August 12th, 2006

Costco cashier

Dear Brenda W (aka Costco Cashier);

It's a Friday, it's late in the afternoon with only an hour left before the store closed. What ever problems you are having at work or at home or in your sex life is just that - your problem, not mine, not the customer before or after me. I'm not asking you to be Miss Mary Sunshine but you don't have to be a rude, obnoxious witch with a capital "B".

I'm sorry that I came up with two more items while my husband was already in line and you were scanning those items. I'm sorry if I held up the line an extra 30 seconds because you had barely hit total when I came into the line with the two items. Maybe if your store manager didn't have the habit of rearranging stuff I'd have found what I was looking for earlier. (Incidentally why were the Zip Loc containers moved from the back of the store, where the other plastic and paper goods are at, to the front next to electronics?)

I HEARD you tell my husband the total (right before I gave you the other items) was $136.85 You said that, not me, not the hubby. We didn't just imagine things. You said, "the total cost comes to $136.85" yet the screen showed, "$263.58" and all my husband said was, "Can you double check because I don't understand how it went from $136 to $263." You didn't have to get an attitude and say in a pissed off tone, "I don't have to check anything. I doubt it ever WAS $136.85". I'm glad my husband told you, "I'm sorry for asking you a question. I didn't realize that I was causing you a problem by asking you a question. Maybe I miss heard you say $136.85." To which I piped up, "No, she said it, I heard her say it as well and was surprised by it being that low of an amount."

You, Brenda W, could have apologized about the verbal mistake you made. You made the mistake, not us. We weren't going to demand the lower cost that you said and we certainly had the money to pay the real amount but we just wanted to double check that you didn't make any OTHER mistakes in your scanning. If it's one thing I've always found annoying, was cashiers with attitudes who pick up items to scan then slam it down behind/next to them for the bagger. That's how you were yesterday when we approached your register. You scanned and slammed. Regardless of how bad in a mood I was, as a cashier, I NEVER took out my anger or frustrations on the customer.

Next time Brenda W, instead of taking it out on the customer - who weren't badgering you or screaming at you or even being demanding - next time, just call in sick or go home sick because it's better that you don't work with a bad attitude then go to work with one and get reported to your manager. I know your manager probably won't care, and you're lucky that he wasn't in at the time, but nonetheless I WILL be contacting your store manager and report your bad attitude from yesterday.

A Costco Business Member

Bad Service and Advice

We used to own a business for about 5 years. Business did well and then in the last few years didn't do so well. For various reasons, (detailed story no one really wants to hear) we chose to pay our employees and food bills in the futile attempt to stay open as opposed to paying our business taxes to the state and federal government. Note, this is not a good idea. We don't advise it.

The upshot was that by the time we closed last June, we owed the federal government a lot of money and the state a little bit of money. We were informed by many people who know that we should get a lawyer or something to help us work with the IRS and the department of revenue to set up a payment plan with them. (We DO want to pay what we owe, we just want to pay a reasonable amount each month.)

So, we selected Quantum which is a company that specializes in cases like this. I checked them out on the BBB ahead of time and the BBB stated that the company had a normal amount of complaints for the volume of business they do and that all complaints had been handled properly.

Good, right?

Wel, not for us apparently. We used the last of our money ($3500) to enlist the aid of this company.

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