August 10th, 2006


Well, Spent yesterday on the phone with telus after being insulted by one of the customer service reps. I'll go more indepth into the call so I don't get blasted for being a "selfrighteous eb"

I called Telus after they called my father about not paying a phone bill and saying they were going to shut off the phones. My dad and I have a joint account with both of our phones, some family plan sort of thing.

Telus: Hi, how can I help you?
Me: I got a phone call saying my bill was unpaid? I haven't even gotten the bill in the mail yet? And you are going to shut off my phone?
Telus: Let me forward you over to customer care..
Me: Ok.

(Note this was finally after the system kicked me out twice and twenty minutes of wait time)
( I was forwarded to Kalia, if you get her it seems like everyday is a bad day, feel free to shoot yourself at this point. )

Kalia: Hi! Customer care?
Me: Hi! You (meaning telus) called and said my bill was unpaid? and that my phone was going to be shut off? I haven't even gotten the bill yet *dumbfounded*

(note : not received bill, bill is not overdue)

Kalia: You need to pay your bill on time.
Me: I haven't gotten the bill yet in the mail, how can I pay the bill? When I have yet to receive it?
Kalia: You need to pay your bill on time.
Me: *more dumbfounded* Ok, but don't you need to get the bill before you pay it?
Kalia: continues on with I need to pay my bill. (this goes on for ten minutes.)
Me: *really pissed off because they don't seem to be getting that my bill hasn't come in yet.*
Me: Ok, you guys are morons when it comes to customer service. What is it going to cost for me to cancel my phone?
Kalia: Let me look that up for you?
*lather rinse repeat for two minutes*
Kalia: comes back - $480
Me: Thank you, I will be cancelling my contract.
Kalia: You too are a moron and thank you for not paying your bill.
Me: hangs up pissed off more.

Note: The whole call to get telus on the line took about 45 minutes and a bit to work nothing out. I phoned my dad and told him what happened.

About ten minutes after calming down, I phoned telus lodged a complaint and apologized for calling them morons. In no shape or form was my bill overdue, late, or whatnot. So in the long and the short of it, if you get Kalia, from customer care on the line, shoot yourself. It will save you about 30 minutes of your life.
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I'm getting married in early October. While trying to plan the wedding, I found a website that sells custom-made wedding favors. They look so very very neat, and I felt comfortable contacting the maker because his fiancee is a regular on a forum I frequent. Another regular on the forum ordered some favors from him around the same time I started looking, and she was very happy with them.

I first emailed him in early April. He got back with me on April 19th. I told him that everything sounded great, but I wouldn't be able to send him half the cost up-front until late May because of a large expense I needed to save money for (wisdom teeth surgery). He said that would be fine.

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Staples o_O?

It's not bad service but weird...

I work for a company(second job) that constantly run out of supplies due to the work that we do. So I placed our order on August 3rd and we didn't get our stuff until yesterday. The normal time for delivery is next business day unless it's a big item like boxes or computer supplies which takes about two-three days because its coming directly from the warehouse. supplies supplies call to Staples CS.

CS didn't know what was going on; only that we should have received our order on Monday. They transfer my supervisor to the person in charge of delivery and he told her that there was a delay and the items were send back to the store. Say what now?

He told her that our supplies will be here at 1pm. supplies
3:35pm...UPS deliver a package from Staples.

The package contains old printer cartridges WTF?
3:37pm...supervisor is about the lose it.

4:16pm...Staples is here with our stuff.

*cue Twilight Zone theme*

I guess there is a first time for everything.

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I'm not sure if this is bad_service or if I'm just overreacting.

I went to the gym yesterday. When I got there, I was really thirsty, so I stopped at one of the water fountains. For some reason, it didn't work. I went around the building checking a few others, and none of them worked either.

I went back up to the front desk, and 5 or 6 of the employees there were crowded around talking. I kind of had to wait for one of them to acknowledge me, which she did by staring at me. I asked if there was a drink machine or anything around there; I'm cheap and don't like paying for bottled water but I wasn't going to be able to work out any other way. She pointed me towards their vending machines, and I was on my way.

Only when I got back there, I noticed that none of their machines took bills, even though drinks were $1. Since I wasn't expecting to have to buy a water, I didn't have enough change on me. I went BACK up to the front desk, where once again the employees were having happy cliquey fun time. It's not like I have a problem with them talking when nobody's waiting to be helped, but it's kind of irritating having to barge through a hoarde of them to get to whoever's manning the front desk. I asked if she could give me change. I know they have money behind there because that's where my friends pay for guest passes when I bring non-members with me. But she waved me off and told me "We can't give change."

"Well I guess I can't work out then, since I can't get any water," I retorted, before leaving. I ended up going home instead of just buying a water elsewhere because I was so fed up.

I understand if there's a policy in place where normally they can't give change, but if their water fountains are randomly out (which I realized later they might not have known about) it would be nice if they could help people needing water out. Not to mention if I could ask for help without feeling like I'm interrupting something.
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yet again i was reminded tonight of why i never set foot in our Kmart unless i have to.

i went for a book. which i found. i picked up a soda for my queasy stomach. then i stopped by the clearance rack and found two pair of shorts i wanted to try on. no one was at the fitting room. typical of our Kmart but i decided to give them the benefit of the doubt--maybe they were on break.

the nice girl in jewelry volunteered to page for the fitting room person, and did so. a few minutes later, a girl showed up. Little Miss Thing unlocked the main fitting room door, flung it open, then turned and walked away. she could have been opening it for a ghost for all the care she showed.

wtf? i didn't expect to be groveled over....but a simple "hello" will do.

i filed a gripe with the "manager" on tonight, though i wonder if she will do anything at all. she seemed to not really care. the girl in jewelry was far more concerned with the fact that i had had a bad experience, apologizing half a dozen times for Little Miss Thing's attitude and telling me that she's been a problem in the past.

should i call the actual managers tomorrow and refile my gripe? i have Little Miss Thing's name so i can identify her if i do this.
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