July 28th, 2006


English, mutha fucka! DO YOU SPEAK IT?

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HOLYMOTHERFUCKEDIT: I just love how people have taken this small gripe and spun it into a political/immigration debate.

I never said I have a problem with the fact that a spanish-speaking person was working at the Wendy's. I was only upset that they had someone who could not speak the common language of the area serving customers.

LEGAL immigrants can be here all they want and they can work the jobs I don't want. I'm the guy who runs the company that installs entire data networks in Fortune 500 companies and they are the ones that clean out my trash bins. I have no problem with this whatsoever.

From the beginning of this my only issue has been with the fact that the bitch couldn't speak English and therefore should NOT be running a register.

You people make me laugh. Seriously. Any excuse to throw opinions around about completely OT subjects...

Bad_Service. Not Immigration_War_Assimilation_Yousuckatlife.

No love whatsoever from your friendly English-Speaking Director of Sales and Marketing,
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rage, anger

Adventures at Advance Auto Parts

My e-mail of today to Customer Service at Advance Auto Parts: 

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Before you get your flame pens out -- the whole purpose of the online order was to save time by checking stock and having the order ready when I got there.  This has not been a problem when using the  same onine service with pickup at Checker.  If I hadn't had an appointment after work today, I wouldn't even have bothered ordering these things online.  The whole point was to save time and aggravation.  Instead, I ended up furious. 
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PayPal Woes - Scandal, Fraud, & Extortion

I listed an item as-is, removed-from-equipment, untested, with no
warranties express or implied, and no returns. I was approached by
the buyer via eBay Message to perform a sale outside of the realm of
eBay. Disregarding my suspicions I went ahead and completed a
transaction outside of the scope of eBay.

Prior to acceptance of funds from the buyer, and prior to receiving
funds from the buyer I made further efforts to clarify the terms and
conditions of sale. Especially in regards to the warranty, returns,
and the unknown condition of the item.

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I had hoped PayPal would simply eat the chargeback however they've informed me that I need to appeal the chargeback decision and file a claim with my local police in order to overturn the chargeback. Furthermore from what I understand I'm going to need to subpeona PayPal to find out the credit card company, and then subpoena the credit card company to find what information they had that led them to decide in favor of the buyer in this case.
don't mess with me

Bad service from UPS & Boardman Medical Supply (OH).

A combination of mistakes that left a bad taste in my mouth.

Okay, some backstory:

A) My husband and I both have sleep apnea. We both have the CPAP breathing machines. Insurance pays for a new mask for the machines every six months. Boardman Medical Supply, which supplied our machines and replaces the masks when we call, is located 20 miles away. Not THAT big a deal, but we can’t get off work to fetch the supplies, so we have to have them shipped.

B) I refuse to have things delivered UPS to the apartment. Due to UPS rules (which I do understand) they can’t/won’t just leave shipments at our apartment door. The driver ALWAYS marks his Infonotice that attempts are made between 2 and 5PM, but only once in the year we’ve lived here has he delivered a package late enough in the day for my husband to be able to sign for it. (I work 9-5, he works, normally, 6AM-3:30 or so.) I can practically bet on the fact that if something is to be delivered UPS he will "attempt" to deliver it on or around 2PM every day until I call to have it rerouted OR until I go pick it up myself. Now, it irritates the hell out of me because almost every time I’ve come home to one of those delivery attempts.. a UPS truck is RIGHT ACROSS THE DAMNED STREET when I get home.
So instead of trying to make sense of it, I just have everything UPS shipped to my work.

So it’s that time again, hubby and I need new masks. He calls Boardman last week and orders the masks and attempts to set up a time to have our machines turned up. He gets the work address from me and SPECIFICALLY tells them "Ship it UPS to siara79, company address, company town, Ohio." Because, you see, the first time we did this they shipped the masks UPS and we had this kind of run-around. The second time I had it sent to work but they sent it USPS, and my boss had to retrieve it from the post office as we don't have a mailbox at the office. This time, my husband made SURE to give them the address at work. So he tries to set up the appointment, and the rep tells him that she’ll have a technician call me at work to set up an appointment to adjust the machines AND to bring the masks with him/her at that time.

No call Thursday, Friday, or Monday. Tuesday, an Infonotice (showing an attempted UPS delivery) shows up on our door. I am PISSED because I know I’m going to have to go through hell. I’m sick though so I go to bed early, then I forget the Infonotice on Wednesday, so I don’t have the number to call and reroute it. No notice on the door Wednesday, though, but I’m out too late and once again forget to call. Also, note that the original Infonotice said a second delivery attempt would be Wednesday.

Thursday rolls around. I know I’m going to be by the UPS office that evening so I call and ask the guy to hold the packages when they get back and I will pick them up, as apparently I’ve JUST missed the truck. They’re supposed to call me when they get back to the depot, but as UPS forgets to call me when they’re supposed to, I don’t count on it.

This is where it gets really bad, IMHO. I get home from work and there’s yet ANOTHER notice to call to schedule a pickup at the depot. 2nd delivery attempt, by the way. So I head on over there when I told them I would. I have to drive around in circles to find the entrance to the depot (my husband always drove us over before and I didn’t pay attention to it – there’s a side road entrance for "customers") and when I get in, it takes 10 minutes for someone to get off the phone and help me. Normally, I am a patient woman, but A) my ankle is sprained or something and I am in excruciating pain, so standing on it while they dick around is NOT improving my mood, and B) this is yet another time that UPS has apparently misplaced an important package for me.

SO. The guy says "Oh, the driver said he left it at a business. Someone signed for it."


"But he couldn't have left it at a business."
"Well, we'll go track it."

We go to the office, which at this point is inside a trailer set up on the lot. He gives the Infonotice to the girl, who tracks it and says, "This was delivered at 1:41PM and signed for by a J. Doe."

Me: "OMGWTFBBQ!! (well, not really, but that was kind of my reaction) "J. Doe is the apartment manager. Why the hell didn't someone notify me?"

Guy: "They didn't leave a note on the door?"

Me: *points at Infonotice* "THAT is the only thing on my door."

Girl (helpfully): "It does say to call for a pickup."

Me: "That is IT. This happens every time I have to have a package come UPS." *general bitching - I was so angry I could not think anymore*

Guy: "Well, we'll talk to the driver."

Fuck. No. That is NOT good enough. I still have to get the number for corporate but I will be calling them and I will be calling the local depot and asking for a manager. This is ridiculous. What if it had been an emergency? I mean, our masks would work for a couple more nights but what if it had been vital, they delivered it, and we never found out?

And this happens EVERY FUCKING TIME UPS "delivers" something to us. Maybe I should start charging THEM for the amount of fuel and time I wasted trying to track down my packages.

So, in summary:

Mildly bad service from the medical supply co, because although mistakes happen, they're never consistent in what they do. EXTREMELY bad service from UPS because they keep letting this driver get away with this shit.
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