August 9th, 2006


Bad School Service

I logged into my personal email as I arrived into the office this morning to be greeted by one of those saccharine-sweet congratulations emails school academic counseling departments like to send out in bulk to their entire set of newly graduating students. As I read through the email, one phrase stuck out that I paid particular attention to.

"However, if you have an outstanding balance with the University, we cannot release your diploma or official transcripts until your account has been paid in full. If you have any questions in regards to any balance owed to the University, please contact Student Accounts at..."

The email reminded me that I had a pending loan towards mid-July they hadn't processed yet, still leaving me with a balance just over a thousand dollars. As I logged into my student account online, I looked in horror as it still said it was pending, and that I still had an outstanding balance.

Throughout the next two hours, I spoke with no less than three financial aid and registrar office idiots that all said they didn't see on their systems why I hadn't received the aid disbursement, and that everything looked in order. They were all too happy to take any form of payment also.

When I finally got to someone who knew what he was talking about, the true horror story was revealed. Apparently, they received a disbursement in December 2005 that they sent back in June of this year for whatever reason (he had no clue why). It took two calls to Citibank and three calls to this guy to discern this, as he had originally thought they never received the money (rather than having just sent it back arbitrarily). Citibank refused to resend it without speaking to my school, and my school refused to speak with Citibank due to federal regulations having a 120 day cap on loan disputes. Originally this posed a problem (seeing as it was 12/05)...but now that we knew it was sent back by some airhead at my school in June, a window was open for him to "consult" with his superior.

Long story short (I know, too late), Citibank sent a $1300 disbursement to my school in December 2005. My school processed and credited it to my account. In June 2006 my school charged this back and sent it back to Citibank in full, citing no reason. They charged this back on my next to last statement, which I hadn't noticed until it was too late. When I received my last disbursement at the end of June for my final semester and expenses, I came up about a grand short of having all expenses covered. They say I owe them, and there's nothing they can do since I am no longer enrolled (duh, I'm trying to graduate). They can't initiate a new loan since I am not enrolled any longer, and can't just say "oh, we messed up, here's how we're going to fix it." Citibank threw their hands up in the air when I spoke to them and said to talk to my school since they were the ones that rejected the payment (which was reasonable enough). So now it all rests with my school, and the one financial aid person that has any clue what's going on. bah!

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This is my first bad service experience (that I can remember). On Monday (the 7th), we went to Chuck E. Cheese with my daughter and husband, and then my husband's friend and his daughter. I order food at about 6:30pm. I had a coupon, so I got a large pizza and some wings. Around 7pm, the pizza came, and they said the wings will be right out. We were starving (there were 6 of us total), and when 7:15 came around (45 minutes after I ordered), I went up to ask about the wings. Sometimes people forget and stuff. The manager went "Oh yea.", and walked off. He then stopped at a group of his friends and stayed there a bit. He never even went into the kitchen!! An hour after we ordered, I go up front and ask the girl. Five minutes later she had our wings. No apologies or anything, just "Here."

During this time, we also went to the restroom. It was nasty and had no soap to wash hands, or any paper towels (or hand dryer) to dry the hands. Luckily I had hand sanitizer...

Well at least the kids had fun.

But do you all think that an hour for wings is too long? Or was I being too impatient?
Bad Kitty

The Fence OMFG!!

I was going to make this a somewhat off topic comment to another post but I decided it should stand on its own. I never really thought of it as bad service (in the intervening years I never really thought about it at all, actually) but I guess it was (and I certainly found it funny!).

I was renting a furnished room when I first left home and I always paid the rent on time. One day in the spring (about six months after I moved in) there was a note left for me by the landlady telling me that I owed an additional $400 for "unspecified damages".

When I saw the landlady I asked her what was up. She said the new chain link fence she had put in last summer was damaged and she was charging me and two other tenants because the damage was in front of our usual parking spots.

I thought about telling her that there are no reserved spots. I thought of telling her I didn't hit the fence. I thought of telling her about how anyone could have damaged the fence, even if they didn't live there.

Instead I explained, in my most reasonable tone, that I had noticed the bent fence and it was quite obvious that it had not been damaged by a car hitting it. I suggested she contact the company she used for snow plowing and ask them to reimburse her for the damage since it was equally obvious that the plow, which had been pushing mounds of snow into the fence all winter, had caused the damage. (The fence was uniformly caved in at the center where all the snow had been pushed against it and, since it was new, there wasn’t a scratch on it – the only way this damage could have happened was if a large, soft mass was slowly pushed against the fence – i.e. snow!)

That's when she informed me that the "snow removal company" was her nephew. I quickly realized that she knew her nephew had caused the damage and was just hoping to get the tenants to pay for it. I don't know if anyone else there was stupid enough to pay her…I just found a new place to live!

I hate Walgreens photo developing

I took a whole bunch of pictures with my camera so I could sell some stuff that I don't want anymore on ebay- I don't have a digital, nor can I afford even a cheap one right now (hence the selling stuff so I can buy one)
Right now I have a Advantix camera and I bought the film for it that when you get it developed you get a free cd with your pictures on it for only a dollar more per roll.
The last time I got my pictures developed, I GOT a cd (not a kodak one) with the roll of film for the $10.00 and change it cost to get it developed in the first place. Just an hour or so ago, I dropped my film off expecting the same.
I went to go get my film and SUPRISE! NO CD!!!! "WTF!" I thought, I'm supposed to get a cd with my pictures on it so that I can upload it to my happy laptop and post them on the internet so my out of state friends know what i'm up to on weekends. I asked the girl "um .... where's my cd" and her response: "you dont' get one, you can PAY for one, or you can wait 3 weeks for us to send it out and for you to get it back"
Um 3 weeks? PAY for it ? when I already DID in the price of the film?!?
So I asked calmly (which was incredibly hard as i'm not feeling so hot today, raging pms and I pulled a muscle in my back, and this was REALLY REALLY REALLY testing my patience) if I could talk to a manager- I didn't care if I got a "kodak" cd, I just wanted a f-ing cd of my pictures. I have stuff to sell on ebay! Rent's gotta get paid!!!! I was informed that they could not give me a cd of my pictures unless I waited for 3 weeks because they could not make a "kodak" cd there, they would get sued.
Now I would have no problem if they had said 3 DAYS or a WEEK. but 3 weeks? I then asked "well if you cannnot do it, do you know any other place that can? I really need this cd tonight" "NO I have NO idea"
After calmly explaining 3 times that I do not HAVE 3 weeks- I need to put auctions up THIS WEEK... I was told in a very SNOTTY RUDE tone of voice "FINE, i'll print you the CD but I'm telling you, THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN"

Honestly folks, I work retail too, i know and understand you are under restrictions and rules to do certain things, but I would have been happy with one of the following 2 outcomes:

#1 the manager saying nicely "I'm reallly really sorry, I cannot print you a cd at all unless you pay for it, but here is Kodak's customer service number because honestly, the problem you are having is not with us, it's with them, please call them and they can help you further"
#2 the manager saying what was stated above, but saying that they'd print me a cd for my troubles.

Most of my problem with this is that the manager was an absolute BEAST attitude wise. She was snotty and rude and made me CRY.