August 2nd, 2006

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I just wanna vent...

Taken from my personal LJ, with some language cleaned up.

Memorial Hospital is getting all pissy with us. They turned our account over to collections... and here's the deal.
We called on July 13 to set up payment plan options. $36 a month until it's paid off.
We sent in the check immediately and it was cashed on the 14 or 18 (of July)... can't remember which, but one of those.

So on July 25 they send us that letter from some collection agency! Ryan, my husband, calls and the b**** got nasty with him and said "You were late sending in your payment."
(EDIT: Ryan called Memorial Hospital, not the collections agency. We wanted to be sure they have it in their system that we are on a payment plan. The mean b**** confirmed this, but was still rude and told us we were late, which is why it got sent to collections.)

WTF? It's $36 a MONTH. It hasn't even been a month yet! F***ers.

You know... they need to quit treating people like this. Makes me want to not pay them, even though it's not in MY best interest of course. But they KNOW by now our finanical hardship... we applied for financial aid! And we ARE trying. That's what "they" say... even if you only pay $5 a month, just to show you are trying, they should be okay with you doing that. At least you're paying something.

But to play like this? We haven't screwed them (Memorial Hospital) over before, there was no reason for them to JUMP ON THE THREATS like this. And then to be so pissy on the phone, and say "we were late". How the hell are we late when it hasn't been a month?
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An update (more fun with inept computer repairmen).

An update to this post:

Quick summary for those who don't want to wade through a bunch of crap: I sent in my Apple iBook G4 laptop on July 8 to have a noisy CD drive repaired. I got it back in a timely manner, but with a fried logic board (The VRAM had to be replaced). I called tech support, worried about having my laptop for a trip, and was guaranteed a delivery date that would enable me to take the laptop with me. After a couple of business days, I hadn't recieved an email saying the computer got into the warehouse - it turns out not only had my tech suport guy promised me an impossible return date, but he had also totally forgotten to fill out the form telling the repair people what to repair, and so my laptop had been just sitting there. No one thought to call me. A call to customer relations rewarded me with $100 off of a $300 product.

I didn't have my laptop back in time for my trip, obviously - but it was back by the time I got home five days later. I booted up the thing, and whoever fixed it had forgotten to turn off verbose mode (used for diagnostic purposes mostly). Not a problem, I can turn that off myself. The new problem is that my computer is suddenly running as if it is 2 years older than it actually is. I attempted to run Disk Verify and Repair to see if that would do the trick, and the thing just locked up. Perplexed, I hard shut-down, turned it back on a minute or two later, and tried again. Frozen again.

A couple of days and several resets (mostly from software updating) later, the laptop was still running like an old piece of shit. I had no clue what was wrong, so I called my more tech-savvy boyfriend. A quick look at things determined that whoever repaired my computer forgot to put back in a 512 MB RAM expansion card.

Meaning my iBook, previously running at 768 MB RAM, was operating at 256 MB - enough that simply having the thing on and running Safari and iTunes was enough to lag it.

Another quick look under the keyboard revelaed a wire wrap sticking out and bowing my computer's casing and a mysterious black tab sticking out on top of the AirPort Wireless card.

I am obviously extremely vexed about the situation. A wire sticking out is bad enough, but I feel basically robbed by whatever contractor put this thing back together (FlexTronics is the name, I believe) - I paid to have a lot of RAM in my computer because I run a lot of RAM-heavy graphics programs to do graphic design and vector artwork.

At this point, I know I am going to need to send in my computer for a THIRD TIME to have it repaired once again (Please keep in mind that nothing was actually wrong with it to begin with - the CD drive was just abnormally loud. The thing ran like a dream.). Before calling tech support, however, my boyfriend and I have decided to place a call to the customer relations person we dealt with last time, because he knows the situation. I refuse to have my computer sent back to FlexTronics again, and honestly feel that at this point in time I am entitled to some sort of tangible compensation for my troubles. Everyone I have talked to seems to be of the opinion that, at the very least - other than my RAM being replaced - the now-bent-and-cracked casing of my laptop should be fixed. Most people are of the opinion that I should simply be given a new computer, as assurance that the repair people aren't going to fuck it up once again.

Just as a side note, that more tech-savvy boyfriend of mine recently had troubles with his laptop, called tech support, and asked that his computer not be sent to FlexTronics. When the tech guy asked why, my boyfriend told him the story. The tech guy's response? "Shit, that just by itself is way over our bad service quota for the year. I wouldn't blame her if she'd switched to Windows."
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Tell me again... why DO we go to Applebee's?

My brother had tried and failed to get large bread rolls at two different area markets, so I suggested eating dinner across town and stopping at the market there on the way back. In my ever-trusting and oh-so-loveable naïveté, I thought Applebee's would be a good choice. This is the story of what happens when a man forgets WHY it's been so long since he ate at a particular restaurant.

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I'm sure there must be good Applebee's service stories out there, and my brother's apparent magnetism for bad service may have been a factor (and really, he takes it well most of the time and never pre-empts it), but we got to the restaurant at 6:30 and didn't get out until 8:30. A trainee waitress, probably, but I'm not sure that's an excuse. If it is, then I hope she takes my little message to heart. Just because we're a table of two doesn't mean we don't intend to tip well.

On the bright side, the We Love Katamari soundtrack arrived in the mail today, so we had a good mood pick-me-up for the trip home.