July 29th, 2006

doctor: donna wish i could be

ticketmaster, and don pablo's.

today sucked on so many levels, both with regards to bad_service and otherwise.

i wanted to get my boyfriend tickets to the baltimore ravens vs the cincinnati bengals game for his birthday (the game is the weekend before his birthday and they're his favorite teams - perfect!). single game tickets went on sale this morning at 10 am EST; I logged into Ticketmaster at 10:01 and there were no pairs of tickets to be had. commence minor fist-shaking; i'd expected some trouble. so i kept trying for the next 20 minutes (no luck), then decided to hoof it to my local Ticketmaster Retail Outlet, which is in a department store at the mall.

i walk into the customer service/gift wrap/Ticketmaster office/counter and there are two other people in the room: Middle-Aged Clerk Lady and 30-something Guy. she seems to be finishing up with him at the customer service/gift wrap counter, so i stand kind of between that counter and the Ticketmaster counter (it's the same counter, about 20 feet long, and gift wrap is at one end, Ticketmaster the other). and wait while she giggles and LOLs with him.

and wait while she pages someone (for all i know, that was legit; whatever, i'm patient). she LOLs with 30-something until a manager pokes his head out of his office to say "hey, next time please transfer [whatever your page was about] to [this other extension instead of mine], kthx" at which point she goes insta-serious and stops kidding around with the guy. she shakes his hand and turns on the "Concluding a Transaction" vibes. so i move closer to the counter. this exchange has taken approximately five minutes.

she walks the 10 feet or so over to me, saying "can i help you? ^_^"

me: yes, please; i was wondering if you had any ravens tickets left. ^_^

MACL: *before she even gets to the ticketmaster desk or the corresponding computer* no, sorry. we're all out.

me: ... *a little flabbergasted* ...i'm sorry; like, completely out?

MACL: yes, honey; when i say all out i mean all out!

me (WTF why the attitude, lady?): *says nothing; i wasn't about to leave until she at least made eye contact with her computer screen* *waits*

MACL: *harrumphs* ...well, was there a specific date you had in mind? >:O

me: november 5th.

MACL: *looks at the computer; taps on some keys* no, that's sold out. you'll have to go to the box office. *starts to turn and walk back to 30-something guy*

me: um, thanks.

sorry that i OMFG DARED to ask you if you were sold out, since there was NO ONE else in line and since you couldn't be arsed to check. and that i interrupted your lame, transparent flirting.

(note: i wound up getting tickets through someone other than ticketmaster; calling the stadium revealed that the only way i might get tickets through the box office would be to wait until the wednesday/thursday before the game and try my luck. i wound up paying a better price, anyway.)

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Lily Haloween

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This is bad_service and partially, my boyfriend is retarded for believing this kid.

A few weeks ago a 18, 19 year old boy came up to our apartment. He said he was doing a fundraiser for his highschool [the highschool I actually went to] and said all we needed to do was sign our name to a list, and that we would get one free issue of the Sacramento Bee.

"That's it? Sure, we'll sign your stupid thing. But wait, will we be billed?"

"I promise and guarantee you will never get a bill. You just sign this paper. They don't bill you, I just give you one free issue and then you can decide to get the Bee if you want it. But they won't bill you unless you call them to sign up".

"So, they won't bill us. All we do is sign and get the free paper?"

"Yeah. You won't be billed. All you do is sign and get the free paper"

So my boyfriend, I love him but he's kind of dim, signs for it. After this we start getting the Bee every single day. A week or two later we recieve a bill for 30 damn dollars saying "Thank you for subscribing to the Sacramento Bee!"

I called them right when I got the bill. They were closed, and I left a message telling them what happened.

I get a call back when I'm at work and they leave a message saying it isn't their fault we're stupid [and trusting]
and signed up. They said it's not their fault that we signed up for some kid's paper route even though he did lie and say we wouldn't be billed.

So, any suggestions on how I can call these people back and have them stop the paper?? We definitely don't want to have to pay the 30 dollars. Especially since the boyfriend says, "All I did was sign a paper with about 100 other signatures on it. There was nothing about being billed at all. It was just a big paper with a ton of other signatures."

And apparently our neighbors got duped too. The kid went to every apartment in our complex with this little "fundraiser".

Fuck you CIBC, FUCK YOU.

Because you see... most people solve their banking problems over the PHONE. They never ever have problems with their accounts having weird holds on it and blocks.

I should not have a block. I get paid every two weeks and I need to pay my bills. I don't care if you think my account is compromised. It is MY MONEY. I need access to that money. I do NOT deserve to be treated this way and given the run around just because I'm not using high end services and don't have 5 million dollars in my account.

I do NOT deserve this. I have been a customer with you for six years. FUCK YOU. I have had problems since day one with this account and I will be closing it on monday. From now on, I will bank with a flexible bank and I will not have these kinds of problems.