July 27th, 2006

Potential bad service

I just came inside with a letter for my five-year-old son. He's been pre-qualified up to $30,000 (US) to buy a car. -_-

Do these idiot just send out letters (with papers that look like checks) to ANYONE without verifying that the person they're sending it to is an adult? Yeesh.

Oh and to top that, he's won between $100 to $25,000 in cash. -_-

Deli employee

Dear deli employee at IGA,

When I stand patiently at the counter don't come over to me and scream when no one is around " CAN I HELP YOU?" Then when I tell you I want a sub and you tell me there are some in the cooler don't get snarky or pissy when i tell you no there aren't, I checked. All in a calm/polite manner.

Then have your co-worker come help you and say within earshot of me and an elderly man waiting for his meat to be sliced "I need some help, there are no subs in the cooler and those two people are staring at me".

We were standing at the counter waiting to be served. If you don't like your job or waiting on customers go find a different job, I didn't know that being polite when ordering something should make me feel like I've inconvenienced your life oh so much.
Beautiful MLP- brightglow by scalytail

So you called to insult me, eh?

I'm sitting here, minding my own business when the phone rings.

Me: "Hello?"
*ring ring*
Me: "Hello?"
Him: "Hello. My name is blah blah" (very thick Indian accent)
Me: "Are you with People PC?" (to clarify, I've received calls from an Indian man AND woman with People PC over the last two days)
Him: "No. I'm calling about your mortgage."
Me: "We dont have a mortgage."
Him: "Can I speak with the homeowner please?"
Me: "We dont own. But I'm the lady of the house. What are you calling for?"
Him: "YOU'RE the lady of the house?"
Me: "Yes."

HE LAUGHED!!! wtfbbq

Me: "What do you want?"
Him: "I'm calling about your mortgage."
Me: "We dont have a mortgage. We rent."
Him: "And you're a Mrs.?"
Me: "Yes. I'm a Mrs."


Normally, I would've hung up but I was way too dumbfounded to be being laughed at by someone who interrupted MY day to call be about something that I'm sure I didnt care about.

Him: "I'm sorry to laugh (so sorry he kept laughing the entire time), but to be frank, you sound like a child. That is why I asked for the Home Owner."
Me: silence.....
Him: "You're really a Mrs?"
Me: *evident annoyance* "Yes, I'm a Mrs. And I dont have a mortgage so we have no further business with this call."
Him: "I'm sorry Ma'am. You just sound like a child. Have a good day." *click*

Geee... thanks for making sure you get one more pot shot in=\

What... the... hell....