July 21st, 2006

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Taco Bell employee scamming people?

The short story: I think a Taco Bell drive-thru employee tried to scam me. I received 2 charges on my check card: one for $6.40, and one for $20.00. A friend suggested I write to corporate instead of speaking with the store manager, because it could have been the manager who ran my card.

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I disputed the charged with my bank, but it can take up to 90 days to be resolved.
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Debt collectors

I sent back the book to the Mango book club, because I could not pay for it (did not accept my debit card).

Today I got a letter from debt collecters for £29.99! The book was only worth 99p. I paniced, then rung them.

And the lady was SO rude to me. I explained my situation to her. Even a little thing like my surname is hypenated, and only official things I sign up for have the FULL surname, such as banks, etc. And that this was NOT in my full surname. I said that I could not afford it, and she told me to go on benefits! I found that really rude. She kept shouting at me telling me that we were going around in circles. I told her that I sent the book back, unread, so why should I pay for something I do not have. She told me I breeched their contract...but I sent it back! She was adiment I would have to pay, and only offered 2 options...pay £15 now, or let the debt rise and rise! I even asked for a "freeze" on it, until I get a job or get some money or my student loan. No can do! In the end she was shouting at me, talking over me, I was shaking and in tears from her rudeness.

So I rung the bookclub. Conversation went as follows:

Me: X membership number, X address.
Lady: What can we do for you?
Me: I returned a book, and debt collecters wrote to me.
Lady: So you did. I am very sorry about that. Which collecters were they?
Me: Poo-poo company
Lady: Okay then, I will let them know that was an error. Anything else I can do for you today?
Me: No thanks. Bye

Seriously, was there such a need for the first lady to be so rude? I don't understand how people on the poverty line cope. I could have paid the debt straight off, but she wasn't to know that. And why should I pay for a book I do not have? She could have at least made more payment options, frozen it until I could pay, or help me sort out not paying, since I do not have the book.

All's well that ends well I guess.
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What is this "financial aid" of which you speak?

When I first began looking at private colleges, my parents and I had an understanding: I could choose to attend any school I wanted; however, they only had so much money that they can put towards tuition.  The rest is up to me to find.  Fair enough.

I choose a small, all-girls, private university.  My first year, academically, was extremely successful; finished with a 3.5, became close to my professors, joined a leadership group on campus (a program that the school claims to take great pride in), was accepted to a specialty house for the next year, and signed up for a heavy course load (plus the leadership group) next semester.

What I didn't have was a social life.  Being a private school, there is a lot of privileged girls.  Not all of them are snobs (in fact, those who are seem to be in the minority) but they just didn't understand that no, I could not go on road trips on the weekend, couldn't stay up all night partying, etc, because I was working.  I worked around 25-30 hours a week, an average of 5 nights, which also restricted me from joining any sorts of clubs.

However, I was optimistic about my next year.  My grades were good, and I'd shown a commitment to the university.  I figured I'd receive at least a little more financial aid for the next year, right?

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*EDIT* The "WHY WON'T THEY GIVE ANY MONEY TO MEEEEEE" is really more of a side rant in this post.  It's upsetting, but I am well aware that I chose to go to a private school, thus agreeing to pay the absurd amount of money.  I'm not entitled to any sort of aid just because I decided I wanted to live beyond my means, heh.  The bad service is the run-around they kept giving me-- something I would really rather NOT happen when we're talking about financial issues (yes, I'm a little neurotic about money).
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the word kink doesn't mean dirty... it's for the imperfection in their service!

ah kinkos. how many ways can you keep proving your incompetence?

for those that don't know, kinkos is a do-it-yourself type stationery / fax/printing services / mail store. you can go there to print out documents, surf the web for jobs, get papers bound, photocopy, etc. some of this you can do yourself, other things you get the techs behind the desk to do.
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Dude, what the heck?
I'll make this brief, it is not terribly bad service or anything, but still.

My other post is here.

My husband went to Safeway yesterday to have a prescription filled. They put HIS name on it, even though clearly on the prescription it's written out for ME.
They are so getting a letter from me about this, and all the other stuff that has accumulated (just for point measures) and then I'm off to search for another pharmacy.

And no, like I said, it's not BAD, though it maybe could be? I mean, what happens if my insurance finds out about this? And my endocrinologist would be like "I don't have a patient by that name." AND my husband has to keep good documented track of the meds he's on, because he's on SSDI. I don't think this would ultimately hurt him in any way, but still.
Also, what about the laws regarding prescriptions. LOL, I might be breaking the law! I am taking medicine that wasn't "prescribed to me." Ha ha.

Oh wait! I forgot about this piece of service we got. Not earth shattering, but it's just another strike against what used to be a pretty good grocery store, the aforementioned Safeway.

On the same visit, while waiting for the pills to be refilled, my husband also got 2 deli sandwiches since we finally worked our way up to our free one. And the deli worker sighed and told my hubby "Don't you want to get a sandwich from over there? (pre-made.) They're cheaper."
Yes, they are cheaper, but we wanted our free one. And excuse us for asking a deli working to make a deli sandwich, which I thought maybe you were hired to do.

(Oy, I don't mean to sound so snobby about that, but truly... isn't a deli worker supposed to work in the deli, which can include making sandwiches? That's my point.)