. If I say "Extra cream only," they seem to not get the "extra" part and just put in a drop of cream. If I say "white," they look at me blankly and do not understand what that means. If there was a better way to articulate my order I wish someone would enlighten me!

It seems like such a small thing, but I so look forward to my morning coffee, and it makes me wither a little inside to finally get out of the long downtown coffee line and find that yet again, it's full of sugar. The Copley location I frequent is particularly bad with this. Every bostonian I know is particular about their coffee, so it's not like I'm making outrageously different demands.

They are good about exchanging it when I wait in line all over again - but seriously, I don't see why it's so difficult to make the coffee correctly the first time!