July 18th, 2006


No seats for the price of one

I don't usually travel during rush hour in my city because I work afternoons and evenings. Today, I had to work an early shift so rush hour it was. The train already had no seats when I got on. In my car however, there was a conductor, obviously off duty taking up two seats. She was reading and had her bag and leg spread out across the second chair. Looking up, she saw that there were no seats left for anyone to sit and went back to reading. She looked right at the people getting on the train and didn't care that she was holding the last empty seat. I wanted to ask about sitting down, but for some reason I didn't. I think its because as a conductor, she already knows that taking up two seats is illegal AND rude yet she didn't care. After a while, she put the paper away and went to sleep. She would look up as we stopped and picked up more people, with the train getting exceedingly packed, but never made an attempt to allow anyone to sit. From the looks people had I could tell they were also nervous to ask simply because she works for the MTA. I took a picture with my cell with her sleeping across two chairs and then the crowded train. Its really dark though. Anyway, I am considering filing a complaint. I have her I'd number off her hat too.

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Do all post offices (in the U.S., anyway) have those Quick Service Windows now? The ones here have a door with a window cut out where you can pick up packages before the PO opens. Supposedly from 6:30 to 8 a.m. Monday through Friday, you just knock on the door or ring a bell (if one's available), and someone will open that window and get you your package.

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I can see how I could be classified as a sucky customer. But seriously -- what the hell is the purpose of having those damn windows if people who try to use them are going to be at best ignored, and at worst, assaulted?!
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Dear Local Post Office,


It is quite annoying to go out to the box to find 4 pieces of mail for my company and 17 pieces for other businesses that share our building...especially when all the corresponding boxes take up a space no wider than 10 feet. That just screams out a lazy delivery person.

Not to mention that 3 of those pieces of mail were meant for a building 6 blocks away and appeared to be a bank statement, a power bill and a check. Extremely important parcels from my stand point. I'm sure it's a simple mistake in some cases but when all of our locations addresses start with 3 and these pieces began with 9, it makes me question many things.

I tried doing it the simple way: Writing "Not At This Address" on the envelopes and putting them back in the box. But when I come outside the next day and I find new mail on top of what I left inside along with more pieces of mail that have no business being in my box, I assume negative service is being given.

I stopped by your offices yesterday and dropped off the stack of envelopes from Saturday while explaining the situation to the clerk behind the counter. She too expressed shock and awe that such things were taking place and said it would be taken care of immediately. Afterall, it is a case of Federal Importance and mistakes, in her opinion, are not acceptable in the slightest.

And yet I go outside today to find more mail not belonging to me or anyone in the general vacinity in our box along with the standard delivery. :|

Please get your acts together. All the boxes are clearly labeled with their corresponding addresses. The only excuse for this would be that someone was hired who can't read or someone was hired who is a lazy moron.

It also has me worried if some of my mail isn't ending up in Somalia.

Kisses and lollipops!
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That's 1/2 inch

I went to a large chain home repairs store to get two 1/2 inch iron plugs. It should be something easy to get and I have an old one with to compare the sizing, shape, etc. with. After looking around on my own for about 20 minutes, I find a clerk, let's call him Bob, and ask him for help. I show him the plug and he says "no problem." Bob then proceeds to lead me through the entire store without finding the plug. Collapse )
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I love Nokia - at least I used to. They have great phones...as long as they don't break.

My phone repair is now a week overdue. It's been "expedited" now. What does that mean? I means nothing.

The customer service rep was unable to give me any useful information whatsoever. I sat online for more than an hour between two calls. The data I was trying to preserve in that phone is now moot. They are costing me and themselves more money than the phone is worth. Just put a new on in the mail and send it to me.

I won't be recommending Nokia to anyone anymore.

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I don't know if this is considered bad service or not, but I'm going to post this anyway.

This morning, the phone rang.  It was for me.  My little brother was the one who answered the call.  When I picked up a phone, the person on the other end first asked who I was, after I told them my name, they said, "This is -- from Planned Parenthood.  We have your test results in."

First of all, there is no Planned Parenthood within an hour of where I'm living right now.  If I had wanted to go get tested for something, I could go to the hospital a few blocks away or I could easily go to a clinic around here.  Besides that, I haven't gotten tested for anything.  I haven't had any reason to.

I said, "You must have a wrong number."

Their response?  *click*

I have no idea if it was legit or not, but it was weird.  :-/
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Best Buy Update

I am sure you will all be shocked to learned that Best Buy customer service lied to me about fixing my camera.


Aaron, at BB customer service, you will rot in hell, along with all your Best Buy "We hate customers" cronies.

I can't decide whether to pursue getting the tape or let them die in their own festering dungheap of bad kharma.


It occurs to me what I want is really a change in corporate policy and for ANYONE at Best Buy to take responsibility for any part of this.

In the end, I have my slightly broken camera that was clearly never cleaned, and I have the $40.00 for the warranty. It cost me a lot of time, aggravation, and general bullshit, but I am wiser for it.

I am in the market for a much higher end camera, and guess who won't be getting my business?

I'll be taking my money to a smaller company that might actually need me to come back, and might have an interest in giving me good service to that end.

No wonder the citizens of Boulder, Colorado almost unanimously agreed that they didn't want big box stores at the new mall. The more communities say no to this crappy excuse for business, the less likely they will stay around as they are.

Charge Off's???

This is deffinatly bad service if I have ever saw a case of it.

My husband is currently trying to get a 4 wheeler through the Yamaha company. The lady who has been assisting us has been really great in trying. She called today with questions and this brings around the bad service, not from her but from the company in question.

The bad service is this.

My husband moved from Louisiana back in 2003. He owed a loan company money on a loan. He continued to send payments each month and even called them to make sure they recieved it.

Finally in '04 we paid the loan off. Got the letter stating thank you and even a call.

Come to find out, that wasn't the case.

The last payment instead of sending off the 35.00 payment my husband went ahead and paid it off in full. The closing amount was 138.00. I remember this because conviently this company lost that first money order of 138 so we resent another one out. Same amount.

So the lady calls today wanting to know if I have knowledge of two outstanding amounts on my husband's credit report. I had none. So I requested if she could tell me. She told me there was two charge offs both in the amount of 156.00. One was dated for June of '05. The other was for July'05. She gave me the name of the companies which the first one I knew. It was the one we paid off.

I called my in laws because they still deal with that company, only to find out that the original was shut down. They gave me the new name which was the second charge off. And the second charge off was done the month the new company took over.

Is there not laws against companies doing this? Am I mistaken but isn't this fraud? Can someone tell me how to go about getting this taken care of?

We indeed paid it off in '04 but they waited an entire year to do these charge offs. Does that not seem strange to anyone else but me?


Called and got in touch with other company again. Gave story of when the new company took over the old company a bunch of stuff as messed up in the computers. Said we are second people to call about it, will work on fixing it. Oh well, guess we will wait until they call us back about the computer mess.
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