August 8th, 2006

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First post. :)

I'm sure there's some bad service in here somewhere...

I live in a pretty nice condo/apartment complex right next to my college campus. I've been here since May and I love it so far, the location is good, it's incredibly quiet (unlike some of the other housing areas around the college) and my condo is just right for a first home.

Except, I live on the "2nd floor" (it's technically three floors up, since all the first level condos are two stories each) and the stairs to get to my condo are questionable at best. The place was built in the 70's and while many of the houses including mine have been renovated over the years, the stairs don't seem to have been touched. At least 4 of them rattle dangerously every time you step on them, and of course they're all at the very top. I have a long list of things I'd like to do in my life and falling 30 feet onto concrete isn't one of them.

The HOA has plans to re-do every stairway in the complex, and that was supposedly going to take place right as I was moving in. It's now August, and not a single tool has touched any of the stairs.

They're wooden with upside down L-shaped metal supports at either end, which are rusted and bending downwards or becoming unhinged entirely. This is seriously just asking to kill somebody. When the movers were bringing my couch up the stairs you could hear the entire thing creak dangerously.

My parents have called and called, and gotten the same BS answer every time: "Oh, we think the project is beginning next week, we just got everything approved!" "Yes, it's all ready to go, we're starting any day now!"

Seriously? It's pissing me the hell off, it's not safe to go home anymore, and I fear having my parents come up those stairs as they're both old and frail and the slightest tip would send them to their doom.

I also can't just move to another place, because we decided to actually buy this condo instead of rent it, as it's a great property (besides the stairs) and a pretty solid investment for when I move on in 4 years. Had we known that the project that was supposedly beginning in a week would never happen, we would have never invested in this condo.

What can I do? If the housing association doesn't get it's act together, one of these stairs will collapse within a month.

...and the rusted, bent, broken bike racks suck too.
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little help needed guys.

Saturday night I ate at a japanese steakhouse with 4 friends, a total of 4 checks. 3 of the checks were paid in cash and I paid with my debit card. I wrote zero on the tip line ( i left a cash tip), rewrote the total and signed the receipt. I don't remember wether or not I took my copy of the receipt, but seeing as how I can't find it now, I probably left it there. Here's the problem. My bank statement shows two charges from the restaurant, two dollars difference. I don't remember which one is the accurate amount. I'm going back to the place in about an hour and a half. Do I have a right to see my receipts to prove which one I signed for or is it just up to the mercy of the restaurant to give me back my money since I am receipt-less? If all else fails at the restaurant, any advice about how to go about refuting the charges with my bank? or is that just a waste of time, since the charge itself is only $30. Well it's not really "only" 30 since my account is only in the double digits anyway. any help would be greatly appreciated!

so here's the bad service ;) Going to a great place with friends, enjoying yummy sushi, a really funny waitress, great new drinks, and a fun time had by all. Tipping almost 30% and then finding out they double charged you. baaaaaad.

ETA: thanks for all the advice! I ran in with both guns blazing, armed with bank statements and plenty of bad_service advice. However, I merely told him i was double-charged and showed him my statement. He found my receipt to confirm which amount was the correct one, made a copy of both my statement and said receipt, then opened the register and gave me my money back, in cash. YAY.