August 11th, 2006


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I recently took a trip to Vancouver with some friends. It was awesome. However, the one part of our trip that SUCKED was our flight arrangements. My friend John had booked our trips on Air Canada and the flights were serviced by United. Let me break down the suckage:

United Airlines in San Diego
We have been planning this trip for MONTHS. On all the tourism and travel websites that were out there, they all said that if you are an american citizen, all you need is your drivers license to travel to Canada. In fact, John and Russell were traveling in Quebec, Vermont and Montreal this past fall and they were driving back and forth across the border all up in that muthafucker and all they needed was their licenses. In short, there's no way that after all this research that we'd just purposely leave important documents just because.

When we get to the United counter here in San Diego they were downright HOSTILE towards us because we didn't have other documents. First they didn't want to book us, then they were going to do it after they consulted among themselves and then their manager told them to give us our passes, but that they needed to write a note on the computer saying that whatever happened was our fault, they weren't responsible if were turned around at the border. Then they were STILL rude and nasty and one of them went as far as telling my buddy Russell, 'You know, Canada IS a foreign country. At one point or another you WILL need a passport.' No shit, Sherlock. However, EVERY site we've been at says the contrary. Here's a snippet from the Tourism BC website:

"Notice to US Visitors

US passports are not necessary at this time to visit British Columbia or other parts of Canada. The proposed Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative has not been put into effect yet."

So fine, we go through all that but we are still amazed at how nasty they were to us. I decide to dig through 411 and get the number for the Canadian Consulate in L.A. I finally get an operator and she unequivocally confirms that yes, in order to travel into Canada you need to have your license AND a government issued ID such as a passport or birth certificate. Only those two will do. Do you think it would be nice if other sites would say that? I think so too. Since we were at the airport early, John and Russell hopped on a cab, got their stuff and then they came back.

We get boarded on the plane. Once all the passengers are seated, United decided that now would be a great time to change a tire on the plane. This caused us to be about 40 minutes late and miss our connection in San Francisco.

United Airlines in San Francisco
It would've been nice, since we were going to be late for our connection, if United had placed SOMEONE (an agent, a stewardess, a customer service person) to at least tell us which gate we were supposed to go or to try to get us on the earliest flight, but NOPE. Nobody was there. We had completely missed our flight and nobody was there to help us get on the other one. Since we're going to Canada and we saw on the board that the next Air Canada Flight was going to leave like...THREE or FOUR hours later, we haul our shit the 20-25 minute walk to the international terminal and the Air canada counter. The incredibly useless woman there (you'll know why she is useless in a minute) told us that, 'Oh no, we don't have any flights going out. All the other flights going to Canada are at United." Never mind that we got our tickets at Air Canada and maybe she could've looked it all up or something but no. Off you go. So we walked back the 20 or so minutes to the Departure section and United where the lady there told us that the 'codes' on our tickets were for Air Canada flights and that Air Canada had to 'give the flights over' to United. So there was nothing she could do. The Air Canada Cunt should've looked at our reservations and done what she needed to do but she didn't.

We were going apeshit. We demanded that someone took responsability and it actually seemed like these ladies at the San Francisco United Terminal were just improvising and seeing what they could do to help. Did I mention that at least six other people were in the same predicament? Oh yes. So fine, the lady does her mojo and we get boarding passes for the uber late flight into Vancouver. Did I mention that we got to San Fran at around 6 PM and that there WAS an outgoing United flight to Canada at about 30 or so minutes later and that we WOULD'VE made that flight if someone would've helped us? So, fine. Off we went to Vancouver.

United Airlines in Vancouver
We finally get to Vancouver and we discover that our bags are missing. They should've followed us to Vancouver, but they did not. We go to the baggage section. We fill out reports. We find out later that if the airline messes up and losses your baggage and you are staying more than one night at that location, that they are supposed to give you a complimentary toiletry bag. Of course, at the time, they did not. We were told very vague information as to when would the bags show up. Maybe noon, maybe in the evening, of the NEXT day.

We get to the hotel. Try to make the best of it. We are without baggage, some of us without toiletries. And we have to spend at least a full day like that. During the day, John was calling Air Canada's customer service and United's customer service groups located in Mumbai or whatever the fuck Egypt they are. From their screens some details began to surface: our bags got lost in the shuffle because the baggage numbers from one airline to another got botched up, the bags got as far as San Francisco but didn't get further the United employee in Vancouver that took our claim should've done the legwork to get them there earlier, but didn't. Nobody was taking responsability. We couldn't speak to anyone in the actual baggage areas at any airport.

Finally the bags show up, one day and a half later.

Both United Airlines and Air Canada SUCKED at taking responsability for their actions. Nobody was helpful, nobody did what they were supposed to do. They fucked up part of our trip and nobody cared about us, our baggage or our trip.

As far as I'm concerned, I will do my best never to fly with either airline in the future.

Cobb County Health Department in GA

Alrighty, I am MAD right now. On June 1st I went to the Cobb County Health Department in GA to have my female exam and to get put back on Birth Control Pills (ortho tri cyclen). Okay, that went well, I had no issues with the pills in the last 2.5 months. When I left there on 6/1 I was told no appointment was necessary for pill refills and just come back in 3 months. So today was the time I decided to go get more pills. I had called last week to see how much my pills were going to be now because I had received a pay raise. I was sure to call TWICE to make sure I had the correct answer. 12$/pack. Okay. That's fine. Annoying that a $1.50/hour raise more than doubled the cost of pills (used to be $5), but it's still pretty cheap. I figured the way it would go is that I'd go in, tell the lady at the front I needed a pill refill and she'd tell me to go to the other side where the cashier is and I'd get my pills. Pretty much in and out since no appointment was necessary. Nopes. Didn't work that way. I went in, stood in a line, which was fine cause they just opened and school starts back Monday. So I got to the front of the line, told the lady what I was there for, she told me to sign in and have a seat. Time check? About 8:15. I sat there until about 8:30 and then was called back, they weighed me (was exactly what I said it would be) and then had me sit in a room and give them the last 2 paycheck stubs. She put the info in the computer, everything was correct, then she went and got my 3 packs of pills. Took me to the check out lady and all was well. So I thought. I finally get up to the cashier and she tells me my total is 90$ WHAT?!? No. Should be 63$. I had 3 pack of pills at $12/pack. That's $36, I also had a balance of $27 because when I went in June I did the same thing (called before to get the amount so I could set that amt aside, and they told me wrong). So I had $63. Turns out they charge $27 as a visit fee for getting refills! NO NO NO NO NO. Why do I need to pay $27 to be told I weigh what I knew I already weighed! I'm MAD. There is no reason why I should be charged for an appt when there was no appointment necessary!!! It's just a refill. I think that's bad service.

Poll #790647 Am I right? Wrong? Or just stupid?

When the health dept says "No Appointment is Necessary for BC Refill" does that mean

you walk in, pay for your pills ONLY and walk out
You walk in, sign in, sit in the waiting room, get called back, get weighed, and then pay for pills and an 'appointment'

If they charge for an appointment, FINE, they just need to make it CLEAR. When I called in twice to make sure I knew what it would cost so I could set the amount aside, they should have had the brains to say "there is also an appointment fee, your portion of that is going to be $27" (sliding scale)

EDIT! Okay! Some good_service!!! I had called and left a message about the expiration dates, and the nurse that I saw called me back. She's going to let me go in next week and pick up as many packs as needed (it would be 8 packs to last until 7/1 of next year...but I'm sure they don't have any that expire that late) and I won't be charged the fee! So yay. At least that is taken care of. I still say it was bad service that I wasn't informed that there was a fee for going in for the refill, but at least they are fixing it for me.