July 25th, 2006


I don't think I'm asking too much

This isn't about one experience, it's about many general experiences lately.

It seems to be increasingly rare that I can go to a restaurant and not feel like I'm imposing on the folks that work there. Some examples?

1) Went to a bar last Thursday with a few gals to celebrate an upcoming wedding. We were pleasant, well-dressed, and sat ourselves like the sign indicated....and then waited......and waited. We had to go searching for somebody to take an order. He brought out the menus (they have a lot of specialty cocktails), threw them down and said "what do you want?". Not one smile or stray word the whole time. Brought our drinks and said only "is this a tab or cash?" These are phrases that are perfectly fine and acceptable when said nicely...but not at all when said with a frown and a chip on the shoulder.

2) Lunch today. Seated, ignored for several minutes. Got our food and it wasn't hot and then had to flag down two separate workers just to get napkins and silverware. That's right, they plopped down the food and left us no way to eat it. When our server finally came over, she said that we didn't get any because they had run out. WTF? I understand that some restaurants have the policy of rolling up the silverware in napkins, but I kind of find it hard to believe that no sliverware is better than non-rolled up silverware. Oh, and we were only offered refills when our check was delivered (which was 10 minutes after we were done eating and had been sitting there staring at the ceiling).

Honestly, I give allowances for people having bad days, for places being short-staffed, etc...but it's happening almost every time I go out. I don't expect to be fawned over or have my butt kissed...but I also don't think that I need to be that much more friendly and respectful to them than they are to me.
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Bad tire service

I will be the first to admit that I know nothing about cars, tires, maintenance, etc, and that this bad service could have been minimized if I'd just gone to another auto shop. But I didn't, and the service sucked anyway, so here you go.

I once had a locally-owned auto shop tell me that even though they're the ones who screwed up the balance on my tires, I would still have to pay over $50 to get them balanced properly. Poor college student at the time that I was, that equaled a hell no. The guy also told me not to worry about it, my car would be just fine with a little bit of shaking on the steering wheel. And (this was my own fault, admittedly) since I didn't try anywhere else to get it fixed, I ended up driving on the bad tires for over a month. Unbalanced as they were, the tires apparently wore down in such a way that it did Very Bad Things. The Very Bad Things came to a head when I was driving home from work at 12:30 in the morning on the interstate (70 mph). A steel band inside the tire snapped and tore up the front driver-side fender, and my car was weaving all over the road before I was able to slow down enough to control it. I just thank God there were no other cars around at that moment.

First thing the next day my dad went with me to the auto shop, and the owner this time was actually there for once. He's been a friend of my dad's since we moved to town over 10 years ago, so he took a look at the tires himself. From what I could understand, the other front tire on my car was about to blow just like the first one did, and even my back tires were showing irregular wear because of the way they were balanced. After hearing what I was told about having to pay so much money to get them rebalanced, he promptly fired the employee that had told me such BS, then replaced all my tires out of his own pocket. Car insurance covered the repairs to the car's body.

I found out later that the fired employee had charged several other people money for services, such as tire balancing, the shop normally did free, and he would pocket the money. Not too long ago I heard that he was sent to prison for embezzlement. Ha.

Anyway, so I wound up getting good service from the manager, and for once my car insurance was useful, but still...the entire episode just sucked.

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My local Gap store has lots and lots of pants in sizes 0-6, a decent number in sizes 8-10, a few 12s, and almost no 14s or 16s. I know they make most of their bottoms in sizes up to 20, so why aren't they out on the sales floor? Many women of larger sizes might not be comfortable asking the (usually tiny) sales clerk if there's anything for them in the back room, and of course half the time there isn't a back room at all. I'm a 14-16, and though I don't consider myself all that big, I still didn't feel good about asking.

For all I know, of course, they don't get those sizes in their shipments. This is most likely a corporate issue, not an employee one. Still, how hard would it be for corporate to send those sizes? Given how many 0s, 2s, and 4s were on the sales rack, I doubt there's enough demand for them to justify crowding out the larger sizes. Selling certain sizes as "online only," or at outlets, is an inconvenience for anyone who wants to, I dunno, try on pants before buying them.

It's sad, cause I came prepared to spend some serious money, and I couldn't find any dress pants in my size, nor could I find my preferred style of jeans. The employees were very nice and helpful, though -- I made sure to note that on the online survey I filled out. I'm just frustrated. I don't like being thwarted, and I don't like the implication that I'm too big to shop there.

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I'm the first person to admit that i'm clueless about computers.

I have a shiny new DS Lite, and a laptp that's wireless enabled. I wanted to get a router so I could play with my DS online.

So I went into Currys. Was having a look, and found something that went on about sharing broadband. Didn't say wireless, but did say router. So I picked it up, and took it to the sales guy. Explained what I wanted to do, and he agreed it would be fine. Double checked, because it doesn't say wireless on it. Yep, it will do what you want it to.

Got home, got it set up. Nowt.

Asked a friend who works with computers and generally knows a hell of alot more than the average turtle. Got the response of "Which idiot sold you that?" Apparently, it's nothing like what I need.

Yes, I should have done my reasearch better, and written down and exact model or something. But is it not their responsibility to give the correct answer? I'd have accepted "I don't know." - it's the fact that they assured me it would do what I wanted that annoys me.
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You people are so knowledgeable that you're the first I go to for a question about service.

My Verizon DSL finally got hooked up, so now I have the task of cancelling AOL. I've heard this is a near Herculean task and a pain in the ass as well. Are there any ways to cancel AOL without pulling my hair out while I do so?
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I got a new treatment team--and some answers

I finally got a new treatment team--I met with the therapist today and I meet with the psychiatrist in about three weeks. I'm guardedly optimistic.

The new therapist shed some light on why everything went so wrong--I was misdiagnosed. We're currently working on getting the wrong diagnosis removed from my chart--you'd think three people saying it's a misdiagnosis would be enough, but apparently not. Hopefully we can get this removed "in a few weeks"(the therapist's words, not mine) and something like what happened will never happen again.

I also learned there's information flat-out missing from my chart. I have Asperger's syndrome. I told my original treatment team that. My mother told them the same thing. We sent them a copy of the diagnostic report. The fact that I have Asperger's is not, for some strange reason, in my chart. Hmm, maybe my old treatment team got through medical school by working in AOL's accounts cancellation department?

It's amazing what I've put up with from these people. Scary thing is, they have the highest customer satisfaction rating for a community mental health center in the State of Indiana. I'm honestly terrified of what kind of treatment I'll get if I ever have to go elsewhere.