August 3rd, 2006

Mmm sushi

Yesterday I had a really long day and decided that I would treat myself to some sushi for lunch. When I drove over to a place I had eaten at once before I looked for a hours of operation sign ( because most sushi places I've eaten at are closed from like 2-4 or something like that) but couldn't find one anywhere and the sign said open so I went in. As soon as I went in I noticed it was pretty quiet and as soon as a waitress saw me come in she marched over to the neon "open" sign and turned it off looked at me and marched back into the kitchen. Thinking they were closed I turned for the door when a guy behind the bar asked if he could get me anything. I said I just wanted to order a roll to go and he said that would be no problem. He took my order and my credit card and proceeded to make my roll. After he had finished making my roll he boxed it and bagged the box and said the waitress would be around shortly with my sales slip. I waited and waited and waited and she finally came around. She handed me the slip to sign and when I looked at it I noticed she had charged me for the wrong thing and that I had ordered the valley roll which was about $7 cheaper and she asked me if I wanted her to go fix it. I told her that yes I would like her to. So she walks (very slowly) back to the kitchen and re-appears about 5-8 minutes later. I include a couple dollars tip because I believe that even though it is take out the same amount of work goes into making sushi. When I write in the tip amount at the bottom she looks at it and then at me and said that's really all you're going to tip? I just looked at her for a minute and she asked why Americans are so cheap and if we weren't going to tip well why did we eat out at all. I didn't stiff the guy on a tip and why does she need one when she didn't even come in contact with the food or take my order? So I took grabbed my bag and the guy behind the bar said "have a nice day" and I responded thanks you too, but before I could finished she said We will we're going to go to an American restaurant and order a lot of food and not tip. WTF?

Not bad service but completely related

(Skip over it if you don't want to read)

On the front page of my local paper there was an article about Congress wanting to cut back the wages of those who make tips. Basically, they want to cut it from minimum wage to $2.13 an hour!! Here in my state, by law, waitresses and waiters earn around $7.63 an hour. Any waiter or waitress making less are working for someone violating the state's minimum wage law. Also according to the article, states without a minimum wage law are supposed to pay their waiters and waitresses $5.15 an hour (Federal minimum wage). There is simply no way anyone can live off of $2.13 an hour... especially in small towns where people might not tip as large as in big cities at a fancy resturant.

As much as I dislike tips - specifically "tips" that are automatically added to the bill. I feel that tips should not be counted in as minimum wage. It's a bonus and not every customer is going to tip their waiter or waitress unless it's automatically added to the bill.

This new bill, that Republicans are strongly for and Democrats are strongly against, will not only affect waiters and waitresses but any other service where there is tipping including hair/beauty salons, coffee shops, etc, etc. The only thing one can really do is contact your local Congressman/woman and complain about it. Keep in mind to hit those who are Republican hardest since it's obvious those fat cats have never had to work minimum wage let alone in a job where you're going to be paid $2.13 an hour!

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I work at a two-way radio dealership, sales and service. I heard this story yesterday from a co-worker who was grumbling about one of our customers going behind our back again. Now, I'm not a technician, so I don't know much about the technical aspects and technical descriptions and all that, but hopefully you'll be able to get the idea of this post. Our company does our best to service all our customers' equipment properly, and we do so at affordable rates. We also don't lie to our customers. Apparently, though, a certain local fire department once decided that we were overcharging them, so when their repeater stopped working they called someone else.
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I'm sorry you're having a bad day ...

... but that doesn't give you the right to be a condescending bitch.

My younger cousin and I went to Chapters (a large Canadian book chain) this afternoon as my cousin wanted to buy a few novels. I don't have a Chapters/Indigo discount card, but my aunt (said cousin's mother) does, and in the past they have granted the discount as my younger cousin is under the age of 16 and her mother usually isn't with us. All the cashier has to do is punch in my aunt's name and phone number and voila. If they wouldn't allow it, no big deal.

Me: *waves*
C: Cashier

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cat fuckoff

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You tell ME if this idiot is giving me bad service.

This is the letter I wrote to the company.

I would like to comment on the property manager here, ------. He has been the most unhelpful, unfriendly property manager I've ever had, and I've moved a lot in the --- area since I'm a student and can't afford expensive housing when the rent goes up. He left a note on my door (instead of bothering to call me) about renewing my lease at $509, which is fifty dollars more a month than I was paying. I didnt want to do it, it was expensive, so I went into the office to talk to him. He was extremly rude to me, and everyone else in the office as well, and it was almost as if he couldnt believe that we were bothering him. Then, he proceeded to tell me that my rent would be jacked up $100 a month, instead of just $50. Now, I can read, and I could plainly see that the amount on my renewal form was $509. So I signed that, and MADE COPIES, and gave it to him. Now here at (this specific community), our water bill is seperate, and we pay it directly to the property manager. My rent is $509. plus roughly another $16 a month for my water. That equals about $525, give or take some change. Which is EXACTLY the amount I have been paying him since I renewed in July. Now, he is leaving nasty messages on my front door saying that I owe him money. The first time it happened, I called the front office, and he didn't answer (how could he, he is never there!) so I left a message asking him to call me and please clairfy why I owed more money. I never heard from him. I called again about a week later, same thing. No response, no answer. Now, when I got the note on my door again this month, I decided to email the company. I would really hate to have to take this company to small claims court for less than $100, but I refuse to pay someone who was rude to me and spoke to me as if I was stupid money that I'm not supposed to. My rent is $509. I made copies of the renewal form in case something like this happened. Please do something about your associate. When I moved here, I was also told I would be locked into a rate of $459 for three years. I decided I was happy here, and I would be glad to resign each year, since I am in school, now, I think that as soon as this lease ends, I will be moving. I am NOT impressed with ----.

Mta complaint update

A followup to my post on July 18.

I wrote an email to the mta complaining about the worker in my last post and I included links to the photos. I received an email within a day stating that they would investigate. A few days later, I got another email and this one had a request to call a certain person between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Mon.-Fri. I called and was told they are investigating the matter and wanted to ask me some questions. Those questions included whether I or anyone else talked to the mta worker, could I identify her if I saw her again and would I testify if called in. I am shocked they are actually taking it this far. Anyway, I will keep you guys updated if anything else happens.

My landlord is a dickhead...

We (my boyfriend, myself, and another couple) moved into our apartment in April of this year. Our landlord- lets call him Steve- told us that he was NOT responsible for fixing the dishwasher or washer/dryer. I think he should be because he is providing us with them, but oh well. How interesting, because when we move in the dryer and the dishwasher don't work. Whatever, my room mate fixed them and that's that.

Now, as we live here we notice some other things that need fixing. We have cockroachs because there are holes in the wall and water damage under the sink, which is basically just rotted wood and the little fuckers crawl right through, the ceiling in our bathroom has absorbed water from a leak so who knows when it will collapse, there is no tile on the floor in front of the downstairs door (tripping hazard) and our boiler is exposed (illegal). Also our fridge leaks water everywhere and also doesn't really work (food goes bad within a 3 or 4 days).

Steve likes to send his son to pick up the rent, so we show him everything that's broken and needs to be fixed. He says ok, he will talk to Steve blah blah. Then we don't hear from them until next months rent is due. Again, I talk to Steve on the phone about the problems and we also talk to his son when he gets the rent. Again we don't hear from them. So this month, my roomie talks to Steve and tells him he needs to fix these things NOW. So Steve agrees that he will come the morning of the first and take care of stuff and get rent money. Aug. 1st rolls around and none of us hear the door, but later in the afternoon we notice that he left an illegible note that says something like he will be back on the 2nd. It is now the 3rd and we haven't heard from him. My room mate even offered to fix things if he would provide materials, and that way he can charge more rent when he gets new tenants.

So today I am pissed off because of this so I go to our realtors office and they seem upset as well. As our landlord, he has a duty to fix these things and we have a right (even though we don't have a lease) to live in a safe environment. An agent calls him and leaves a message, and of course he still hasn't called back.

At this point, I am just fed up. Luckily we don't have a lease so we are moving Oct. 1st, but I really hope I never have to go through this again! The couple that lives above us is leaving because Steve never fixes anything (including when their heat broke in the dead of winter). It's ridiculous that I am scared to shower because of the bugs, not to mention I can't put food in the cabinets because of them or even use the damn fridge.

Ok that was a really lonnnnnng rant, but I am just so annoyed right now! Is there anything else we can do? Even though we are going to move Oct. 1st, I still have to put up with this shit until then and the people after to us will have to as well.

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Good service is refunding the $29 late fee for making my payment a whole hour and a half after when it was due. Thank you capital one.

Bad service is the fact that there is no way to speak to an operator when you call the customer service line. I had to scour the internet to find out that you had to dial the number and hit pound repeatedly. There was no option in the phone menu options and 0 didn't work either.

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I was just taking my PM meds (yay me for having weird medical conditions!) when I had a bit of a WTF moment staring at my pills. I recently had my meds refilled at my local Brooks pharmacy. Normally their service is pretty decent. Also, if my pills change shape/color/size, about 75% of the time they remember to put a helpful sticker on my bottle letting me know that even though it looked different, it was the same medication. About 65% of the time they also point it out when I am paying, to verbally let me know that they are indeed the same meds, they just look different.

I take a total of 5 medications I get refilled every month from them (on a side note, WITH health insurance, I am paying over $120 a month JUST for my prescription co-pay -- but that is a rant for another time). In this latest refill my normally tan/white capsules are now much smaller and purple. For another medication I received a bottle 2/3 full with my normal white/pink capsules, and 1/3 full with blue/grey capsules, with a helpful wad of cotton separating the two groups of pills. Neither of these bottles had a sticker notifying me of the change, there was no note on my paperwork, and the person who gave me the pills didn't let me know what was going on.

I am assuming whoever refilled the meds is at fault, because normally if there is a change there is a note on the paperwork so the clerk checking me out is aware of the change, and can give me the verbal heads-up. But the fact two of my five meds are clearly different than normal has prompted me to make the decision to go into the pharmacy tomorrow, with meds and paperwork in tow, and speak with a manager. I am pretty sure that they are all my correct meds, but it would be reassuring for them to let me know that my assumption is correct.
I took the damn things anyway.
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