August 6th, 2006

meep in a basket

"buhh?" service at dunkin' donuts

Dunkin Donuts drive thru lady, 11am this morning: "Thanks for choosing McDonald's, would you like to try a combo meal?"


And also, a further instance of "buhh?" service...

About a year ago, I ordered my standard: a carmel iced latte with an extra shot of espresso. The total came to $6 something, but I was too sleepy-eyed to figure it out. When I started vibrating at work, I thought to check my reciept.. I was charged for (and recieved!) THREE extra shots. Way to actively listen!

Canada Post and Ebay...

I filed a complaint with Canada Post this morning. Apparently when a friend went over to my house yesterday a big assed envelope was leaning against my front door for the whole street to see. I was pissed! I have a sign (between mailbox and doorbell) clearly saying to leave a card and I'll pick the item up...PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE PACKAGES ON THE STEP. I've complained before and was told that no packages are to be left on steps in my zoning area. Well I guess this genius is either too lazy or cannot read and understand english. Of course nothing will happen to him/her. I'll get the usual standard apology.

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What? You wanted help?

This is about a recent adventure I had at The Home Despot. I mean… Depot. (which, for anyone who doesn’t know, is a large home improvement warehouse)

I’ve needed to buy lumber to build a tub surround for quite some time. This should not have been a difficult task. I even knew what I needed, and how much. True, I was sidetracked by two swing-arm bedside wall lamps on clearance but I did make it to the lumber in a fairly timely fashion - only to find that they had closed most of the aisle I needed so one of their forklifts could maneuver some pallets.

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Bad service is being without a working shower for 2+ months because your landlords "handy man" is 80 years old and has health problems and cant miss a doctors appointment/go out in the heat/has to have an emergency colonoscopy. Resulting in having to shower at the parents house for 2 months. When he's finally feeling up to par to come fix it, the landlord, his wife, the "handyman" and his wife come over and throw themselves a fucking party in your living room.
Im sitting here listening to them talk about their health ailments while making themselves comfortable on my couch without being offered a seat. seriously WTF fix my shit and get your wifeys OUT.

EDIT: One wifey took her coat off, and laid it on my damn coffee table. SERIOUSLY im glad I could play host to your damn senior reunion in my living room. Quit talking about how fat my cat is and how he needs a good brushing. Infact, QUIT TALKING ALL TOGETHER.

More apartment stuff

My boyfriend is having numerous problems with his apartment complex. When he resigned his lease in January, the person who he was working with told him everything was fine and he had nothing to worry about. So we think everythings cool so we are just hanging out for 8 monthes thinking lifes jsut great, then we get a phone call a few days ago, right before his rent is due, telling him that he needs to prove he is financially independent again, just like he did when he first moved in. He was working a much better job then, and had no problem making three times the rent but now he has a crappy job because thats all he could find and barely makes rent as it is, and eight monthes to tell him this, because if he HAD known, he would never have resigned his lease, he would have moved in with me. Now, they are going to make him pay $350 to find someone else to take over his lease (like a sublease). They told him that if he didn't find someone or can't prove he is financially independent, he would still be responsible for the rest of the years money, and he would be evicted. So, basically, they told him he would be paying for an apartment in full that he wouldn't even be able to live in. That pissed me off, since I don't think he should have to pay that extra money, esp since they didn't bother to tell him he needed to do this, I think it should be THEIR responsibility to find someone. I don't think he should be charged. It's a bunch of bunk but I don't know how to fight it.