July 16th, 2006

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Stop and Shop rant.

I have never been to a stop and shop where the service was even anywhere NEAR decent.

Some of the more remarkable incidents --

1) It was late at night, and my mom sent me out to get her something she'd forgotten earlier. I was in PJs, and looking pretty sloppy, but I digress. While ringing me up, the checker asked me "Awww, when's it due?" Now understand, I am not a big woman or anything. I was maybe near 5'4 and 125 at the time, not to mention I'm only 16 years old. I was rather taken aback; it took me a while to even register that she was suggesting I was pregnant.

Now, I understand this could have been a horrible, embarrassing mistake on her part (doubtful, given my size/age, but anyway), but it was clearly just blatant rudeness -- her bagger friend then laughs and says "Nah, girlfraaaaand. We promise it not THAT bad, we just gotta tell ya -- you not lookin' so hot in dat."

Okay, "girlfraaannd," it's 11 at night, and I am clearly in my PJs. This is New Jersey, have you never seen anyone looking kind of trashy? This is not even to mention that fashion critique is completely uncalled for in the, um, convenience grocery enviroment. You are here to put my asparagus in a bag, don't talk to me like that.

2) The retarded people. I have seen many a competent mentally disabled checker/bagger/whatever, but Stop and Shop has absolutely NO standards in their hiring process, clearly. One of these "special" individuals in particular will come up to me on a normal basis and strike up a conversation about toilet cleaner. EVERY time -- even when I'm looking at the microwave popcorn. To make matters worse, she wears this fanny pack and every so often will take something out of your cart and put it in her fanny pack to do a "price check." I'm not even sure what she's talking about, but I never get the stuff back.
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Strange drug store

This happened a month ago -
Before I moved I used to go to this drug store almost all the time for perscrtiptions because it was closest - since I've moved it's not so close but will occasionally go in for things if I'm passing.
The staff have always been mixed there - some of the time I get people that are really helpful, other times people stare at me as if I have 2 heads (possibly because I use a cane and don't look half blind even though I am...) but nothing too out of the ordinary until this. I have some real strange stomach problems that have been going on for a long, long time.

Was on the way to uni, met my friend at this mall and we were going to have lunch before heading to class, I felt like I was going to be sick and while I had med X and med Y with me I had no clue if they could be taken together.
We detoured up to the drug store so I could ask the guy if they were safe to take - I'd got one perscription there months back and one from a different place.

Me: Hi, hoping you can help me - have a question about mixing medication
Him: Sure what do you need to know?
Me: Can you take X and Y together?
Him: I can't answer that unless you're on our system.
Me: Okay (thinking wtf here can I can get telephone advice from others without being on file) My name is HarmonyBear.
Him: *checks computer* You're not on the system.
Me: Yes I am, it's spelt BEAR.
Him: *checks again* You're not there.
Me: It starts with B. (I KNOW I'm on the system it hadn't been that long)
Him: *checks again* Okay, found you... I can't tell you anything unless you got the perscription here.
Me: I did get it here, I haven't had it refilled.
Him: It's over 6 months old.
Me: That's possible, I don't need to take it often.
Him: I can't tell you anything if you didn't get it filled here.
Me: Well I got it from here...
Him: Look what's the question?
Me: Can you take X and Y together?
Him: Oh. Yeah.

He was getting more and more agitated throughout the whole conversation, I was trying to stay calm and not puke in his general direction (though that may have been more satisfying) I've never heard of anyone else having this problem with anyone and I thought these guys were meant to answer a simple question so the person taking the medication won't end up dead or seizuring somewhere - I understand the problem in not getting both at the same place (and I didn't ask at the other drug store because it's rare that I take the 2nd med) but seriously, WTF?
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I'm really irritated

Our post office is a little slow on the uptake.

We've had things going OUT that have gone missing, and now lo and behold, I did some bills and realized... WE HAVEN't PAID OUR GAS BILL SINCE MAY. And do you know why? WE haven't GOTTEN any since APRIL!

Our credit card bills have disappeared as well, and i'm afraid to make a complaint, because i'm afraid MORE stuff will go missing.

Not only that, but cards that i've sent to friends + family with checks in it have ALSO gone missing.
I seriously do NOT know what the deal is here folks.
How can you LOOSE a GAS BILL!!! OR a credit card bill!!!

Now MY credit is going to suffer because I do NOT do online billing (dad got id stolen, and got shipped 3 boxes of porn from somewhere in africa was the tip-off).

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eBay woes.

Back on the 8th of May I bought this book from dayofthedeaddog on eBay. The payment went through on PayPal the same day, £4.74. Not much, I know. I still haven't received the book and it's been over two months. I emailed the seller twice about not having received the book. The first time I got a capslocked message saying that yes, it had definitely been posted. The second time I got no reply whatsoever; I was asking whether the seller had sent the item by surface mail or airmail.

What should I do? Should I wait a little bit longer and see if it comes by surface mail, or write it off and leave them negative feedback? I mean, I guess it could be the fault of the postal service that I haven't received the book, but the seller's been noncommunicative and it's irritating because I know that dayofthedeaddog has been online, as they've left feedback for other people in the time since I sent my last message.
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A couple of months ago, I decided I wanted new RAM for my laptop. At the time it had 256megs, which is way not enough for me. So I go to Dell's website (yay Dell :| ) and tell them what laptop I have - a hilariously old Inspiron 1100 - and it tells me that I can have a maximum of 1,024 megs of RAM. Awesome. So I order two 512MB sticks, since that's what I need, and they arrive very quickly and I am a happy lain.

I install the RAM, but discover that one of the sticks seems to be bad because it's only showing 512MB total. I flip them around and yes, indeed, that's the problem. So I inform them on their site thing and they send me a replacement along with a box to send back the old one. So I pack up the old one and I start to put in the new one.

Then I notice that it's a 128MB stick. Because the tech support guy I chatted with apparently assumed that all of my talk of the order I just made was just gossip and I really wanted to replace the RAM the computer came with.

So I talk to them again. They send me a new stick.

It doesn't work.

Moreover, after I install it, remove it, and have my computer on for a while ... my computer shuts down. Which is odd.

For the next few hours my computer just apparently randomly shuts down every so often. It took me a while to realize this had to have been due to the faulty RAM they sent me, but in the meantime I'm talking to a Tech Support agent about THAT issue. I give her the order number that that replacement stick was sent under, and she replies, basically, "Why are you talking to me about desktop hardware if you have a laptop?"

Apparently they gave me a stick for a DESKTOP COMPUTER to put into my LAPTOP?

So now I am filled with wrath, and I am further informed by a friend who Knows These Things that my computer can't even have a gig of RAM in it anyway. 512 is apparently the limit, although I have the working 512 stick and one of my old 128 sticks in here and it's saying I have 640MB, so I figured that still is a big improvement over 256MB. I tell them I'll be returning the last 512MB stick for a refund, they send a UPS guy by with a packing label and I give it to him, he gives me a receipt and he's on his way.

This was in May and they didn't get around to creditting me for the return until last week, despite assurances whenever I called (in May) that they were very sorry and it's being done right now. The whole thing only occurred over a period of a week and a half and they kept trying to tell me I was outside of the return policy (21 days I think it is) because my computer was purchased in 2003. >_>
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