July 24th, 2006

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Here, I call out my own store. "Wally world"... Wal... The pharmacy America trusts...

We do things called rainchecks. Basically, something is on sale. We hand write you a slip, get your name and phone number, and say we'll call you when your item comes in to the store. We will give you the sale price and everything.

People always ask, "Are you sure you'll call?" I say, "Yes!" every time, even though we don't. I also follow up my, "Yes" with, "We get our next truck on Saturday. All of our stock is out on the floor by Sunday, and if we don't call you by Monday, you could call and get us to hold it for you, or just come in with the raincheck."

Most people just come in with their rainchecks [two, three weeks later] because they realize... we won't call you. Some people think we were just out of stock on whatever they wanted. No, we had it. We just don't call.

I don't know why we don't call. My bosses say they don't have the time. I said, "Well, if you let me, I'll go find the items they want and call them myself. That's the point, we call them when we have it." "We don't have time!"

I hate how they do it. Especially when I know I wrote a raincheck for x item, and it's sitting there, in full stock on the shelf, and I can't do anything about it.

I think that's pretty bad_service.

The Boston MBTA

I've been taking the bus to my university for 3 years now. The bus has always made a stop at one end of my university and then the other end. This is regardless of the bus driver-- every single driver has always made a stop there. Two weeks ago, I was on the bus and the lady didn't make the stop. I asked (REALLY POLITELY) why and she said "THERE IS NO STOP THERE. I'VE BEEN DRIVING THIS ROUTE FOR 20 YEARS--THAT'S LONGER THAN YOU'VE BEEN ALIVE. I THINK I KNOW BETTER". Ok, I was pretty upset by her response but I can live. BTW, there is a stop across the street. I think something may have happened to the sign, but that's neither here nor there.

This morning, I was waiting for the bus again and I saw her coming and she motioned that she wasn't going to stop by shaking her head. She did pull over though and I got on. She said "THAT'S NOT A STOP. LEARN TO READ THE SIGNS". Ok, I was frazzled. Again, I've always waited there and never had a problem. Her beef was that I waited between the two bus stop signs instead of at one. There aren't two bus stops there, just one with two signs that are literally apart by the length of the bus to mark the bus stop. Does anyone know what I mean? I was standing a few feet from one. EVERYONE ALWAYS WAITS THERE and from what I've seen, this is normal at every stop that has two signs. People wait between them and it's not a problem for any driver except this bitch.

I got off the bus and called the mbta. The lady I spoke to was really nice and she said that they don't have a policy about waiting at one sign if there are two signs at a bus stop. She said she has no clue why the driver made a huge deal about it since the STOP is anywhere between the signs. You can wait between them-- that's why they are there. I explained the lady was rude to me because of the prior week etc etc. Anyway, the customer service lady was extremely nice and said she would report her. I feel kind of bad, but at the same time, mbta drivers shouldn't be allowed to get away with things like this. It's just not right. I pay for my monthly pass; I don't deserve to be treated like that.

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Now this isn't horrid service, a little mean and uncalled for in parts, but I'm still going to call in about it. And write about it here, because I'm at work and bored.

Yesterday I took my 8 year old niece to the Calgary Moviedome (cheapo theatres!) to see Just My Luck.

Now a small annoying thing, is that the entire theatre is cash only. But there are no signs saying cash only. I was smart and went straight to the bank machine after seeing people who had been standing in line for 5 minutes just to be sent to the machine to get money and go stand in line again.

So we get our tickets, and go to the concession. I ordered 2 combos. One w/ popcorn for my niece, one with nachos for me. The lady gives me this "duh!" look, and asks me what size drinks. I told her, very nicely, whichever ones came with the combo. Birds chirp, babies grow old, and she keeps staring at me blankly. So I back up to look at the menu again and told her that x combo came with this drink, and the other combo with this one.

So we go into the theatres and find a spot. Halfway through the movie, my niece (I shall call her Sheena) decides she wants some of that dill pickle powder you can sprinkle on your popcorn. I get up to go with her, but she says she wants to do it on her own (independant stages, wee.) so I give her the stub to come back in and tell her to be quick and go straight there and back.

She comes back and she's quiet, not really looking like she's having fun, and once it's over she's still sad, so I ask what's up. Apparently when she went to go get powder for the popcorn, all the workers were standing in a group on the floor just talking. She went up to the sign that says "All Ticket Stubs must be Checked for Re-entry", but there's no one right there, just the group of workers standing nearby. She doesn't want to race in because she knows someone's supposed to check it, so she waits a few minutes to see if any of them are actually going to do their jobs and come and check her stub. She gives up and starts walking back in so I don't worry about her, and she hears one of the workers laughing at her saying "What an idiot, Duh, you don't have to just STAND there."

I was pretty peeved. Come on, she's only 8! Sheena is the sweetest girl in the world, and takes things to heart. She was sad for a few hours after it, until I told her I'd call the manager and get him to talk to them about it, and she cheered up a little. I can understand being snarky, but towards an 8 year old who didn't say anything or do anything wrong?

For a friend

I am writing this on behalf of a friend because she does not have live journal but is pissed at some bad service she received. College is hard work and there is no pay off quite like getting your diploma in the mail. Except for my friend who received a bent, folded, dog eared, half opened envelope containing her diploma last week. She was stunned to see the state it was in when she received it in the mail the other day. When she called the post office she wasn't getting anywhere, so she went down there with her diploma in hand to go speak with someone. When she got up to the window she held up her diploma and asked why it was delivered in such a state. The post office told her that our college much have delivered it that way and there was nothing they could do about it. I'm sorry but when the rest of us received our diplomas they looked nothing like that. So just for kicks and giggles she went out to our college to talk to the department that would have handled the mailing out of diplomas and such and they said they absolutely would never send anything out that looked like that and they were sorry but there would have to charge her for another one. So she went back down to the post office to relay this message and said that it might be nice if the offered to pick up the small charge since they ruined her first one. They told her the post office did not do things like that (which she understood) but then they also told her that the school was lying to her and it was their fault it was mailed the way it was. So now she's thinking that she may just have another one sent out but to another address she it would bypass that mail route.
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You know, im not sure if we were sucky customers, or this lady was just a bitch.

Soooo. I meet up with a friend at the local diner. The thing about this diner is that this is where all the teens and 20 somethings go really late at night. Its open 24 hours, so its not like we were there at closing time. The lady comes over and asks if we wanted food, or what. She seemed a little testy at first because she probably thought that we were going to sit for hours and not buy food...well...technically...moving on. Its three of us at this point and we ordered soda and cheese fries and such. We sorta picked at the food and talked. About two hours later ((yea, i know)), after we've gotten the bill and such, a friend arrives. He starts to finish off my fries and we're talking and the women comes back, who's been really sweet up until now, who didnt even charge us for the drinks, and freaks out that we needed to leave because people are coming in and need this table. We stopped, looked around a bit...there was about 5 other tables in the entire resturant that had people in it, and it was about 12:30 at night, so not to many other people should really be coming in. We were really thrown, but got up, paid and then went and sat in the back of a friends truck and hung out there.

See, this is where people go, late at night, and usually spend a few hours just talking and nibbling at whatever they ordered. I dont understand why she spoke to us and not to any other table? Maybe it was because my friend was eating my order of fries that i had left?? We still left a 50% tip and such, but it was just very surprising.

Side note, my parents were not to happy because i live around 10 saying "hey i'm going out for coffee" they dont ask when i'm going to be back or anything...i didnt come home until 3...and i was honestly at the diner the entire time. My dad just walks out and looks at me and says "three in the morning?!" shakes his head and goes back to bed. That was one of the best nights of my life, lol.
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An updated update

An update to this update.

I FINALLY heard back from the guy that I've been in "contact" with at Famous Dave's.

I FINALLY got what I wanted: him to apologize for taking a damn MONTH to contact me.

Yes, he's sending me vouchers for food, but that's really irrelevant to me.

It's finally been resolved.
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Telemarketer bad "service".

I guess technically telemarketers can't give bad service since you're not paying for it, but I needed to rant about this guy.

I do double duty as the receptionist at our business.

I got a call today after lunch from the highway patrol's "whatever we're getting money for" fund, asking for our business to contribute. They ask for the owner, and I tell them he's out of town. (Which he is.) The guy goes on with "maybe you can help me", and then rattles off the donation plans, etc. Now, I would hazard that in a large majority of businesses, the receptionist is not authorized to give them a $1000 donation, so I tell him I can give him the bosses voicemail.

He then starts in trying to get ME to donate. I understand it's his job, so I turn down his request to donate $500.

And then $100.
And then $75.
And then $50.
And then $25.
And then $10.

Meanwhile, the phones are ringing off the hook, because I hate being rude and hanging up on people. He finally gave up when I denied him the $10. Just aggravating. And he probably lost a donation, since otherwise the boss WOULD have donated, as he loves giving to charity.
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Okay, my dad signed up for Verizon FiOS midway through last April as a birthday present for me(since I kept complaining about Netzero... well... sucking, and he wanted to go back to playing Half-life on a regular basis).

They came by about two weeks later, marked the ground, did nothing else.

A few weeks later, they... came out, did something, said they'd need to come out again in a while because one of the other technicians never showed and did what *they* had to do.

Now, about two weeks ago, this one group of people working for Verizon came out, did what they were supposed to, and then another guy came out the next day.

Luckily, he got it set up. UNluckily, one of my dogs missed her vet visit, the other people did not do their job well so that guy ended up having to redo much of it, and there was about two weeks before I wouldn't be going *over* to my dad's house on a regular basis for the rest of the summer.

Is it so hard to do what you're being paid to do and go through and set up someone's internet stuffers? Is it?!</childish>
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Virgin Mobile's Sugar Mama is a Sucky Mama

I signed up for Sugar Mama about a month ago. Sugar Mama is a program that adds minutes to your Virgin Mobile phone in exhange for watching ads, reading text messages, and taking surveys. Pretty straightforward, right?


I have only been able to watch the ads. The surveys haven't come up yet for anyone. Ok, stuff happens. But where are the text messages? I check the Virgin Mobile myspace forum to see if, like the surveys, the texts aren't ready for the public. Nope. Everybody else is getting them like clockwork. While I never got any actual texts that gave me minutes, everyday they text me a confirmation message to opt in. I answer each one in the affirmative, but so far, nothing that'll give me minutes.

The FAQ section was of no help. Nor were my emails to Sugar Mama any help. As a last resort, I called help (HATE) to explain the situation. They didn't provide any other way to contact them, and even snippily pointed out that I got "a lot" of minutes from Sugar Mama (the max is 75 minutes per month--I got 22 minutes last month and this month total). This month, I can count the number of minutes earned on one hand.

Yeah, maybe it's time for me to get a real cell plan.
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