July 26th, 2006

someone at Autozone has a wrench stuck up their ass

soo... i, being a 20-year old girl not particularly familiar had to make a foray into Autozone today... it was apparently enemy territory

backstory - recently i had someone siphon gas out of tank when i was asleep... they only got about half a gallon (yay for lazy me not going to the gas station that night), but i figure that its happened once, it will happen again, so i might as well get a locking gas cap and prevent it from happening

me - 20 years old, smile smile smile
AH - Asshat customer service employee

Me - (walking into store,theres no one in the store except for the 2 guys who are hanging out by the register) Hi! I'm looking for a locking gas cap, but I'm not sure what the differences are between them and which cars they'll fit.
AH - the difference is one locks and the other doesnt
Me - (gives WTF look)
AH - one locks... the other doesnt... its not that hard
Me - I need to know which one fits the car I have... i understand that one locks, hence being called a LOCKING gas cap

Thankfully the other guy who was working there helped look up which one i needed for my car... seriously though, what the hell was with the other guy!
This is me.

I work with them, but still!

Ah, well, this time, a bit of bad_service in my store where I'm a cashier. 

Explanation: when a customer is buying an item that doesn't ring up right, we call the roller guy/girl, the roller person goes to check the item in the aisle, and if the item is not found, they call the person in charge of said aisle.

That problem happened to me yesterday. A man wanted to buy a battery. The smalllish kind of battery not bigger than a 2 eurocents coin that goes into small electronic appliances like calculators. Now, it had the reference "1616" . I think the guy told me there were "1515" and "1717" batteries, each higher reference being more expensive.

Apparently, the 1717 was around 6 euros . So, logically, the 1616 should be less... the guy told me between 4 and 6 euros. I knew this HAD to be true, I mean, I haven't bought tons of batteries myself, but I've rung up many (and the package was soooooooooo tiny o.o ... ) .

It rings up as 32,62 euros. At first I didn't know, so I went all @_@ .... and I said "Sir, I think this can't be the correct price, I'll call someone to check" . He looks at me, at the screen, goes @____________@ and thanks me for noticing.

I call the rollers and get a girl. Let's note that she has no right to make up any price (the roller team might on occasion but that would be more to shut customers up :P ) . Luck for me, she was right in the correct aisle when I called. So she looks, and doesn't find the price. Ooops. Luck for her, there's a salesperson from that aisle there. She asks him... all arguments are presented and he says it must be the correct price then.


The roller girl was very much apologetic, and the customer thanked me for doing all I could, but man, I shall go Zidane that salesperson. (I know, I know, lame pun, but hey, gotta us what I can, heh) . It's not the fact that the customer couldn't get his item that bothered me, it's the fact that the salesperson was a lazy ass. And for once it was one of the nicest customers I ever had that was asking o.o !

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Kinda old but something today reminded me of it.

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So...a 45 minute job turned into 3 hours. They treat their fuckups and lack of understanding of the situation like its my fault. They (of course) never admitted to making a mistake despite that fact being horribly obvious.
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