August 4th, 2006

Oh Dear
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Small weirdness

This is suck that turned into goodness....

I went into FYE the other day during my break from the bookstore I work in to pick up V for Vendetta which I had preordered it. When I preordered it, a girl who must have been new took the order down a week before hand. She was really new, and kept fooling around with the register, looking lost and asking her manager. Her manager was being a bit of an asshole and was hardly being helpful.

Either way, I gave them my money and got the receipt that says I preordered the movie. They said they'd call me when the movie came out. So I go about my week, waiting for it to come out. I never get a call, but I figure they were busy and I knew what day the movie came out.

The day after it came out, I walked into the FYE and said I had a preorder for the movie. They look through their orders and claim my name isn't there. I panic and pull out the receipt from my wallet. They look it over and realize that, yes, I do have a preorder, but it's no where to be found.

They have no idea what to do, since a movie wasn't put aside from me and neither was a free poster that you got with the preorder. I'm thinking that I'm going to be out my preorder money.

After a good amount of panic and wondering, they realize that girl did all the preorders wrong. She wasn't working that day, but they slowly start to realize that a lot of money was misplaced because of this and a lot of movies not ordered for people.

Thankfully, since I had proof (the receipt) they could honor it, I got the free poster and since they didn't have the version of the movie I wanted, they gave me the two disc special edition. It ended well for me, I just fear for the bad service some people will find when they go there to get their movies and find out they weren't ordered, or that they're basically out twenty or ten dollars because a preorder never went through and they don't have the receipt.

That's a mess just waiting to happen...
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More apartment stuff

Seems like everyone and their mom is havin' trouble with their landlords these days.. so I figured I'd toss in my own little gripe. I got a call today telling me that I didn't pay my rent.. except that I did in fact pay it LAST WEEK. I told them as much and got a "oh.. we'll look for it." Five minutes later, they call back and go "We found it. *click*". No apology, no nothing. That seems a bit abrupt and rude to me, but maybe that's just how they work here. It's nothing major, but it's an annoyance - and demmit, when you tell me I didn't pay my rent and find out I *did*, at least apologize to me for accusing me of not doing so!