July 15th, 2006

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I am posting this in all pet communities because I think this is informative for pet lovers. If you would like it deleted please just say so.

I advise you do NOT buy from tagxpress.com / pet-id-tags.com

I recently bought two pet ID tags online from tagxpress.com / pet-id-tags.com, the lettering is uneven, some of the letters are so close together they touch & the brand new out of the envelope tags already have scratches on them. Because I was so unhappy with the product that I received, I emailed the company asking to be able to return the product & be refunded Collapse )

At wit's end...

This isn't so much bad service as "PLEASE GOD MAKE IT STOP".

I've been getting a call - three, four times a day - from a place calling itself IntelliServices, Canada. I have NO idea what they're about, as I have never ONCE spoken to a live person. The phone will ring, I will pick up, and after about thirty seconds of silence, I am hung up on.

I've called back, to no avail - my requests to be taken off their calling list or at least SPEAK to me have been ignored, and there's no way to speak to a live human.

I need some way to get in touch with these people, and I haven't had any luck with google.

Help. Before I have to drive up to Canada and threaten to urinate on their floor to get them to knock it off. :(

Dish network

I hate companies that disconnect you if you're one day late with your payment. Dish Network seems to be one of those companies. Our payment was due on the 12th but we forgot so on the 13th our satellite was disconnected. Lovely, so we call and pay and get it back on around 8:30 PM. Guess what, satellite was disconnected AGAIN - why? Because we owed them $10. -_- That's right $10. We paid the full amount on Thursday when it was disconnect ($92.some odd change - We have the top 180 package for $89.99 plus tax). WHAT that $10 was, no idea. Hubby is calling them now to bitch because we paid the FULL amount on THURSDAY. Any fees should have been told to us THEN or added to our next bill. Freaking crooks. Least the only good thing about them is that they're not Charter who are worse when it comes to hidden fees and charges. I still would like to know how a $39.99 bill ends up to over $100 a month at Charter.

Subway woes :(

I love subway, its awesome. The one I go to in town is just...perfect. I used to stop there for lunch all the time while in school. They knew me pretty well and there was the girl working today that used to help me, she recognized me, waved and went to do something in the back. Two other girls were working the line. One who would take the initial orders from the customers, put the meat and cheese on the bread, toast the sandwhiches from that point.  (However, while we were deciding on our order, there was a man who came in before us, and the two girls I mentioned above were doing the opposite jobs)

While I am having my sandwhich toasted and the other two orders are getting made for my family, I am waiting by the veggies-- scoping it  out-- seeing what I was in the mood for. A guy was specifying his order and I was just there looking at the veggies. My sandwhich gets pulled out of the toaster oven and he just kind of sighs and goes "oh darn, I wanted my sandwhich toasted. Guess I forgot since you didnt ask." Nothing too snotty, but he wanted it toasted and the veggie girl never asked him since she was the builder at the time. She replies (rolls her eyes mind you)  "Well, we aren't supposed to ask."  and that was that. He wanted it toasted, she never asked him if he wanted it, he plum forgot, and she got bitchy with him when he made a comment about wanting it toasted.

The other girl, the veggie/dressing girl was someone who was lacking today. She continually asked my mom what she wanted. Mom kept repeating, "BLT".     "BMT?" she'd reply.    "No, BLT!" my mom would counter. Eventually she got the right one, however for some reason there was no bacon on my moms BLT at that point. No biggie, they had to microwave it-- it happens. TH\he veggie girl didn't know that even though my mom kept saying "I had the BLT with cheese on it" ,and already started putting veggies on it. Which kind of screwed it up because even though the bacon goes on a different side of the bun, it still looked all janky afterwards.

Then it was my sisters sandwhich turn, we ordered a Turkey Wrap for her. I don't get anything other than my usual so I hardly know the kind of dressings that they have. When we asked if they had any low -fat or "light" dressings she just looked at us like..."Wtf is low fat?".  So the girl that waved to me came out from the back and just quickly told us they had the low-fat mayo which would be good on the wrap. So we followed her example and got the mayo.

MY TURN! I am very picky, and this I understand may create some problems when it comes to ordering. However, when you grab the person's sandwhich that ordered AFTER me and asked me what I want on THEIR sandwhich....theres a problem. When I say : "actually, i had the Italian BMT with the turkey instead of Ham". Dont look at me and go "no, the burbon chicken is next."    I didnt have the Chicken sandwhich, the guy after me did and dont you dare put his veggies on it before you finish my order . However, I did say :   "I had mine toasted,it probably took longer to build because of it, maybe thats why?"   So she just kind of looks a round and thinks about how to move one sandwhich over the other in the line. So come time to pick my veggies.....I list them off. I go slow, doing one and then waiting for her to be about 3/4 done putting them on and then list the other. I know how it is to have people say "gimme onetwothreefourfivesix" and expect you to understand. I thought I was doing her good. She got snotty with me and says " you can go faster ya know" like I was stupid.

i just wanted a fucking sandwhich, not to deal with someone stupid.